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  1. Any Pharmacy Technicians Or Medical Transcriptionists Out There?

    LOL, I am going back to school after 35 years out, for Pharmacy Tech. I start the 22nd of this month and it is an 11 week course, then I will need to take the state test to be certified. I tried to do the on-line classes for medical billing and coding but I needed a class room setting, with a real instructor and real people, so on-line studies, was not a good thing for me.
  2. Wobblers Syndrome Horse - Update! New Track?

    It does have to do with the muscles, but the tendons are also affected. Everything in my mare hind quarters is hardening.
  3. Major Eye Issue, Need Help *pic* Update

    Make a sunvisor like I did for Cassie, it attached to her halter and she did great with it. I made it out of thick card board, shaped it to fit her head and cut a hole around her ears, then taped it to the shape I wanted. This visor blocks the sun from the eyes just like when you wear a baseball cap. It really does help. She wore double fly masks, in navy blue, (cuz it was darker then the grey ones) and her visor during the day and one fly mask all night.
  4. Wobblers Syndrome Horse - Update! New Track?

    I am sooo sorry but I cannot remember what all she was tested for, before we found what is was.
  5. Equine Recurrent Uveitis (update 9.9.09)

    This is what Cassie wore for the rest of her life after her first bought with ERU, when ever she was outside in any kind of light. She even wore this when doing lessons. When she came in for the night, her sun visor was removed and one fly mask, but she ALWAYS had one fly mask on to filter out any light from inside the barn. She only had one bad bought with it, and I credit the fact that she always wore her double masks and sunvisor when ever she was in light.
  6. Wind Sucker

    I cannot completely agree with you on this one. Once a cribber/windsucker, always one, be it inside a stall or outside with their buddies. I have had horses stand all day on a fence post while everyone else is playing or grazing. It is a high for them and no matter where they are they will find something to get that high on. Once they start this no amount of buddy time will stop it.
  7. Is This Type Of Post Ok?

    I had a 25 year old QH mare who was still barrel racing at 25 and winning. Right now I have a retired barrel horse 27 years old that is still doing 15 to 20 mile trail rides, also have a 25 year old, who just went blind in one eye, from an injury, who is doing long distant trail rides. Zero of my old guys have health issues, all do get Knox Gelatine for their arthritis but sure don't act like they are old. They are on good pasture(110 acres worth), get All Stock Pellet feed and good hay. In my photo gallary you can see both of them Cody (27)is standing with my grandson holding his lead line, and Sequoia (25) is the black and white paint. Also When I was giving riding lessons back home all 10 of my lesson horses were 18 and over, oldest being 25 and they were teaching 53 riders on a 6 day lesson week.
  8. What's Your Horse's Name ?

    My old gelding came with the name....................."Streakinacrossthebay" all one word
  9. Wobblers Syndrome Horse - Update! New Track?

    What about Myopathy, is a hardening of the soft tissue, (tendons), they move and stummble is if having Wobbles. I have a little mare who was diagnosed with it. She moves unsure on the hind quarters and walks with almost a pick up the foot and plop it down movement. When she is forced to move faster then she is prepared for she will lose her balance. She can walk OK most of the time and she will trot for short periods of time, but all of a sudden she looses control of her hind quarters. Loping and running is out of the question for her, she does lope freely for a short spell in a pasture setting, but she knows her limitations. Vet said this is a progressive disease and no medical assistance can stop it. She is a pasture pretty now, and so far I have been lucky because she was diagnosed with this 2 years ago and she has remained stable and hasn't lost anymore of her hind quarter movement. She won't ever get any better but at least for her sake she is not getting any worse either. I give her Knox Gelatine in her feed and I don't know if this has helped but I am not going to stop using it to find out.
  10. Major Eye Issue, Need Help *pic* Update

    This is what my mare wore after she was diagnosed with ERU. SHe wore a double fly mask and the sun visor to keep the sun light from hurting her eyes. When she came down with it her first time the vet had no hope for her to ever see again, (she had it in both eyes), I put her in a stall and made it TOTALLY DARK 24 HOURS A DAY for 2 weeks, she was given high dose pain meds and 3 different eye meds 3 times a day. After the 2 weeks total stall rest, she was allowed to go out only at night for about 1 month. Once the eyes healed and the disease went into remission she was NEVER outside without her double mask and sun visor. She was my top lesson mare and she did well with this and thankfully she never had another bad bought of it. She wore her mask and visor for the 4 remaining years I had her, working about 6 hours of lessons 5 days a week. I lost her to Founder, not ERU. She was also a Cushings horse, so she was special needs all the way. Don't give up hope.
  11. What's Your Horse's Name ?

    Since this topic was brought up maybe someone can help me. I have a new gelding a registered 3/4 arab and his name is baffling me. His stable name is Wolf and that was all I knew until I got his papers. His name is: EKAPI TUHTSAANA TC Can anyone figure this name out and maybe tell me what it means or even how to say it, LOL?????? His Sire is......... Sas Jehan His Dam is...... Moore Conan
  12. Feeding Aloe Vera

    I use it for Arthritis and it soothes the stomach in horses. All of my old horses did lessons 4 to 6 hours a day, 6 days a week and they never missed a stride, and they loved their job. Most of my guys were rescues and averaged age 18 to 30 years of age. I actually drink a small glass of Grape Juice and add one packet into it each morning for my stiff old busted up joints. Trust me it works........ to the point that when I decide I am not going to take it for a short while, I go back on it real fast, LOL.
  13. Hoof Critque Please

    The flare on his feet are normal for a 6 week growth if your farrier does not trim short and clean up the edges with a bevel. Even with the small flare, he is breaking it off even and normal. I still don't see a problem with his feet the way they are growing, yes they need a trim, but you already said that was getting done Friday. He seems to have a good healthy foot. I see no signs of thrush, the deep crack in the frog is normal from dry conditions.
  14. Hoof Critque Please

    Personally your horses feet look great considering they are going to be trimmed soon. He seems to be wearing pretty even, the cracks are from dry weather which is normal. The bottom of the foot is fine, he has a protective hardness because of the dry weather and is natures way of keeping the internal foot moist. All in all I wish some of my guys had feet the looked that good, before the next trim.