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  1. Texas People #6

    Haha that’s precious! She’s already said “oh s#!t” but just once. Her mama has a dirty mouth but she toned it way down after that. Having so much fun buying things for the camper. I was in there yesterday cleaning and arranging when I realized the radio had a CD player. I fished out the cds I used before I joined Apple Music. I bought a good mattress pad hoping to make do with the one it came with but I don’t think it will work for me. We’re going to sleep out there one night before our trip to see if I can even move in the morning. If I’m in pain we’ll have to buy something I can sleep on. I’m a little mad that Paul sold the Joey with the mattress, we had just bought it so I could sleep in comfort. This baby is hilarious, she keeps us laughing.
  2. Texas People #6

    Checking in. All is well. Keeping an eye on the hurricane, praying for people in the Bahamas. Hope all is well with everyone. Had a great Labor day with the fam at our daughters home. Our son started back to work Tuesday morning on light duty. His company has been so accommodating. He’s still on crutches and a knee brace but cleared for adding 25% of his body weight on the leg per week for a month. Xrays showed the area of cadaver bone hasn’t completely filled in so his Dr is being cautious where weight bearing is concerned. Beginning to organize and pack the RV for our trip to Dauphin island Alabama Sept 24. Hoping there won’t be a storm in the Gulf then cuz I ain’t going. Lyra gets cuter and cuter and really beginning to talk. I’m Non Non now not Nana I’m ok with it because she says it so darn cute. WTH is Fall?
  3. Texas People #6

    Lol, nope never Golden Arches! Her Dad loves to cook so they rarely eat out, kid loves healthy food, LOVES veggies any way she can get them. She still can’t eat much dairy protein and fruit like blueberries and bananas bother her. But what is so good about her is she doesn’t put up a fuss if she’s refused anything. Just takes it in stride and moves on. Her brother was that way too. Just sent our son home. I wanted to drive him home and Paul drive his truck but he wasn’t hearing it. His neighbor built his stairs for him so there wasn’t anything keeping him here. I just hope he’s smart about safety when he’s alone. My kids have always called me a worry wart but my background is Occupational therapy and I can’t help but see potential for falls/injury in the home when a person is recuperating. Plus I was Paul’s caretaker for 7 yrs which taught me a lot. Now what to do with all this time on my hands?
  4. Texas People #6

    Yes I definitely feel his pain. Wished several times I could take his place. He’s doing so much better, pain and muscle spasms have decreased. He fell Saturday night. Those **** crutches!!! Why they sent him home with those when he’s on 3 medications that make him dopey. I’ve been advocating for him to use Paul’s walker it gives him more stability. Thank the Lord the leg wasn’t compromised. He’s using the walker now and I can breathe a little better especially at night when he gets up by himself. We Took him home yesterday for clean clothes, get his mail, and water his plants without stirring up any pain. Today our daughter is making us lunch. Be great to see my Lyra, haven’t been able to since becoming a care taker again. Weather is fantastic today, mid 70’s and 50% humidity. Makes me anxious for fall trip planning. Girl found her pockets and sampled fast food for the first time.
  5. Texas People #6

    Yes it can always be worse, the skin grafts would have been so much worse. Much better to have broken bones than nerve or spinal damage too. He’s home with us now. He had a bad day and night but seems as if the leg is settling down now. I feel he will be here longer than I thought he would be. Car transfers are extremely difficult with a leg that doesn’t bend. The long drive home, bumpy country roads and the porch stairs into his house will have to wait a while. Cooked dinner for the fam last night and was up last night on medication duty, I am pooped but we’ll be a fine tuned machine in a few days.
  6. Texas People #6

    That’s what this mama was thinking. If I had been out there I would have said oh he!! no you ain’t doin that! He said a little voice told him don’t do it and he ignored it. What a way to turn 40. The orthopedic PA put it into perspective, said he loves his job because most of the people he treats were living life to the fullest. There are 2 videos of the wreck from two different angles. I can’t bring myself to watch them yet.
  7. Texas People #6

