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  1. R I P Sorcia

    Ratts and Notyo,I was very saddened to hear of the loss of your beautiful Sorcia. She was one of my favorite HC horses, and I know that she will be greatly missed......mostly by you. There just are no words. Many hugs to you both. "What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes part of us." ~Helen Keller She will live on in your hearts.
  2. The "do You Care?" Thread.

    Remy, I kind of agree with what you are saying. I try very hard to do nice things for others - it's how I was raised. I don't feel the need to receive praise for the things that I do. In a way it feels like I'm patting myself on the back - blowing my own horn, if you will. So not necessary, and I just can't bring myself to do it. I know what I do for others, and the people I do them for know as well. Kudos to all of you for the things that you do! It's so very important!!!!!
  3. Anyone Remember Rudy?

    Jingling for Rudy.........
  4. Fagan Is Leaving Tomorrow

    Hey, Skips - just wondering where in MD he is going to be. I'd love to go see him.....
  5. Txpalomino-kim Meets Fudge02

    Great pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them, and I too love the logo on your sweatshirt, TX! Very cool!!!!
  6. Hey

    FWIW, hairs up the nose are the WORST!!!! Fudge, we can't have 'Rhonda' getting jealous. People will talk!!!!! [Jump] [Jump] [Jump]
  7. Debate

    Merry, I never figured out the whole quote feature on this board, but I would like to address your question about 'baiting' and if you 'bait' and where is an example of 'baiting'. Keep in mind that this is my opinion, but I believe I would consider your first post on Katie May's thread titled "Wouldn't It Be Awful" on the debate board where you questioned her who it was that she was referring too? I believe you used the words "veiled threats" and "innuendo's"? Again, this is my opinion, and I may be very off-base, but that sure sounds like 'baiting' to me. At the very least, fishing.
  8. In Defence And To Openly Explain My Post

    Tazzin, I 100% agree with your post. Very well said. [Not Worthy]
  9. In Defence And To Openly Explain My Post

    Heidi, that was PERFECT!!!! Exalt!!!! [Not Worthy] [Not Worthy] Thank BUNNY someone whipped this analogy out! I miss so much when I have to actually work...........
  10. Hey

    Dang it all!!! I got caught up in WORK yesterday and didn't make it back to see this. [bang Head] Fudgie - I'm on a diet, but thanks for the offer!!!! Oh, wait - that didn't sound right. [Duh] Hmm.......BITE ME!!! BTW, that is one of my favorite sayings, especially since my alter ego is a vampire.
  11. Wouldn't It Be Awful?

    Sorry, Merry - the 'innuendo' and the 'veiled comments' comments just smacked of fishing to me. You know, going back to the whole 'us' against 'them' scenario thing I keep seeing these days.... Carry on.
  12. Wouldn't It Be Awful?

    I understand what you are saying, Merry, but what if there is no one the OP was referring to? Or maybe the person in question is from their personal life and just wanted a general opinion? That isn't allowed???
  13. Wouldn't It Be Awful?

    Ditto, equinitis!!! Merry, you want to share with the class on what you "think" you are seeing on this thread?
  14. Derailing Threads

    Buck, couldn't have said it better myself! [Not Worthy]