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  1. Gmo Foods

    _______________ Sadly, those things have NOTHING to do with genetic modification or even "genetic editing".. While i do have issues with some aspects of GMOs, there is a whole lot of ignorance mixed in with it....... Angus cattle are naturally polled... meaning they natrually are without horns... and havent for centuries...... pretty sure there was no genetic modification 400 years ago when the Aberdeens and Angus were bred(both breeds were polled then).. Selective breeding for feed efficiency is where the gain comes from.... feeding GMOs to the hogs is entirely different than the hog BEING GMO.. The semen determines the sex of the embryo. meaning the males are entirely responsible. if chickens only laying female ofspring were infact true, there would never be anymore chickens after the current generation of roosters died.. there are chemical and management practices that can play a big part in the timing of the sperm getting to the egg, thus a better determining factor of sex... but the chickens themselves arent modified to produce one sex of egg. Now, if we get onto Roundup Ready crops, putting fish DNA into tomatoes to prevent freezing, and a whole slew of other factual GMO things, i'd be up for a good debate...
  2. Any Experience With Head Shakers Syndrome?

    I have several friends and acquaintances that have had wonderful luck with craniosacral on their head shakers. May be worth looking into..
  3. Little Mare Update!

    word! i think i'll take some of that crack.. it looks like it must be some pretty good stuff..
  4. [Single] Moms How Do You Figure It Out?

    yeah, thats about teh boat im in, and im married with a 1.5 & 2.5 year old.. LOL. .. im lucky as **** to get one day a week to go ride or get more than just chores and such done. but now that were calving and my boss is away/out of the country alot of the time, it really cuts into my pony time. *raises hand* i am guilty of having a DVD player in my pickup.. some mornings when all heck breaks loose, chores take 3-4 hours or more..lots of hurry and wait. Even if were on our 3rd dual screened DVD player, its been worth it in entertainment value for the kids. toys, sippy cups and some snacks and were pretty good for awhile if we got enough sesame street, veggie tales, madagascar and gnomeo/juliet. there have been a couple instances where i have pulled the pickup up along the barn so that i can trim or cast-feet with the kids in teh pickup between the barn and arena. with the windows down or cracked so that i can hear them if someone is throwing a fit or needs something. i sure wish i'd have had a dvd player when i was little.. that woulda been the shiznit while growing up on a ranch and going from place to place doing chores every day.
  5. ditto to what smilie said. start small.. locked in a stall or barn or standing tied alone for periods of time, only letting the horse back loose AFTER their done throwing their fit.. their reward for standing quietly is gettign turned out. if their causing a fuss, they stay there until their quiet, then, ONLY THEN do they get rewarded for their behavior. patience is a powerfull thing to teach all horses.. as is tolerance.
  6. Copays At The Doctors....do You Pay?

    i didnt think co-pays were optional, you paid it on the spot or didnt see the doctor.... except for like ER visits, then you paid on the way out if you were unable to keep your cookies together enough to pay it when you came in..
  7. Pope's Resignation

    thats kinda my thought, but im not catholic.. so its not something that will have any effect on me whatsoever.. other than the news is going to be FLOODED with catholic/pope crap for the next month.
  8. Pregnancy/labor/delivery!

    And driving around the block for a second look when its the 358th wreck created by the same source. Again. I sure wish the ignore button included quoted material. Sigh.
  9. Pope's Resignation

    If it was an honor to die as a pope, why resign? First pope to step down since the early 1400s, i find that to almost mean theres more to this story than failing health..... Ready set go!
  10. Pregnancy/labor/delivery!

    did they get their educations out of a freaking crackerjack box blondy? because there are times i think yours came from the same place, or just google.. what exactly do you do for work in the hospitals? janitor, cna, laundry.. whats your skill base to base your assumptions on? for someone thats never had a child, you seem to have alot of self proclaimed "experience". eta: i apparently cant spell today.. lol..
  11. Birthing Show Calves

    serah- nope. none proven anyway.. there are some people that believe that gigantic calves at birth will be bigger at weaning/yearling time.. plus, the as someone above said (too lazy to scroll up) the bigger the calf, the stupider they are.. 100# calves are like dummy foals are. big and really stupid, so much so that they often need alittle extra help.. where as the 70-80#ers are off and running shortly after birth with no issues.
  12. Your Cat Name

    Princess scratchy von scooper
  13. Birthing Show Calves

    Grrr on my phone.. Went back to reread.. I see the creep feeder part. There is no need for creep in a herd with good genetics, maternal cows, and good feed. My bad. I should read better. Lol.
  14. Birthing Show Calves

    Thats horrible. Was he pelvic measuring the heifers to see if thats where the issue was stemming from? Because using heifer bulls should greatly help that number. Or even bulls with lower to mid birthweight epds that are clean and well shaped in their shoulders will make calving the same weight of a calf easier than a course shouldered big headed one. I cant imagine losing more than 1-2% thru the whole herd at calving time. Some years are rough, but even then maybe 3-4%... 50% is insane. I grew up almost strictly registered angus(hand full of herefords and the club calves).. So it may be different with brangus, as im not very familiar with bramahs, but it cant be that much different one would think. Hmm.
  15. Birthing Show Calves

    I really miss showing club calves and steers.. But only a couple more years until my kids can! :) Impatiently waiting to start calving in 2weeks or less!!!! Call me crazy, but i think calves are way cuter when their 0-2 months old.