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  1. Martin Saddlery?

    Wow, SO much prettier than mine [Not Worthy] The thing I like most, is that, the fit of the tree to my horse, just seems so "natural" it doesn't need to be padded up or anything, it's like I just toss it on her, and off she goes, even other ppl look great riding her in it. I've tried most all the major brands while on the stand, not while on the horse, and except for the gullet width not being right for her shoulders, I wish I could fit the Tex Tan Arena Champion to Jessie, that seat on that saddle, and the way it feels under you, fits "me" but not her, too bad, cause it's a saddle that I would LOVE to have as well as my Martin.
  2. Will I Always Be Stuck In A Tie Down?

    How old is he again? Have you had his teeth checked, were his wolf teeth ever removed?
  3. What Happened To Me?!?!?!

    Joce, he looks like he's running better each time, but like you are saying, it's like you as a rider "forget" what you are asking him for... For instance, you send him into the turn with one rein, right? But then you snatch him back after the turn, a GOOD turn, that's he's made, with your other hand, like maybe you don't trust him to stay on pattern after the turn, so it's like he makes a nice smooth get in there and get it done kind of turn for you, but then gets punished by having you snatch him back afterwards, I've never been to a Wright barrel clinic, only a Martha Josey one, but I trained under a couple of ladies at different times who taught me some cool things to deal with the changes I would experience with my horse as we got better, one of them was to ride with a shortened pair of reins versus my normal length I'd use for trail riding or slow work, the reason I did this was to help myself help her, The reins I shortened to literally *just* behind her neck, like WAY up her neck, so that when we ran hard, her head always came up and my reins were ALWAYS ending up longer than I needed when we ran like that, so I just switched them out before I'd run, we stayed in the same bit, although most ppl recommend that you change bits as well, Pralines always worked best in her sliding gag, so that's what we always rode in, but the shortened reins thing really seemed to help her "make the change" as she'd get ready to go when those got put on, she seemed to know what we were about to do! Hammer's a real nice horse, he really seems to be listening a little more to you know, MUCH more than before in your earlier vids from months ago, he even cuts back to you after that second barrel turn, something a stubborn a** barrel horse won't do, but you've got him under good control, but like you said it's your body position that you need to work a little on, What's your saddle type and seat size again? I'm thinking your saddle is a teensy bit TOO big, like maybe you are using your roping saddle for barrel racing? You really need one that you use for barrel racing specifically, that or a real high cantle all around version, one with a good deep seat to keep you in there, in one place, so that you don't feel the need to grab at him after he's finished a real nice barrel!
  4. Bought A Saddle

    Maybe it's just the lighting, but I think the saddle actually looks kind of cool like that, believe it or not, albeit a little bit lighter in color, I have a breast collar, that has the same kind of "rustic" look to it, Depending on what was used will determine what you'd want to use on it from here on out, Lexol doesn't usu hurt a thing, unless you just drench the leather in it I guess, I would call your local saddle shop and see what they have to say about it, the one in our area has always been nice enough to explain about what would need to be done for different used saddles I had looked at buying before getting the one I have now, just call and ask about what not to use on it to not "seal" in the dye, which has probably already occurred. If it's a "Smith" Brothers saddle, it ought to be of decent enough quality to work with, the brass O-rings on it are a nice feature that's not found on cheap saddles, so it ought to be worth a shot to try and "fix" it, if nothing else, it IS a pretty saddle like it is, just shows lots of character!
  5. New Old Saddle

