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  1. 30 Seconds To Mars.

    I saw 30 Seconds To Mars last month and they were absolutely amazing! At the end, Jared chose a few people from the crowd and invited them to join him on stage! Was awesome! It was the day after I saw AC/DC
  2. Concerts

    Download is 3 days long, and I'm doing five nights camping with my fianc? and friends :) so excited for ACDC, Cinderella and Billy Idol <3
  3. Concerts

    Upcoming shows: AC/DC Aerosmith 30 Seconds To Mars Cinderella Atreyu Steel Panther Slash Billy Idol Rage Against The Machine Saxon Stone Temple Pilots Motorhead Coheed & Cambria Bullet For My Valentine The Used HIM Airbourne Okay granted it's at Download 2010 but killer lineups! I wanna go Sonisphere as well but can't afford to go
  4. Want To Play Around With This Picture?

    I just did a quick 5 min work over, hope these are ok
  5. What Photo Programs Do You Guys Use?

    I use Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (amazing!!!)
  6. Dangers Of A Tomato Slicer

    Most memorable one was when I was 11 (this is 2001) when I was on holiday in Hong Kong. I was going out for a meal with my parents, and decided to go down this short escalator - ya know being a kid and moving steps has appeal lol. Anyways, I decidedly to turn around on these escalator, and it sliced the back of my heel open O_O so I sat down on the marble wall when the hotel manager rushed over, frantically speaking Chinese and tried his best at English. Whilst this was happening, a pool of blood gathered around my feet, and I had never seen so Chinese people go nuts about it - they were genuinely concerned bless them, and it was a novelty for me because at 11 years old, I never heard the Chinese language being spoken and they're so animated when they talk. Problem solved with a big plaster, parents helped clean the blood and thanked them for their help. Since then, I found the Chinese people to be wonderfully helpful and love how excitable they get :)
  7. Just About In Tears Right Now..

    wow that sucked but yay for getting photos back! I highly recommend looking at Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. it's especially for photographers and so much better than photoshop when it comes to editing!!
  8. Hpw To Post Personal Photo

    on photobucket, there should be a premade link [/ IMG] (no space), copy and paste into a new thread or reply
  9. Shiba Inu Puppy Cam!

    For those who aren't in the know, last year there was a Shiba Puppy Cam that was very popular and was on the news. The puppies grew up and all got loving homes. This year, there's a new set of puppies and they are adorable! This is great for a pick me up, or just to watch them grow up into playful pups http://www.ustream.tv/SFShiba enjoy!
  10. Concerts

    seeing steve steinman on sunday coming up http://www.vampiresrock.com/ it'll be my 3rd time seeing that show but my goodness he does a great show. Then in coupla weeks on dec 2nd, im going to see Alice Cooper. cant wait! tempted to get tickets to Lady Gaga next year
  11. Sooo...life.

    Ugh i know how you feel. I've got a job and i go college as well. I'm potentially moving into a student housing in january with NINE guys, me being only female. Oy Vey! It'll work itself out :)
  12. Mah Baby Ponies

    Your mare looks so like a mare i used to have, its uncanny! Here's some ideas that begin with L - Lennox - Link - Lexus - Lunar - Louie - Lucifer
  13. Kids, What I'm I Going To Do With Them?

    goodness gracious, $1500 bill 0_0 When I was 12/13, i had a cell phone but it was pay as you go, so I had to save up my pocket money if i wished to make a call or text. No advice here, just big hugs
  14. Where Are The Pets In Costume?!?!

    All costumes are awesome :) I especially love Burke's costume and expressions, in the second photo he looks like he's doing a forced smile with "Why me mom? Just WHY?!" look lol. Gosh i want Burke!
  15. First Dates

    my first ever date was a walk around town, and visiting shops, the nudge nudge wink wink shops it went well, because i ended up dating him for a year and a half. It was unconventional and memorable date haha!