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  1. New Horse!

    Storey- At that point when the last set of pictures was taken he was a week over-due for shoes and there was a reason. He has a crack in his hoof and my farrier wanted me to wait as long as possible so he could get as much of the crack trimmed out. Anyways, he's been trimmed since and my farrier does the rolled toe on him. He was bare foot in the first set of photos. He came to me barefoot and the previous owner said he was fine without them standing in the field, though shortly after coming to me he was sore from being worked barefoot so I started having him shod. As for his weight, he is gaining weight now. He has a bit more to go but he's looking a million times better. He was scoped and came up clean. I moved him to a different barn that has tons of grass and that really seemed to help.
  2. Is Our Turnout Ok For Rated Shows

    I think the helmet cover may be a little too over the top... hehe
  3. New Horse!

    I normally ride in bell boots but he demolished his in our previous ride. I'm buying a new pair tomorrow. My previous horse would NOT use his back end. And Lego REALLY does. Horses
  4. New Horse!

    Lego has gained weight! It's not perfect, but everything has filled out so far except for his ribs, but he's only been there a month. The new place I took him to actually TRIES to help figure his problem out. Anyways, here's some pictures from this week. He's coming along great!
  5. Horse Won't Gain Weight

    The only thing I don't like about the seminole is that I use it up so fast for some reason. One bag lasts me less than a week, and costs about the same as the other feeds that last about a week and a half. I don't know how this is because I feed the same amount of it. And besides, it's super hard for me to get all of the sudden. The only dealer within a few hours discontinued it. I'm going to start saving up for a blood panel done. I just found out the cost and it's quite high in my area. Being a college student with a job in fast food ( ) means I make practically no money. I'm still in debt to others from his last vet visit. I'm convinced it's not what I'm feeding him. A fecal will cost me $20. What will that show? I know it will tell you if he's infested with worms and what kind. I really don't think he's wormy but then again you never know. If fecals only show worms then I don't want to use the money on it. I'd rather just save for a blood panel. Also, how am I supposed to find out the protein percentage in the hay? All the competition barns in the area get hay from my hay dealer. Their horses are all healthy. I'm about to just give him to someone else. I don't think I can deal with it. I feel horrible that he's underweight but GAH! how much can a horse eat?
  6. Novice Level Conditioning Program

    Rock Solid, I love the fact that you are into learning the speeds without a watch. It cracks me up to see people in beginner novice using watches. I've never used one. Mostly because it's not a necessity at the levels I compete at, plus if I have $100 I'm not going to buy a watch. I'm going to buy more feed for my horses. One day when I'm doing higher levels, then I will do coin rolls to buy the watch (of course I'm exaggerating [Crazy] ).
  7. Horse Won't Gain Weight

    [[by the way guys, I am JumpinJax. My home computer won't log me in under this name so I made a new account, but I got my laptop back from being fixed so I'm back under this name permanently.]] I have no clue what protein percentage is. The few barns I have experiences with never mentioned this :confused0024: This week I'm planning on just putting him on hay, a nutrena feed (have to pick one yet), and electrolytes. By they way, I finally worked him down to just alfalfa, grain, and hay yesterday. So over the past week I've been feeding him less and less of the other stuff until he was completely off it. I got some better pictures of him this morning so you guys could get a better look. [[by the way, the white stuff on his hooves is fungus ointment.]] Picture 1 - Side Picture 2 - Belly Picture Three - Another Side View
  8. Horse Won't Gain Weight

    He eats fescue hay. He's had hay from the same hay dealer since day one with me.
  9. More Linda Parelli Training Techniques

    I should give her a good ol' fashion chain clunkin to the face. Just to teach her not to talk anymore. And if she comes too close to me, I'll flap my elbows like a chicken. this plan seems to be a great success!
  10. Becky Holder And Courageous Comet Win A E Cs

    I've always loved Becky and Courageous Comet. Last summer I got the chance to train Courageous Comet's half sister =]
  11. Horse Won't Gain Weight

    Ozland- What do you think the large belly is from? He's had such a huge stomach since I've gotten him. I don't think it's from being out of shape because up until the tendonitis a few weeks ago he was being ridden 4-5 times a week. I've taken him off all of this extra feed (gradually) and he is now on his last bag of Dynamex and hay. I'll be buying new feed this week. I'm thinking about a Nutrena feed. He does get electrolytes though no matter what. He sweats way more than the average horse.
  12. Who Believes In The Paranormal

    I want to believe in it. I really do, but I have no proof to back it up. Now I do believe in demons and them possessing humans, but as far as ghosts/spirits, I'm not sure. Of course some may say demons are ghosts/spirits, but I wouldn't classify them together. I have taken a few pictures in places that were supposedly haunted and gotten some interesting results. At Paris Mountain (Upstate South Carolina) there is supposedly a haunted witch's castle. It's basically a shack by the creek. My mom took a picture of the creek right by the "castle." My mom didn't even know this shack was supposedly haunted. As soon as she got the pictures developed we all could see a woman screaming in the water. The image created very clearly by the sun shining through the trees onto the water. It was about ten years later when she found out about the Witch's Castle. Then more recently, a group of friends and I went to an old abandoned house that was supposedly haunted. The old lady that lived there 40 years ago was murdered by a boy. My ex's uncle knew the boy and was with him when he was arrested for it. Now many people say the place is haunted and it's even in published books. I took a few pictures of the place, mostly just trying to get creepy/artsy shots. There is one picture I found had a face in it. Though of course I was looking for something creepy. And the whole "Orbs" thing, people get carried away. My mom is fascinated with the paranormal and thinks every little spot in a picture is an orb. So she went outside our house and was taking pictures of nothing and getting hundreds of orbs in each picture. My dad wasn't convinced. He walked back out with her, picked up sand, threw it, and took a picture. THOUSANDS of bright orbs. All they are, are pieces of sand with the flash reflecting off of them. The pictures with orbs that are really what the trained eye would call paranormal, are pictures with one, bright spot. Not three or four floating, transparent orbs. I really wish I could believe in the paranormal but I haven't found good solid proof. I've gone "searching" many times with no result. I think a lot of it is what WarPony said. We just don't have the knowledge to understand yet and the other cases its just pure coincidence.
  13. Pfizer Million Grand Prix-now

    Red, you had me almost literally ROFL'ing. That was PERFECT haha
  14. Me And Santino

    He's cute! He jumps the same way as my horse Lego (front legs way out in front of them). I love it!
  15. Opinions Please?

    I have to agree with Nikki on the Crosby. I was training a horse in dressage for someone and had to use their horse's saddle. The saddle's flaps were very far forward and it was very hard to get a correct position. The Goedecke, which I've never heard of, looks like it will hold the correct position much better.