    Nice saddle you've got there!
  6. Bloodlines

    Lol, sorry, it must have been down in just the 5 min. during the time I checked, lol Well, even though they are four gens back, to see Leo San there is good, as well as Leo Pan, Sugar Bars, Blondys Dude, I mean those are all good lines, Have any of the others up close been notable for anything? Just because they haven't, doesn't mean they couldn't have been, it could just mean they weren't ever shown or given a chance. Jessie's got lines "back there" 4th and 5th generation in her pedigree, but I don't care how diluted they are, they are still there and still good, no they may not be 2nd and 3rd generation, but so what, they are still there and still good, and it would kind of depend on your area, in my area, my horse has got pretty durn good breeding for what's available around here and I've been offered multiple times $5000 and more for her just as a "prospect" alone, It all just depends on where you are and what ppl around you are looking for... I think basically for what ya'll want to do with her, it's fine, I mean, you never know what any horse is capable of until you train them right for the job, then put 'em to the test, LOL, I should know, we watch all sorts of breeds run the playdays they hold at the ranch where we keep Jessie, and while it may be hilarious to watch a Tennessee Walker run a pattern to some, I'll tell you what, that big ol' horse sure can make stride between them barrels, and on poles, he comes in 2D and 3D quite frequently, it all just depends who ran that day and on what, We've got a couple girls that want to run Jessie and try to win on her, but it's because they are at the barn all the time, and they've seen Jessie run and move at liberty, and are so impressed with her speed and agility, they are just itching to get on and ride, lol, but I tell them, she's not trained yet, and so it wouldn't real fair to get on and just pull her around the barrels until she is and me personally, I just don't really buy into it, I think Jessie will do GREAT as a kid's horse eventually, but I don't think she'll ever be truly competitive with the big dogs! lol Tell your mom to get her trained, put her out there and see what she can do, you usu get better over time, but it does take time on ones that aren't already trained, have fun with her and good luck!
  7. Bloodlines

    Site is down right now, got any copy and pasted info you could put here for now? Thanks!
  8. Long Time No See

    Wow, it's amazing that someone would have that strong of an opinion about it, riding on the streets, I mean...we used to ride ours home every weekend, it was my mom and I or my best friend and I, since I hated to ride my stepdad's hyper and abused horse, and my horse was much smaller and more gentle and used to soft hands and seat, and Stacy, while that girl could hang on, could not really "ride" to save her life, and Jackie (step dad's) horse was just as hard mouthed as Stacy was heavy handed, so that's what we did, rode them down the asphalt rode, to the house, to the back yard, kept them there overnight, and either woke up and went street riding again all over our neighborhood, down to the bayou, all over creation, my mom and I even went through a Whataburger's drive thru once, the guy couldn't quit laughing, having recently been transplanted to Texas, and saying "Only in Texas" [ROTFL] Anyway, you know, it's really your business after all, I mean, I guess if your horse dumped you, and off you went, then he might become a danger to someone else, but if you are riding with others, who can ride as well, and they are able to high tail it after him and catch him, then so what?? Rachel, Ppl's ops are like buttholes, everyone's got one, and no telling what's coming out of it! [Huggy] You and Maverick, btw, are looking fabulous! [Not Worthy]
  9. Saddle Pads..

    The Five Star pad has made a world of difference to me, someone who was a previous die-hard fleece lover! It just sits on mare's back so easily, its actually a really good pad if you're not real good at saddling, I know that sounds kinda silly, but the pad really only fits in one place on their backs, and it just kind of "sits" in that area, stays put as you go to put your saddle on, allows the saddle to be cinched to the back pretty evenly, it's just a really nice wool pad! Some of the synthetic ones, fleece I mean, just trapped so much heat, and the wool pad actually allows so much more airflow through and keeps my baby happy even when being worked in the roundpen, she may be out of breath, but her back stays evenly sweated, and she's never sore after I brush her, We'll see how it turns out when we really start running her and riding her hard, but for now, it's a great pad, and pretty to boot, I get compliments on mine all the time!
  10. Long Pasterns?, they are in NO way long, like the OP stated, if anything I'd call them more upright. He's got a great build on him, sounds to me like you've got some really concerned "competition" who doesn't want to have YOU to worry about next year lol Edited to add: Look at an English horse, a TB they use for dressage, or a warmblood even, LONG pasterns is what they use for their sport, I think he's built a little more TB-ish looking than those people realize, but he's in no way built inappropriately to run you a good set of cans, Hmmm, look up CCJ's horse Jet on youtube, you wouldn't imagine such a BIG horse could run that tight little pattern, but check him out, he gets down and dirty in a little pen with his big ol' self [Not Worthy]
  11. Your Opinion On This Bit...

