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  1. My New Trail Riding Partner

    Love the looks of him.
  2. Picture Taking On The Trail

    I just bought the Canon SX260 camera for taking pictures on a ride. I can't wait to use it!
  3. Because I'm Bored

    I don't get here much anymore but when I do... I find it a pleasure to see your pictures. Thank you...
  4. Wow, just realized my Member Title is "Advanced Member". Is that cause of my age, lol!!!!

  5. Tornado Pictures

    I don't get here much anymore but I've been thinking about everyone across the States as well. I hope everyone is hanging in there and ok.
  6. I'm very proud of you Audrey. You did a good thing there. They look wonderful and happy.
  7. Latest Info On The Ehv-1 Outbreak

    Unfortunatley it's here on the east coast as well. There was a confirmed case here in the Coventry/Afton NY area in March/April. The farm had to put a horse down and one has trouble with it's hind quarters. They were quarantined for 30 days. Also - Cornell Equine Hospital were under a voluntary quarantine for 30 days as well with a confirmed case. I didn't read all the full thread so if this is repeated information, my apologies.
  8. Introduce Myself

    Welcome Emylou! I believe your familiar with the Hunter Pace ride in DeRuyter? I think we posted back and forth awhile back about it. If not, my apologies If you google "Hunter Pace in DeRuyter NY" you'll come upon their website. We had a great time last October! We'll be riding it again this coming October. Can't do the first half of the ride in August because we have other plans but will definetly be there in Ocotber. Maybe we'll see each other there!
  9. Barrel Racing Saddle

    I prefer to trail ride in my Barrel Saddle. Very comfortable for me. My husband prefers it as well. I hate when he rides with me because he wants to use my saddle, lol. jk
  10. Haven't Been On In Quite Some Time..

    Great to have you stop by.... Love the daughter of Smart Lil Highbrow. Very nice!
  11. Horse Slaughter

    Ditto.... I voted yes.
  12. Sage Recap *foal To Now* (* Picture Heavy *)

    I can't believe how much time has passed! Sage is beautiful! Congratulations on a job well done!
  13. Older Mare, Strange Happening

    My daughter's horse sucks his tongue. After he drinks, after he eats his grain and after he gets a treat. I have never seen anything like it before. He sticks his tongue out about an inch or so and you can hear him and see him sucking on it. We have pictures because I've never seen it before and figured people wouldn't believe me. Makes us laugh when he does it...
  14. Something Truly Horrible Happened

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Kina...The loss of ANY animal can be hard and to have it happen in such a way is even harder on you. Try not to blame yourself. I don't believe anyone that commented on here would feel any different knowing what happened. Keep your chin up. {{hugs}}
  15. 90 Plus Hrs Of Snow.....

    I agree Marie...I'm an hour South of Syracuse and I'm sick of it too. We haven't gotten as much as you but I'm still sick of it just the same. My son goes to BCC in Binghamton and I worry every day that he gets there and home safely. Seems early in the season to experience this type of weather. I'd rather it waited until Jan/Feb! Makes for a long winter!