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  1. Just saw this. I'm so sorry. Prayers to her family.
  2. Puppy! Question Added

    With large breed puppies you need to make sure your food has the proper calcium to phosphorus ratio. I don't remember what that is. Most puppy foods even large breed is not good for them.I think I fed earthborn meadow feast to my large breed puppy.
  3. Bucking When Spooked

    Joe was my husbands horse. I was only riding him to keep him ridden after we sent him off for 30 days. My husband is unable to ride now. We are hoping he will be able to eventually. He was in a very bad accident in 2014 and spent about 8 months in the hospital. I have three other horses that we can ride. I would never let him get on that horse again. It was hard, but we know where he is and can check on him. If he doesn't work out for them we can get him back if we want. ShamelessDQ she sounds like a good horse. That is all I want a good trail horse. Heidi N Q - I wish I was closer I would go visit him. I am about 4 hours away. I live in SE GA on the coast about 20 minutes from the Florida line. I tried to load pictures, but for some reason I am unable to. You would think they would make it easier on here to load a picture. I can never remember how.
  4. Bucking When Spooked

    Joe left today to go to the University of Georgia. He will be ridden 5days a week. I think he will do well with consistent riding. The students only ride in the arena. Joe has only bucked like that twice in the 10 years we have owned him. The first time a truck came speeding up from behind. Scared him to death. Then this last time. Joe is not a hot horse. He will ride nicely on a loose rein. He does have a lot of energy and we would take them out trail riding for hours. He will test a rider so he needs an experienced one. I know it doesn't sound like it, but he is a nice horse and we are going to miss him.
  5. Training A Fearless Trail Horse

    I miss Cheri's posts. She always had such good advice.
  6. Bucking When Spooked

    Even though I ride without a bit I can ride them with one. They way that horse bucked was no way I could get hold of anything and he did have a bit. I'll find some pictures from some of our rides and post them. Where I live it's flat, lots of marsh land and we can ride on the beach. I think my bucking bronc has found a home. I will know in a couple of days, but I think he is going to college.
  7. Bucking When Spooked

    I don't have any bits I would consider harsh. I admit I ride my horses without a bit all the time. My gelding is 12. I have had him since he was a yearling and my mare is 15. I feel you should have as much control without a bit as with one on a broke horse. I would never ride the horse that threw me without a bit. The day he threw me I was using a snaffle. I had only ridden him in it twice. I should have used his curb bit that we usually ride him in. My friend who is a barrel racer thinks you need harsh bits or you have no control. She trail rides her horse in a wire gag bit. I don't want a horse like that. Smilie, I don't need to go far to find places to ride but I sure don't have the views you do. Absolutely beautiful. My horses would have a heart attack if they saw an elk.
  8. Bucking When Spooked

    That mouthpiece on that bit looks like the one I ride my husband's horse in. I always ride him with a bit, but I very seldom ride my mare or gelding in one. All we have ever done with our horses is trail ride. Smilie you have the most beautiful trails. Where I live it's all flat land.
  9. Giving Oral Antiobiotic

    Just an update. We managed to get through the week and she is doing great. Has not been lame since. I am having her trimmed every four weeks to keep her toes backed up. Time will tell if she stays sound, but I am hopeful.
  10. Bucking When Spooked

    I agree with Smilie no broke horse should ever do what he did. I did not lunge him before I rode him and don't want a horse that I have to lunge before I ride. He hasn't been ridden regularly for awhile, but that is no excuse for his behavior. This horse went into a full rodeo type buck. All feet off the ground with twists and turns. I can understand being a little spooky when you first go out after time off. My other horses have never bucked or tried to bolt and they have sat in the pasture for months along with him. I am 61 now and my husband is older and still recovering from his accident. it is vital we have safe horses. It breaks our heart to let him go but we are. I just hope we can find him a good home with someone who will work with him. This horse can be ridden with a loose rein and he will walk calmly down the trail. It's just not knowing when or what will scare him.
  11. Giving Oral Antiobiotic

    Thanks Smile. It didn't seem to bother her except for the fact that she hates taking it. I bought an ez wormers and have given it that way. The directions do say to use gloves and not get any on me. Surprisingly I have not had a problem with it making a mess and 40ml is a lot at one time. My horse was getting chronic abscesses in this hoof and x-rays showed she still had an infection in the hoof and she thought it looked like it was going in the bone. The vet said this was a good antibiotic and would be better that the shots.I don't like giving this and had I known it was so dangerous I would have seen if there was another drug I could give. Not to mention how expensive it was.
  12. Giving Oral Antiobiotic

    I'll look for a larger syringe tomorrow when I buy gloves. I just hope this works to get rid of this once and for all. We have been fighting abscesses for about 3 years now.
  13. Giving Oral Antiobiotic

    I do have one of those halter things somewhere. I guess I better look for it. The antibiotic is apple flavored, but I have never given anything like this. I am so afraid I will get it on me. She has to take 40ml at a time and they gave me this little 5ml syringe to get it out with. It is not going to be a fun week. I do need to get her to take her wormer better, but we always put it in their feed and have no problems that way.
  14. Giving Oral Antiobiotic

    One of my horses has an infection in her hoof. She has had recurring problems with her right front. The vet took x-rays and said she still had infection and it looked like it was starting in the bone. She prescribed me a strong antibiotic Chloramphenicol. I have to give her 40ml 3 times a day for 7 days. This stuff is so strong I have to wear gloves and protective clothing. My question is do you think I could try mixing it with feed to get her to take it? I don't know how I am going to get this down her. Any suggestions to make it easier? I just know with the issues I have worming her I will have this all over me and little in her.
  15. Spotted Saddle Horse

    My husband was my riding partner, but he was in a bad accident last year and is in a wheelchair. Hopefully he will be able to ride again in the future. Not sure yet if I am keeping him. He is awfully sweet though. I hope he works out for me.