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  1. Life As Of Late

    [Huggy] [smiley Wavey]
  2. Need Hugs, Hubby Had Test On Thursday, It Is Ca

    [Huggy] [Huggy] [Huggy] [Huggy] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Angel]
  3. Jingles For Diluteme

    [Angel] [Huggy] [Huggy] [Angel]
  4. Straighteners

    I have a nano titanium by babyliss pro and love it more than the chis. I've got very thick, wavy and frizziy hair. This works so great on my hair.
  5. Anyone In Mi Need A White House Cat?

    Sorry kina. I ment that it clarrified more of where you were coming from. Good thing I suppose? I'm on my phone so errors are due to it. Lol. Its just youur first few posts seem rather rude but I see where you were coming from on that post. Does that make sense? Its hard to keep a train of thought going when you're typing on your phone. Lol.
  6. Anyone In Mi Need A White House Cat?

    Your lasa paragraph shows more of where your other posts were coming from. Good luck rehoming broo!
  7. Anyone In Mi Need A White House Cat?

    I don't see Broo just leaving an animal to fend for him/herself in the dead of winter, by itself. I'm sure you do realize all of that stuff, but I never once said you were too immature to understand. As for as 'protecting' Broo. Your comments on this thread *seem* to say otherwise. It didn't seem to come off as concern for broo. Off topic, yes I know - I do have to commend you on how you've handled your own tragedy. I AM very sorry for your loss and I was very pleased to see that you were taking advice and trying to learn from what happened. I wish the best for you and your future animals. Snort! You better watch that name calling... might as well come on out and call me a hussy you brat. You might get 'banned' again if you keep that name calling up. Do I need to report you? LOL [Crazy] I don't know about that A lister crap... There's only 2 people on there!
  8. Anyone In Mi Need A White House Cat?

    Wait a minute... I thought you were "banned". You're still on the list... [Question] Did you get coal for Christmas? [Crazy] :tongue9: Luff ya MM [Huggy]
  9. Anyone In Mi Need A White House Cat?

    Well said/put MM! No my initial intention was not to be distasteful. Why is it that you *think* Broo shouldn't take anything else on? She's a grown woman and can do as she bunny well pleases. I'm not sure if you've noticed but Broo is part of SO's "family" since they are engaged and all. If Broo has the means and experience to try and help and is wanting to try and help, why down her? She's already mentioned in previous posts taht his family doesn't live there therefore, if someone doesn't care for/find kitty a home, the cat will die. Do you prefer her to leave the cat for death??? Whom else do you suppose could take on this issue in place of Broo? She's mentioned his family won't be around til April - cat will be dead by then. Her and SO are a "TEAM". So can't pawn it off only on him. Do you know who truely is responsible for this cat? The person that dropped if off. Would you like to help Broo find that person?
  10. Anyone In Mi Need A White House Cat?

    Really KK? Your priorities are different? Well, actually they are different than BRoo's considering I just read YOUR post on what happened to your cat. Broo - [Not Worthy] for being kind and having the heart to try and help an innocent animal. Pst... are your dogs "cat safe"?
  11. Seriously?? ^ that shows a lot of maturity Funny how you did all these quotes for me to read on your other post (some quotes I didn't even say btw) and a snotty comment to boot, then locked your post before I was able to post. Go figure. Oh ya, wth does BLW mean?? And out of curiousity did YOU learn anything from Andi's post in regards to your comment about "fur lined intestines"?? Did you happen to google that phrase before you made a fool of youself? (And sorry to burst your bubble but I didn't learn dang thing from you). Oh, and one more thing: what is "scawler"??? I asked google.com, but they apparenlty thought *I* was on drugs (little did they know I'm not the one that came up with that word). Did you mean squalor? [Question] DH and others that have mentioned the nylabones. Are these "fake bones" or toys that they chew on and nothing comes off? I've not seen them before or had them. Thanks
  12. Thank you for posting that. I want (need? LOL) one of those for my dogs. They should make them in tennis ball sizes too. Wait.... wonder if Alaska would approve of this toy before I purchased... [Question]
  13. My advice? Ask Alaska. She *seems* to be an expert and all since I "learned something" from her -- [ROTFL]
  14. Need Prayers/jingles

    Jingles! ((hugs)) [Huggy] [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy] [Huggy] [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy]