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  1. Who Here Has The Wii System?

    I have a wii an a fit. I have like 5 horse games that I play (dork), also like the bar games one, CSI, and the Sims. I want to get Rockband.
  2. Cross Country Boots

    I bought two sets of the ASB (All Sport Boots) and I'm very happy with them, they are holding up well, my woofies only lasted a year and a half as my mare interferes pretty badly. They clean up well compared to other brands I've had, and I love how they feel and have held up over the first season using them.
  3. My barn owners breed Morgans, and we are looking to get them a Morgan show halter with some bling on it for their stallions and young stock. I've seen with the plain red, but they really like the bling. Thanks