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  1. Shoulder Control

    okay, thanks!
  2. Shoulder Control

    okay, but what tye of cues do you do to lift a shoulder?
  3. Shoulder Control

    okay so I am looking at a horse who is trained for the barrels. I haven't seen him yet, but he is being brought to my house next Sunday (nice of the owner I think!) i talked to the owner last night on the phone and he told me that he runs a nice barrel pattern, but drops his shoulder into the first barrel. i know it will take some time to learn and figure out with this specific horse, but in theory, how hard is it to pick a horses shoulder up when going through a pattern, and how do you do it? im sure i will know more when i actually get to ride this horse, but im just wondering if this is something that i should be worried about or if it is something fairly easy to deal with?
  4. Kicking...

    thanks guys, i had a chat with my barn owner and we carry a whip into the pasture with us when we feed or anything. my gelding Bean does not even try to push the barn owner much anymore, he respects the whip. he hasn't ever done anything to me or my other half, but we have been taking the whip with us too. so far he pays attention. we are going to work with the barn owner on some of his handling so that maybe he can trust her a bit too, since im thinking that is why he is only going after her like this. i hope that once she shows him that she is higher up then him he will straighten up, maybe not.
  5. Kicking...

    okay, i think im understanding what you all are saying. thanks for explaining the best possible way to go about doing this!
  6. Kicking...

    yes he does have a lack of respect, and he was like that when we bought him, he has been abused and is getting there. not an excuse, but i do understand some of the things that he does and we are wading out way through the troubles. but, as i said i have never even seen him kick during play let alone with people around so it brings a whole new dilema on board!
  7. Kicking...

    like i said, i dont know how long this has been going on, none of the other barn owners have mentioned anything like this, and he has never kicked at me for any reason. i am going to take over all of the feedings as i said above, and will carry a lunge whip with me and let him have it i guess. sounds mean, but he is big and when he was to give disrespect then i give it back til he pays attention right?
  8. Kicking...

    well my gelding has been boarded since i have owned him, and i am not there when he is fed. we just moved him to a new place where he is outside and are having some problems. the barn owner takes hay out to him and our mare in the morning and at night, and she told us that he has already kicked her once and has attempted another time. the time he kicked her she had already broke a bale and put it out for the two, and when she reached for the other, my gelding ran right next to her, and spun around and kicked both hind legs at her, connecting with her arm. she said that he never pinned his ears or anything, and she feels he is doing it on purpose. i am going to be going to the barn and taking over all of the feedings from now on so that she is not at risk, but that doesn't fix the problem. i have never had a horse that kicked like that before and im not sure how to fix it. we do not have access to a round pen or an arena, but he does lunge if i have a bit in his mouth or if there is a chain over his nose. now when handled on a lead or anything, he is a gentleman, it is when he is away from you, such as on a lunge line that he turns into a butt head and pulls away which is why we use the bit or chain. i am looking for ways to fix my geldings kicking problems before someone really gets hurt. i am at risk as well as anyone else around him. he has been in pastures with all the horses that are with him except our new mare, and he doesnt have a problem with her, just seems to be people and only at feeding time...anything that will help me would be greatly appreciated!
  9. My New Boy

    congratulations on the new horse! i too have a new one, but we are nowhere near ready to start something this serious!!! you guys look pretty good together, and I wish you tons of luck!
  10. New Sort Of....

    well we have only had our appy Kami for about three weeks, we bought her out of a kill pen auction. the first two weeks that we owned her she was in pennsylvania at someone elses' barn because we couldn't find a way to get her home. We have had her for almost a week now, she is a real handful but i think that we finally had a break thru today and hopefully all will get better now! we like Appys too, they are pretty, and my other half used to have one so he wanted another one, Kami was a surprise to him!
  11. New Sort Of....

    lol sounds like a good project! here are my three kids... Whodat Bits Go Bean a.k.a. Bean or Beaner Butt (lol) 98 AQHA gelding 15.3 hands Miss Kami's Mocha Motion a.k.a. Kami 11 year old Appaloosa mare Lacie Lyn 1 year old baby girl hope you had fun meeting my crew!
  12. New Sort Of....

    oh well i tried lol, she is a looker! I really like her and I only saw one picture lol! and no problem for the welcome, you will find most of us on here to be a real friendly sort!
  13. Western Rider Turning English

    i ride in a 16 inch western saddle, but i bought an 18 inch english saddle and it still is pretty small. the general rule is aobut 2 seat sizes up, but that isn't always correct lol. you may want to talk to your trainer and see what you can find out!
  14. New Sort Of....

    welcome! lots to get to know on here! btw you don't want to get rid of starbuck do you?
  15. Uhh...running Martingale Vs Training Fork

    okay, going off of that then if i have a standing martingale breastplate can i somehow make it into the training fork attached instead of the standing martingale attachment? just brainstorming