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  1. He does do repro stuff. He's a one of those practical Vets, takes the time to explain. Super nice guy. Saved my daughter's horses eye. Good thing he's a lameness specialist, he treated my mares leg back in 2009, she almost severed her superficial flexor tendon kicking tin when Hurricane Ike was blowing in. She went through the hurricane injured and it was 4 days before he could treat her and get his practice opened, still with no power . He warned me the wound would probably turn into a train wreck and it did. He researched treatment for her wound and found the Kemzie splint made from airplane aluminum that prevented movement of the tendon which caused tissue to stuff off. I bought the splint then when Moon was healed, he bought it back for his practice. Saved me a bundle. Took 8 months to get her healed and I retired her. I've got a pic somewhere of the wound at its worst.
  2. Cool, was she interning at New Waverly's vet? I adore Dr. Steve!
  3. Hmmmm was it a natural cover or AI by the Vet?
  4. Taking a breather this morning before heading into town to buy paint for my pantry door (that red has to go) buy some sneakers then a few glasses of wine while I get my gray hair covered. I stripped 5 layers of polyurethane off my kitchen island counter yesterday. Planned on doing the English pine finish on it, but it's maple not pine, the grain is so pretty I'm leaning towards leaving it raw and putting several coats of clear wax on it. Forgot to get mineral spirits to wipe it down before I wax and buff, so I need that from town. Cucumbers are still coming in but the vines are about spent. I put up 3 qts. of bread and butter chunks this week. Guess I'll get going.
  5. Beautiful! Always wanted to travel to Canada and British Columbia where they film all those Hallmark movies which I watch for the breath taking scenery!
  6. Dang girl! Lol
  7. I'm so excited to see him Equi. Our best family dog picked our daughter. We had gone for a female golden, there were 3-4 to chose from. But she wouldn't even consider the female pups I was playing with. One of the males had gotten up from his nap to run over to her and plop down in her lap, covering her with kisses. Dandy (Dan) was a character, funniest dog I've ever known. He's been gone for almost 25 yrs and I still cry when I think of him.
  8. I couldn't tell you Equi, or Peppy sue. I know Peppy was extremely busy teaching and going for her doctorate. She should be done by now or soon anyway. I keep hoping either one will pop on and give an update soon. Peppy lives and works in the same city as our daughter lives and where I shop. But we've not met.
  9. Professional antique furniture restorers us a caustic soda dip to prepare wood for even, non streak coverage. I noticed it also raised the grain giving the planks a hand hewn feel, pretty cool! Drain cleaner and water 1:1 ratio duplicates the caustic soda dip because it contains sodium hydroxide in diluted form. You spray and wipe, it reacts with O2 and the tannic acid in the wood. The wood turns a bright yellow and then fades to a gray green. When dry, you rub on light brown Briwax, buff, repeat 2 more times and you have an authentic English pine finish. Other than the table requiring so much buffing, it's a very simple technique. The bench gets done outside today, we should have rain and cool temps all day, Thanks everyone. I have wanted a table like this for a very long time. Now that I no longer focus on keeping my husband alive, I've been manifesting my dreams like crazy! We had so much fun finding those chairs. Except on Saturday...I almost got into a public altercation with the rudest person I've ever had the displeasure of being in the same space with! We were at a big antique mall in Houston>that was our first mistake. I spotted an old wicker porch chair with bark cloth cushions for $34. Told Paul I had to have it. We had never been there and were debating should we carry it to the front or find someone to mark it sold for us so we could keep shopping. In the next instant a woman ran up, practically pushed me aside and screamed out "oh my gawd this is exactly what I've been looking for" and starts coon fingering it, sat in it...I was speechless! I told her we were buying it and she said "but your hands aren't on it." I said because we were talking about what to do. She says "oh well, it's mine!" Short of me throat punching her, she was not going to let me have the chair! A couple who had witnessed what she did couldn't believe her behavior. They asked me what happened. Told them, I feel like I have to throw up, my chest was heavy, I was shaking. I was in such a state of shock that I couldn't make a move to defend myself. We finally let the ***** have her chair, me secretly hoping she'd sit in it and go tumbling off her porch to meet her maker. SMH
  10. Lol, Finn is not a fan of fluffy or soft. I bought him a little fur rug to sleep on and he prefers an old worn out cotton bath mat I laid on top of my sewing cabinet when I work with it closed. He took to that so much that I was interrupting his naps to use the desk. Moved it inside the closet to the top of a tote, now it is his preferred napping spot. I tell you, it's been decades since we had anything other than barn cats but this little skinny stray has really opened our hearts to house cats. Table is done, chair search is over. Still have the bench to finish but it takes a back seat to getting these pickles done. The family have put in their requests and I probably have 10 gallons to put up with more coming in daily.
  11. Aggie! How are you?!! I'm afraid the Texas thread is done. Everyone left but me. Honestly, I'm not that interested in keeping it going. How is your little one doing? And your Mom? Do you remember, my husband had lung disease? He had a double lung transplant on Jan. 25, 2015. The first 8 months were life and death, kidney failure, chronic infection and rejection. He went back in the hospital on March 17 and didn't come home until mid July. It was rough, but he's absolutely 100% healthy today. I added another mare to my herd. Moon is retired due to that ligament injury so I have Paisley now to ride.
  12. Lol, Finn is not a fan of fluffy or soft. I bought him a little fur rug to sleep on and he prefers an old worn out cotton bath mat I laid on top of my sewing cabinet when I work with it closed. He took to that so much that I was interrupting his naps to use the desk. So I moved it inside the closet to the top of a tote. That is his preferred napping spot now. Other day, I was sitting here reading and he popped out of the closet and meowed a greeting and jumped in my lap. I never knew he was there, he prefers to nap on Paul. Paul says I pester him with love while he leaves him alone. He might be right. Picked the table up yesterday, it's a masterpiece! And I absolutely adore this young guy who built it. His wife told me although people have asked, he never delivers a table unfinished. Evidently when I asked his permission as a craftsman to let me do it, he knew I would take good care of his work. It's been a great experience. We are headed to Round Top area tomorrow to hunt for chairs. I discovered this table is larger and can fit 3 chairs on one side. Paul is at the gym a few hours so I did the first treatment on the table. He could not have been in the house at the time, you wipe the table with diluted liquid plumber. I had to wear one of his masks, suit up and wear gloves. But it's now drying, then I can apply the first coat of Briwax. Going to wait for it to cool off and do the bench outside.
  13. TigerLilly wow how cool! I wish you all the best!
  14. Equi, I'm not that big a fan of benches only because they get my back muscles mad at me. My daughter suggested doing one after I told her I'd have trouble finding 6 chairs. Not that they all have to matchmind you, I like when they don't. Started looking on Pinterest and Instagram and people are using the single bench along with chairs now so I'm getting excited about it. Now Paul has thrown a wrench in the works and wants a padded or upholstered chair for comfort.
  15. My table is done, he's building the bench now. We should be picking them up before the weekend. I am beyond impressed with this guy's work.