    I think your mare tries real hard for you and runs a pretty good little pattern, but if nothing more than for the sake of argument, why don't you try her in an O-ring and work a little more on some pattern related exercises that would help her round that second barrel up better? She has decent turns, but to use the bit that you're using on her, I understand what you're trying to do, but it's not the right time yet to use it, unless you really want to make your horse miserable. She needs some slow work in an O-ring or other type snaffle bit, make sure her teeth are attended to as well, since that can cause lots of problems with attitude, weight, just overall health, make sure she's wormed and given enough hay (it's winter after all) and just try to go back to doing some slow work, Really get her polished, THEN go out there with her and win! She's a great little horse, really tries for you, so do something good for her, train her a little more, get her "finished" then put that bit or whatever back in her, and go have fun, if your horse is REALLY trained well, then it wouldn't matter if you rode her on the pattern with a haystring in her mouth, she'd run and run right (at least in the beginning, they all get harder to stop when they've been running for years and years!)
  12. Prayers For Jay-colicing, Turninburningonjays Horse!

    Does your boy get enough in the ways of roughage? I only ask cause sometimes horses get the best quality feed available, but an equally important part is giving him enough hay to "move" that good feed on through, As for what your vet did, that's normal protocol for non-distressing type colic, most vets I've been around say that either they'll come through or they won't, you know? It's just mostly touch and go and a whole LOT of [Angel] that the horse starts to pass stool after a good mineral oil lavage. Have you checked Jay for ulcers? Are you competing pretty frequently on him and having to travel quite a bit? Do you always make sure to have some hay for him to munch on while being trailered? Also frequently watering your horse when you unload and before trailering off again is so important. I read an article once that explained what we do to our horses when we feed like we do, yes, it's convenient for us, but so hard on their systems, so provided that good quality hay, not so much your alfalfa types, but good quality coastal, not too yellow and dry, not too fresh and green either, then it just becomes like giving him grass, Also, adequate turnout is real important for an active barrel horse, the more that he's able to walk around and eat normally and stretch his neck down, the better it is for him, but I'd def follow Dr's orders for now until he's in the clear, if he says don't feed him on the ground, then don't. You could always ask the vet what he thinks could have brought the episode on, is it worming time, or was too strong of a wormer used? Is his feed okay and not spoiled? You can buy a product called Sand Clear, it's just a feed supplement you can top dress the feed with if you believe that it's a sand colic issue. It's not too expensive if you buy it from your local feed store, but prolly could get up there in cost if you have to order it from like a discount supply type catalog, [Angel] Prayers going out your way for your boy! [Huggy]
  13. Thought Ya'll Might Enjoy This!~

    Okay, so the car I had crapped out about a week and a half ago, that put me out of having any transportation, I need a car to get back and forth to work, and asking a friend to help me out for too long is just embarassing, so after about 3 days of intensive research and effort, I found a dealership that would finance me in house, one of those buy here pay here places, they tried to put me in a 2006 Taurus, I was pissed, the engine looked like it had either overheated or had been flooded, althought the car's interior was clean, SO... I bought a PT Cruiser [ROTFL] It's just the darndest cutenest car ever, holds my saddle and all my gear, plus the hubby and two kids REALLY well, it's even got leather and a sun roof [Yay] It took some finagleing, but I got it, for $1500 down, already made my first double payment! Here's a stock pic, I'll get ones of mine tomorrow in the light, I call her Candy, sorry but I name all my vehicles [Crazy] PT Cruiser stock pic Lol, mine's just like this one, same color, but with the luggage rack behind the sunroof, cute huh?
  14. Which Supplement

    Grand Flex is good, I use it on my dog as well for his arthritic hips, it beats paying the vet to inject something into him! I've used Corta Flex before, liked it a little, and one of those others that has the kind of bottle with the measuring thing built in, but I can't recall the name, and it worked real well on a 13 yr old arthritic mare I used to have. The Grand Flex so far works for Jessie, when I don't have time to bring it out or miss out getting it to her during feed time, within two weeks, I can tell the difference, and she starts sounding all squeaky popping again, nasty sound to hear on such a young horse, but I put her right back on it, and no joke, within about 72 hours, I can't hear the problem anymore! It smells kinda funny, I have the powder, I prefer the pellets, but the day I picked it up there was a huge special on the powdered version, so that's what got bought!
  15. Stay Black!

    Does he have any trees or other shelter to get under to get out of the sun? My mare is black and stays black and shiny no matter the time of year, but she has plenty of shade to get under to get out of the sun. I spray her down in the summer with a fly spray with some good sunscreen in it, as well as essential oils, all that natural stuff I guess keeps her shiny and protects her mane and coat. Check your feedstore for a fly spray that has a good sunscreen in it and coat enhancers, they do work!