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    Training, my horses (of course), reining, barrel racing, cow work. My job with Gypsy Vanners.
  1. Hi. I was doing some research on my own saddle by Lookout Saddle Co. and ran across your question on here. Did you ever find out any info regarding your saddle? Mine is a 15" deep seat roping saddle that I bought new 23 years ago. It's still in great condition. It's the most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden but rarely use any more. Looking to sell. Interested? carrollstabl...

  2. I Need Fat Horse Pics! Skinny Too!

    Chunky: Gypsy Vanners from where I worked for 3 years. They were all very chunky...we fed as we were told... I miss them...
  3. Update/pictures.

    Aww...Poor Brooks...He'll be feeling better in no time! He's so friggin' cute! And about the Doxy...ya Jackie, me too! Kuj was on 40 doxy's 2x per day for almost a year...yikes. Small coffee grinders are the best for those hard pills. Mixed with yogurt...helps coat his stomach and protect it from ulcers caused by the meds. Good luck! Keep us updated! =]
  4. Do You Have A Stallion?

    Gorgeous horses everyone! STL Kings Dun Sport is a APHA red dun tobiano stallion. He has never bred, and may never. He is started undersaddle and will begin driving training and combined driving events hopefully this winter. Very dirty, but you get the I'll get more pics of my herd as soon as I get back to Florida. =]
  5. New Magic Pics =]

    She's cute! I love her markings...but I'm not biased...;) She reminds me of Sport kinda!
  6. Saddle Pads

    My ABSOLUTE favorite saddle pad I have ever used is the Classic Equine ESP felt top pad. 100%. There is not anything I dislike about this pad. It was a little expensive...but I will never buy a different kind again.
  7. I have a couple paints...=] Doctors Gypsy Star: 1999 APHA sorrel/white overo gelding. Gay Bar King Flyer: 2000 APHA sorrel/white tobiano gelding. Kings Bright Bandit: 2003 black/white tobiano mare. STL Kings Dun Sport: 2004 red dun/white tobiano stallion. Dudes Blue Eyed Agent: 1999 cremello solid APHA BS/AQHA mare. (Only because she was born a year before AQHA accepted cremellos) Beautiful horses everyone!!
  8. Any Info On This Brand Saddle?

    I've had this saddle for over 15 years, and it was used when my dad bought it for me. I ride/train for a living and this saddle is still right under me in near perfect condition. I've used it for everything. It fits me better than any saddle I've ever sat in. I would LOVE to get another by this brand, but can't seem to find much info? Lookout Saddle Co. Diamond Brand- Is on the cinch keeper. An "L" is in a diamond between the logo. Any ideas?
  9. Of Cancer And Plane Crashes, Oh My

    Jackie... You know you are in my thoughts and prayers. As soon as my cell is charged (hopefully it will turn went through the wash at the hotel...yikes!) I'm going to call you...I hate that we didn't get a chance to catch up before we left for the summer <3 you! Miss you! Thinking of you! I did hear about Irene...I hate that this is happening to her. -Amanda
  10. Tattoos & Piercings

    OMG! I havn't been here in forever!! Um...piercings..I have: -Ear lobes twice -Tragus in left ear -helix in left ear -tongue Used to have my belly done, it rejected. I'm getting an industrial in my right ear next! No tats yet...whatever I get is going to have to do with my Kujo! <3
  11. Afternoon At The Arena...lucky 7

    Wow...I havn't been on here in a while. All is going fairly well... I'm trying to find a place of my own to move out to (hopefully Jacks will be a roomie) and my parents are kinda bein' funny about the 'moving out'. My man is doing good, he's in Maine trying to get some work. ALL the horses are good...And I'm still broke. Anywho. Pics. My buddy Corrie came over last night and we took 2 of the boys out for a workout. I had a good time...nothing serious. Just fun. Me and Ammo: warmup NO PONE...the arena does NOT eat scaredy 'Mo's! Go Bad boy. And a couple of me pole bending on Torque: =] Whatcha think!?!
  12. Lets See Some Fun Colored Horses!

    Oh Oh! I have some color in my herd for sure! Volcom: APHA Doctors Gypsy Star. 9 yr old gelding. Brown/white overo. Torque: APHA Gay Bar King Flyer. 8 yr old gelding. Sorrel/white tobiano. Vegas: APHA Kings Bright Bandit. 6 yr old mare. Black/white tobiano. Sport: APHA STL Kings Dun Sport. 4 yr old stud. Red dun/white tobiano. Sky: APHA/AQHA Dudes Blue Eyed Agent. 9 yr old mare. Cremello. Tink: AQHA Peppy's Blonde Tinker. coming year old filly. Palomino. Riot: AQHA Eternal Doc Zip. Yearling stud. Buckskin. (I don't have many good pics of him...but his mane and tail are highlighted with silver like crazy!) My solid black and solid sorrel will have to sit this photo op =] Beautiful horses everyone!
  13. "flush A Mare"

    Thats what I was gonna say too!
  14. Let's See Your Driving Horse.

    Yup, thats Mr. Bob. He's the greatest. Yes, Joann used to own Jazz and Essy...WR Ranch bought them from her and her husband, Bill (?). ironbessflint: I thought that looked like SunShine State. And one of the hazards there looks like at Chester's place? LOVE CDE's! =]
  15. Let's See Your Driving Horse. prepared for a bombardment of pictures... I don't personally own these horses....but have worked with them for over 2 years and am one of the grooms on the carriage when we show. I have driven them though! Yes, they are gypsy vanners. The wheelers are Jasmine and Esmeralda (2 of the original 16 vanners imported in the country in '96) and the leaders are Pie and Sky. We all belong to WR Ranch. =]. C'Mon Florida folks...who's the great guy driving?? Thats ME! We have a ton more than just those 4 that drive I'll have to find pictures of. Whatcha think!?!