    It’s been an interesting week. Had our sons BD party on Saturday. He brought his mini bike, everyone rode it and then as men will do, they decided to make a ramp. Son landed wrong, broke his tibia in 2 places. He’s had 3 surgeries in 3 1/2 days. The calf muscle spasms and swelling were so bad they had to do an emergency fasciotomy to prevent nerve damage to the lower leg, warning us skin grafts might be needed to close it at a later date. Second surgery was to close the fasciotomy which was a success without grafts and yesterday they plated and pinned the head of the tibia and removed the external fixation hardware. He comes home here with us tomorrow and cannot bend the leg for 2 wks. then goes back to remove sutures and get orders for rehab. He’ll be out of work at least 3 mo. That’s going to devastate him financially. I feel certain they will hold his job though but being he has to climb ladders on oil tanks for readings, I don’t know how he can possibly fulfill his duties for a while. He’s kicking himself for not taking the supervisor position he was offered, he’d be better off when he went back to work. This is so much harder than Paul’s ordeal, he’s my baby, I want so badly to take his place and bear the pain and hard times ahead.
  8. Texas People #6

    There were reports of pool water in El Paso Tx reacting.
  9. Texas People #6

    3 hours north from the epicenter about 100 mi due east of San Fran.
  10. Texas People #6

    Well we were in the car a few min away from my nieces home when it happened didn’t feel it but saw the pool water dance a few min later. My other nieces husband said their pool had white caps. They live a few min away. Yes P’s leg completely healed, just a linear scar that will probably be dark in color as she’s gray.
  11. Texas People #6

    Had a wonderful time in California. I have the most amazing and loving family. Yosemite was crazy busy but so worth the traffic. We ate lunch at the big lodge, renamed the Majestic. It was sold a few years ago and needs love. Food and service was terrible especially for the price of the entrees. Our RV gets delivered later today, I’m so exited. We’re having the party this weekend and we’re setting it up as a cool spot to hangout. On to pics. Niece and her daughters downtown Turlock and the Majestic dining room. My other nieces craftsman home/pool, built in 1927. Gorgeous spa like grounds to hang for a week.
  12. Texas People #6

    Yes it is!! We had to cancel our Michigan trip for this week. The dealership is so busy they couldn’t guarantee the make ready would be done this week. Next week won’t give us time to go and come back before we leave for Cali on the 1st. So, choices..have them deliver it second week in July or we go get it after Jason and Traces party on the 13th least that way we could use it coming back. All depends on how we feel I suppose. Grandson landed an entry level job here in town at a machine shop. Pretty sure he’ll end up moving here to his dads which is 6 mi out of town, the commute from our daughters is 25 mi. and he starts at 6:30 am. His mom will not have an easy time with that, she’s kind of clingy. I was never that way with them, long as they met curfew I let em go! He’ll enjoy the 1 mi commute when he house sits for us in July. Lots of rain Sunday, we needed it but our cool weather has left us.
  13. Texas People #6

    Haha I wonder that about her all the time. Not sure where we will go first, we have plenty of time to plan. We have two birthdays and a graduation to celebrate in July when we get back from California. Planning a big fish fry here at the house for that on July 13. Will probably plan a trip within a days drive from here, could be Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma. I want to go back to NM and Sedona AZ. but that will be for another year. Have plans in Sept. to meet friends on Dauphin Island Alabama.
  14. Texas People #6

    Good to hear. Paisley’s is looking good, the swelling under the wound is slowly going away. Thankfully she has no joint involvement. Our RV came in, we’re heading to pick it up in Grand Rapids Michigan this Monday. Lots to do before then. Grandson is house/pet sitting for us. I am soooo relieved he can do that for us. No one I trust more and the animals adore him. He’s supposed to be making a food list so I can stock up, don’t want the boy to go hungry while he’s here. This baby LOVES balloons and does not let them go. She held on to that balloon for 3 hrs. Jutting chin puckered lips is her new thing! She is a mess!
  15. Texas People #6

    Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying summer so far. Paul and I are back on the Whole30 auto immune protocol diet. I lost 4 lbs the first week. But it starts getting hard after a week. Feel better though, pain from inflammation is so much less, I can turn over in bed now without groaning. Grandson graduated last Saturday. He doesn’t know what he wants to do yet which is ok, he’s def not college bound but leaning toward a trade. Trace Lyra and his dad Lyra crammed that entire roll in her mouth after I took this pic our daughter, Trace and son. Bug is getting so big. He stares longingly out the window but still won’t go outside.