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  1. What. What Is This Place.

    I have always been more a lurker but I do remember most of you guys posting pics. I can't believe I've been a member since 2005, joined when I was 12 haha! Holy crap how time flys. It is sad how deserted the forums are now. I hope everyone is doing well!
  2. First Time Trailer Buyer Questions..

    HI everyone, I haven't been on here in ages but I am now in the market for a trailer below 7k that my Chevy 1500 can pull safely. I have two trailers in mind but I am hoping that more options come up. Does anybody have any advice about these brands? I am very on the fence about the Maverick because I think they are a relatively new company and for such a cheap price new I am skeptical of the quality. Some other questions I have, steel vs aluminum? Does it really make a huge difference? I have only found one aluminum trailer for sale in the state (CO) and it is a Maverick. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! 1. 2010 S&H http://www.murdocktrailers.com/detail.asp?ID=502123 2. 2014 Maverick http://www.murdocktrailers.com/detail.asp?ID=503016
  3. Tailbone Cyst =/

    Is there anyway you can get it removed or something?
  4. I Need Some Advice

    Thanks for the thoughts everyone. Thats what I was leaning towards but I wanted some opinions first. I'll be going to CSU up in Fort Collins.
  5. I Need Some Advice

    Hi everyone, I am going to college in Colorado and am having my horse shipped out to me from Delaware. He was being leased out for the past two years. I had him on just low starch pellets but I found out he has been getting beet pulp and sweet feed against my wishes. He is supposed to arrive in a few days so my question is, should I buy a bag of the feed he is on and slowly wean him off of it? Or just switch him to the pellets now? I know that may cause him to colic so I want your opinion. Thanks so much!
  6. Nation Wide Horse Transport

    Hi there everyone! I'm mostly a lurker on the boards but I need some advice. I live in Germnay but my horse is in Delaware being leased by a friend. I am heading to college in Colorado this year and will be shipping him there. Nationwide horse transport is my main choice of shipper but I want to get some reviews or personal expirences from you guys about them. Or if you know of any other companies that you would recommend for shipping a horse across the country, please do share! The slightly complicating element is that I will not see my horse before he comes to CO. I am having a trusted horsey mentor/friend handle the actual handing him over to the shippers and making sure his health certificate is in line and all of that fun stuff. Also, how far out before shipment should he be started on a probiotic/ulcer guard? Any advice or comments are much needed! I'm pretty stressed out about all this. And just a pic of my boy
  7. Happy Birthday and May God Bless You and Yours!!

  8. Help Me Give My Horse A Show Name!

    I like jokers wild but Red Roulette just came into my head. I think that would sound pretty cool being announced lol.
  9. Going out to ride. A beautiful evening in Germany :)

  10. Snow Day!

    Awww! He is so adorable!
  11. New Horse (: With Pictures

    Was the mare a rescue? She looked really thin in the pictures? But he is a cutie!
  12. (: Got A New Project Horse :)

    She is a cutie! Why was he going to take her to an auction?
  13. Brenderup Towing Vehicle

    Oh my goodness. Here in Germany you see brenderups being hauled with Volkswagen Golfs! Some seriously tiny cars. Safe? Probably not but you sure see it alot.
  14. Hillarious Video Of 3 Year Olds First Show

    Awww ! He was "Guys! Where are you!!!???". Very cute video! [Jump]
  15. Weird Noises That Annoy Horses

    This pony I used to ride would hate it when you hissed like a cat at him. lmao!