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  1. Uf Student's Hand Severed While Leading A Horse

    I also didn't realize how common it was to lead a horse with a vehicle...the ideas kind of scary to me. When I went to school it was about 3/4 a mile from one end of campus to the other and we always walked. Good exercise
  2. EUTHANIZE VS. NO KILL SHELTERS So, I live near an army base and the more I read on craigslist, the paper, etc the more upset I get. There are dogs, cats, puppies and kittens going left and right. The common excuse "I'm pregnant," "My husband is deploying," "My landlord.." "I'm moving and can't take them." The list goes it. It makes me so mad, because the shelters here are ALWAYS at full capacity. This is what brings me to my debate of a kill vs no kill shelter. All I ever hear is how horrible it is to euthanize a pet. I, however, have my own opinion. While I think that every animal deserves a loving and caring FOREVER home, that is just not possible in the world we live in. The dog population has gotten so out of control that it is just not possible. So, would you rather a dog be humanely euthanized IF it cannot find a home OR have a home where it is neglected and beaten OR live its life out in a tiney tiny kennel shared with 2 other dogs at a shelter. Personally, I would rather see a dog leave this world peacefully than be neglected. PUREBRED VS. MUTT Would you rather own a purebred dog or a mutt? I believe that it is RIDICULOUS to pay a couple hundred dollars for a purebred PET dog. In my opinion the ONLY time someone should pay high dollar for a dog is if the dog is going to be a working dog (aka policedog, hunting dogs, cattle dogs, guide dogs, searchdogs, etc) If people would be more responsible pet owners and spayed and nuetered their dogs, we woudln't have mutts and we wouldn't have to have kill shelters. However, getting everyone to be a responsible pet owner would be practically impossible! If you are not using your dog as a working dog or showing your dog why do you have to have a purebred? I just don't understand this. There are 800 dogs an hour being put to sleep, why pay $300 for a purebred when you could save one of the 800? If people didn't pay for purebreds, other people would quit breeding purebreds, stopping part of this cruel cycle. So, what is everyone else's opinion....Kill vs No kill and Purebred vs ...PLEASE keep it civil, this is just opinions!!!!
  3. Boarding Stables

    Thanks to everyone for the replies. Guilherme This was my main concern starting out. That's why I was looking for some more input on the situation. Finding a good trainer in the area will be hard and to start out with I would be without one. BlkHrsRdr I know that the facility was charging around $350/month around 5 years ago, however, there was also a trainer/instructor at the facility and it was also owned by a veterinarian. So keeping it full at that price was not a problem. I'm starting to like the idea of a retirement facility and am doing some research on that now. Thanks for the advice and I might be looking to you for some more input :)
  4. As for the deep freezer idea, we used to always leave it in the bags and then you can rotate your grain a lot easier. You can lay the bags flat on the bottom and have 3-4 different kinds open on the top.
  5. Boarding Stables

    The stable that I worked at as a teenage has come up for sale. My husband and I were thinking of buying it, which led me here to ask for some input. For those that own or operate their own boarding facility, here is my main question. How profitable is it? As of now, it would be boarding only, no training, lessons, etc. With the area that it is located in we should be able to keep it full most of the year, but would boarding alone make a profit? The facility is 14 indoor stalls, 2 outdoor stalls, an indoor arena, outdoor roundpen and located on 18 acres (which would be made into larger pastures and trails. Anyways, I've thrown some figures around on paper but it's all an estimate. So, any ideas, opinions, thoughts, stories or experiences are welcome! Lets hear them!
  6. Update On Foundered Horse With Pics

    Missyclare-You really seem to know your stuff, so I have a question for you...it looks like the horse is walking on its sole, don't you want to relieve the sole pressure if you can, especially with a foundered horse?
  7. Equine Massage Therpay

    Thank you guys for all of your opinions! The reason I was asking is because I just recently went to Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre and while I was there I took the massage therapy course along with the farrier classes. I got certified through the school and was looking to start massaging on the side...I also found a ton of programs that were the 2-3 day or 10 day things and was thinking about taking some of them as well, but financially it's going to have to wait...I was just looking for what to expect and possibly some ways to improve myself! Thanks so much!
  8. Equine Massage Therpay

    Thanks for your guys' opinions...still up for more!
  9. Equine Massage Therpay

    Anyone???? Just asking for your opinion... even if you haven't had your horse massaged before...anything!!!
  10. Equine Massage Therpay

    Equine Massage Therapy or Equine Sports Massage What is your opinion on it? What are you looking for in a massage therapist? What is your expectations? Looking for any opinions from the owners, trainers, riders, etc.
  11. I Have A Question About A Horses Hoof!

    It sounds like thrush...did the frog look normal or was it kinda moist, black, have any pus? If it is thrush, thrush buster, coppertox, bleach, or iodine will help it...
  12. Mule Feet

    Ok, so I am currently going to school for farrier and I am always trying to improve. I know absolutely NOTHING about mules or there feet. I am looking for any information, pictures, tips, etc. I have been searching the web, but can't find many good pictures...Anything is helpful and appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
  13. Bucky The Horse Without A Hoof

    Wow! That's amazing what they can do nowadays and that people are willing to spend the money on it...is he a stud? Will he still be able to be ridden? I'm going to school for farrier and one of the things we talk about is the economic value of the horse. Questions often come up like...Will the horse be useful? Is it worth the expenses? Will it put the horse in pain? Is it worth the it considering the value of life for the horse? I'm not saying what you did was wrong by any means, it's actually amazing what kind of advances they've made in equine vet. medicine. But, when we talk about the value of life and the economic value its hard to think about making the choice between life and death. Just something I find interesting and thought I would share. I hope everything works with Bucky! Best of luck to you and him both!!!
  14. Waverly/parkersburg, Wv Area!

  15. Mane & Tail Secrets

    I know someone who used to use the spray detangler from Rio Vista and she would add a few drops of babyoil to the bottle and shake it up. It was amazing...You only needed to use it every once in awhile because it leaves the tail so soft and it doesn't tangle.