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  1. Texas People #6

    Heidi, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Had it happen with my female spays too. Heidi, the dermavet is amazing, it has reduced the pf, it’s flat and smooth now, I’m down to just spraying with alushield. Out trip has been postponed until July. The dealer wasn’t able to install another AC so we ordered the same model with dual AC and a few upgrades. We’ll be camping mostly in Texas and will need all the AC we can get especially in summer. Had a wonderful Easter. Hid eggs for Lyra. Every time she picked up an egg she had to walk over and show it off to the her Daddy uncle and brother.
  2. Texas People #6

    Heidi I know exactly what you’re talking about. It does that with my female spays too. The wound looked amazing at the last bandage change. The dermavet is doing the job. We’re going to Michigan in a few weeks and I need her to be healed enough to not need bandaging.
  3. Texas People #6

    I’m thankful the swelling is not posterior. And Vet said turnout with light bandage. I’m thinking the movement will be good for the joint and surrounding tissue. She sure was a happy camper when I let her go.
  4. Texas People #6

    My mares looks somewhat like that at the last wound care. Vet said it looked good and switched her to dermavet ointment. Correction on the cream she was on, I called it a sulfa drug it wasn’t, it was silvadene. I am so bad with medication names. Here is what I’m dealing with now, like yours, just that huge mound of tissue infer the original cut which I assume is inflammation. Anyone want to chime in here, will that ever flatten?
  5. Texas People #6

    This was my other mares wound right after it happened and before it turned into a wreck. Those wound pics are in a Photobucket album, not sure if I can access them. That splint made all the difference in the world to aid healing.
  6. Texas People #6

    She did that on 3/22 but didn’t get seen by my vet and first treatment until 4/1. He gave me a cream, name escapes me, pretty sure it’s a sulfa drug. I put it on an incontinence pad I had at the house and leave it on 3 days. Wound care consists of cold hosing 10 min. Then scrubbing with a gauze pad and anti bacterial scrub until the tissue bleeds, rinse, dry, then the pad over the wound, gauze roll then elasticon over that. A wound can become a wreck if there is tendon movement underneath the wound. Happened to one of mine when she almost severed a tendon. Vet said any new tissue growth is sloughed off because of the movement of the tendon. He used ringers solution to keep a wet pack on it and we went 3-5 days between wound care. And we finally had to splint the leg with a Kemzie splint he ordered. It prevented flexion of the fetlock so we could keep tissue to cover the wound which went from quarter size to a 4”x6” open wound exposing bone and tissue. It took 8 months to get the wound covered. We did get some proud flesh because we were using ringers, then neosporin to grow tissue. It was a fine line between too little and too much. I honestly cannot remember how we dealt with it.
  7. Texas People #6

    They spread his ashes under a cherry tree.
  8. Texas People #6

    Hahaha Lyra would love a lazy susan! She’s into spinning and sliding right now. Thank you Heidi. He was so well loved and thought of. The memorial was held at his daughters, my niece. Omg her home and property is something right out of home and garden magazine. Weather was perfect. Paul kids and I are going back out in June. Paul took great care of Paisley while I was gone. Vet likes what he sees healing wise.
  9. Texas People #6

    Flying out to California tomorrow with my son. My brother in law passed away last week and his memorial service is Saturday. Gonna be a really short trip, Jay has to be back to work Tuesday. I can’t believe I’ll see all my family, it’s been 5 yrs. My knucklehead horse Paisley cut her back foot on Friday. She’s stalled now, Vet said for 2 wks. Thank goodness the wound care is every 3 days as it can get expensive. Need to get back at my packing. Say a prayer for my, I’m not a fan of air travel, much rather a long car trip on the ground. Leave you with some cuteness.
  10. Texas People #6

    Hahaha she really doesn’t have that many, it just looks like it when she distributes them all over the house. Last night I told Paul, it sure would be nice to wake up to sun today and Poof, God heard me. Hope it stays around for a while.
  11. Texas People #6

    Checking in. How is everyone, surviving winter I hope. We’re having mild weather the last two weeks but just a few sunny days sigh... It’s spring break this week and no one will be getting a tan, forecast is for cloudy and rainy all week. We paid off Paul’s truck, two years ahead of schedule...soooo after 16 yrs, I got a new ride. Well new to me. I will never buy a new car again. Got a great deal on a 2018 Explorer and I love it! I joined the 21st century! Lol Gifted our daughter with my Envoy so she’ll have a car (she has a dodge 4wd truck) so impractical for a baby. On to Pics I guess. Shes so funny! She digs in her toys, throwing them over her head. One of these days she’s going to fall in! Lol
  12. Texas People #6

    oh you know she is! Ugh the Medicare calls are averaging 10 a day! I wish there was a way for them to know I already locked it in. And I hear it will be just as bad when it comes up for renewal next year. Look at these two. They are best buds and this is their spot to ying and yang. Caught Bug napping. He and his brother have the silkiest fur I’ve ever felt on a cat. And they don’t mat and barely shed, what’s up with that? Not that I am complaining! I’ve been looking for Lyra a high chair for Nana’s house. Found this cutie at a resale for $30. It fits perfectly under my table. Cant wait for her to use it for my BD cake this week.
  13. Texas People #6

    TGIF everyone. Not much going on here but your typical cold drizzly February. I will celebrate my 65th year next Wednesday. Trying hard not to dwell on the number. Spent the day with our little muffin yesterday. That stinker cut 4 molars at one time with not one complaint, but hasn’t cut the canines yet, leave it to her to do things her way. On to some pics. FE437D68-61F4-4BBA-A4A8-6BA55D639308.MP4
  14. Just a Quick Hello (Sage Pictures)

    I’m feeling old. Love seeing Sage again.
  15. Texas People #6

    well it was cold don’t cha know! I do think he has sight in that eye. When he lets me look, the scar is on the lower right and it he definitely reacts to movement on that side.