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  1. NY Boarding School-WE NEED BOYS!!!!!!!!!

    Most of your parents are rich. You get sent away for being in trouble, or because your parents want you to get top of the line education. Whatever the reason...you're here. There is the main school and many dorms, girls and boys. There is a riding ring and stables. There are all different classes..as broad as you can imagine. The school is in the country....not far from the city and is located on 100,000 thousand acres. Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom 5 Bedroom 7 Bedroom 6 Bedroom 8 Bedroom 9 Ladies Home Mens Home Stables Pastures Stats* Name- Age- Gender- Room number- Grade 8-12 Electives--whatever you want Years at school- Personality- Discription- Pic- [ 11-10-2006, 08:10 PM: Message edited by: c0wb0ybuttsdrivemenutts ]
  2. Senior Pictures

    I got my senior pictures done last night! Let me know what you think. I'll have some studio ones done in a few weeks. http://www.backprint.com/view_event_photos...=56330&PWD= There is the link. The horsey ones are the first ones and the non horsey ones are a few pages back. She took over six hundred but only posted one hundred and eighty seven I think. Let me know you're favorites by posting the numbers under the pictures! Thanks for looking!
  3. Senior Pictures

    thanks so much! I got my hair done last thursdsay. I dyed the underside pink with a few pink hilights at the beginning of the summer, and then on thursday I got highlights and the underside is now platnium blonde.
  4. Freestyle Reining Songs

    Barefoot and crazy Jack ingram Country girl Jason aldean Anythng def leappard
  5. Anyone Interested In Doing A Book Exchange?

    This is toomany on the kids account, I have a ton of everthing! We love to read, Sign us up also could we sign the inside of the book just to see where it goes I can do the second box also. Spotty PM Sent
  6. Appy Colt Needs A Name!

  7. Fred Meyer?

    Last summer I went to Alaska and got some Fred Meyer flip flops, they rock! They were my favorite! Does anyone live near a Fred Meyer that could get ahold of some? I could send money for them and for shipping...
  8. Fred Meyer?

    We don't have any Fred Meyer's in Montana, or Krogers.
  9. Yay!

    yeah you go girl!!!
  10. This Is The Life

    Rainee opened the door and scooted over to the middle, putting her brother's bag onto her lap, "Get in." she said to Lauryn. Riley texted Leah, "I'll be there super soon." He put the phone into his pocket and looked to Lauryn. (those are crrrappy.)
  11. This Is The Life

    thanks =) but it was cancelled. they were about to put me under when they discovered i have a Bigeminy, a heart condition, and so now i have to go to billings to see a cardiologist.
  12. This Is The Life

    OOC= Hey guys. I'm on my way to the hospital for surgery..so i'll post as soon as I can.
  13. Look!

    I haven't made an RPG in like a year! Homework is getting easier and the sun is shining and I'll have more time.
  14. This Is The Life

    "Just wondering if you wanted a ride to the party tonight? Its a shame to show up with a pretty girl on your arm right?" Riley said with a wink because he was half kidding. Rainee threw her arm backwards and tapped him in the chest. "Excuse you?" She said pointing to herself. With a laugh Riley put his hand on his sister's should. "I meant two pretty girls. Duh" he said playfully. Riley ignored his phone, knowing it was rude to have a conversation with someone while texting someone else. He knew Leah would understand anyway.
  15. Tell Me Your Dream/goal

    Travel the world. Love someone. Be an Au Pair. Make a difference. Be a foster parent.
  16. We Need Good Thoughts And Prayers Please

    Bumper let me know if you need anything, I'm going to the hospital for bloodwork for my kid who is getting her tonsils out friday. Greg is the greatest and Tae will pull thru this. Many prayers, I finally got a new phone I will Pm you the number. I do not go to work til 11:00.
  17. Look!

    its a tie so far!
  18. Look!

    it usually goes through its stages.
  19. Look!

    yup! I missed the boards. I pop on every once and a while and its been deadddd.
  20. This Is The Life

    Riley pulled his phone out of his pocket, one eye on the road and one on his phone he texted Lauryn first: Well maybe you had something better to do...like chores ;) he sent that one and quickly texted back Leah ooh yeah. my badge. =). "Riley!" Rainee yelled. "No texting and driving!" Her older brother just rolled his eyes. His dark green eyes then settled on the back of a pretty little blonde's head. He pulled the truck over to the side of the road and Rainee manually rolled he window down. "Hey!" Riley said loudly to Lauryn.
  21. More Photos... At Theo's Suggestion

    verrrry nice. =)
  22. This Is The Life

    Riley texted Lauryn and Leah, two girls who was friends with. (hope this is ok?) Going to the party tonight?. He slipped his Rythm back into his faded jeans and opened the door to the his red sixty eight pickup truck. He threw his backpack into the middle and leaned over to unlock the passenger seat. Rainee opened the door her older brother unlocked and got in the struck with a little hop. With a small five foot one frame she was used to making height adjustments. .
  23. Dog Question: Looking To Adopt A Dog From The Hs

    We have one of the collies, that was seized at the border here in Montana, He was introduced to our dogs and got into the routine quickly. However he is like barn boss explained no expression. He is well socialized and housetrained easily, but it is like he has no personallity. When he shows any emotion we are sure to praise him. He will be here forever but taking in a puppy mill dog is a huge comminment and expensive they usually have some kind of medical issues too., We now have five and and use the same vet as Bumper which is a blessing because he is through and inexpensive. I think when you will find great joy in your pup he sounds great please keep us posted. SOni
  24. Survivor

    Just bumping this up still rootin for this boy!
  25. This Is The Life

    OOC: Will finish asap. I got a fussy baby. Stats: Human: Name: Rainee Walters Age: 16 Gender: girl Personality: Rainee is outgoing, eager to make friends, but doesn't really care if you don't like her. She says whats on her mind even if it isn't on topic or approptiate. Picture/Description: Rain Other: Her brother is Riley Horse: Name: Chaos Age: 5 Gender: Mare Personality: She is........chaotic =) She's got a million track mind and is always always always on the go. Breed: quarter horse Discipline: barrel horse Picture/Description: chocolate palimino Chaos Other: Stats: Human: Name: Riley Walters Age: 17 Gender: boyy Personality: Friends with mostly girls. He isn't a random hookup kinda guy and he keeps alot of secrets to himself. Picture/Description: Ri Other: Horse: Name: Mayhem Age: 5 Gender: mare Personality: She's wild and definately does her own thing. She's rarely far from Breed: Discipline: western Picture/Description: http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f269/kut...egant-horse.jpg Other: