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  1. ? On How You Guys Breed Studs And Mares

    A lot of ranches pasture breed their mares, Im pretty sure they don't go out to the pasture to tell the stallion now now don't you breed those mares 3 days in a row.
  2. Road Trip, Headed To Flagstaff To Scope Some Stuff Out...

    I wish I was on your way Im over in Pie Town New Mexico
  3. Aqha Members

    Do you have a bill of sale? If so just send it in with the papers or write in the day you bought her.
  4. Food Allergies Or Gluten Issues

    I have the exact same symptoms when I eat unhealthy carbs. When I eat bread or sugar oh my gosh I feel horrible. Very bad gas bathroom trips you name it. Ever since I cut all that stuff out of my diet my stomach is much happier.
  5. New Year's Weight Loss Support Group?

    I weigh 242.6 today so im down woohoo. You guys can do this. Believe me if I can do it anyone can
  6. New Year's Weight Loss Support Group?

    Ill join you. Im low carbing it. I have been on it for 6 days now. I had to change a few things for me and I feel really good so far. Im 5'7'' and I know weigh 243 ugh I hate weight. Any ways Im getting a swimming pass to an indoor pool and cant wait to add that to my lifestyle change. My body simply can not handle carbs in the form of bread or sugars so this is what Im going to do. I would rather feel good and eat crap my body hates once in awhile the constantly feel like ive been ran over.
  7. To Trim Or Not To Trim

    Oh I don't ride her at all. She is not sound for riding pasture ornament/broodmare only. Sorry I haven't got pictures we actually got some rain here so Its hard to get good pics and her pen has too much sand to take good pics.
  8. Starting Over

    There are many ranches looking for a cook for their cow boys, Don't know if that would interest you but its a start. May even beable to get on as a cowboy/cowgirl. Just a thought.
  9. To Trim Or Not To Trim

    I have tried 4 different farriers, One the vet uses and he told me he was going to trim her for her confirmation. Still got abcesses. Im at a lose with her. If I just knock back her toes and keep her out on the ranch where there are hills with lots of rocks she doesn't abcess but the minute I get her down here and have her trimmed and put on soft ground, Pen with lots of sand, arena, and a permanent pasture she abcesses. I will try and get some really good pictures of her and put it on the hoof health board and try to research more on my own, Thanks guys
  10. To Trim Or Not To Trim

    Because the people who owned her when the injury happened and they didn't do anything to help her heal right her angles are messed up. Both the ver and farrier said she can be trimmed back to more normal angles if I have her trimmed every two weeks and it will be very painful for her. we are talking about huge changes on her feet. I don't plan to ever ride her so opted not to because I don't want her in pain. The farrier always trims her at her angles. I should have stated its one foot that I have the most trouble with its her front right foot which is a white foot its just so soft after they trim her she get abcesses. Ive tried farriers secret. Ive tried boots. I just don't know what to do. I feel horrible cause she hurts but I will not allow her to get slipper footed.
  11. To Trim Or Not To Trim

    She is on a pasture during the day, penned at night. The pasture is dry. I live in New Mexico so constant wet areas is pretty much non existant. I pick out her feet every day 2 times aday. She has been treat for thrush when the vet was out they said it wasn't trush. In the summer she is out on sections of ranch land. I can get a farrier out more often and see if that will help. Im at a loss and I hate for her to be in pain. What baffels me is at the ranch she does fine and yet here she abcesses. She is not standing in mud all day, She is in a dry pen at night and 5 acres of dry pasture. Ill look into IR, Ive never changed her feed but that doesn't mean something isn't going on that feeding different wont take care of. Ill also look into having the farrier teach me how to rasp her feet if that's an option.
  12. To Trim Or Not To Trim

    My broodmare who has had problems with her feet since I have owned her( No she does not pass this on to the foals). When she was a 2 year old the story is she got caught in a cattle guard and they never did anything while she healed just put her in a pen until she healed. As a result her front legs are not sound and they are crooked (again not something she has ever passed to her foals). Now every single time I have her trimmed she gets abcesses, I have a vet out and they open them up and I give her bute/banimine and antibiotics. She always heals But every single time I trim her she gets abcesses in her one foot. So then I have a vet out they open the abcess wrap her foot and give her pain killers and antibiotics and I change the bandage on her foot for a week. Now when she was at the ranch she was on rocks and her feet always stayed short except for the toe I had a farrier teach me just how to knock the toe back so I did that. But I had to bring her in to have a cancer removed from her ear and take care of that. Now her feet got long and I had a farrier out to trim her and you guessed it I am not taking care of another abcess. So my question is would you trim her regular? or go longer between trims? When the abcess is healed she walks fine it just every time she is trimmed. Sorry its a jumbled mess the enter button doesn't want to work.
  13. Does Anyone Here Use Colloidal Silver?

    All I can say about indian mud is I know tons of people who use it for things such as warts, cuts and skin cancer and some who have actually found it in a pill form and started taking it for cancer. Im not saying its a miracle herb but the 4 people I know that have takein it for cancer are here today feeling better then ever and their doctors are amazed. One man was givin 3 months. 2 years later hes still going strong looks soo good and is still ranching hard. Just a thought.
  14. Does Anyone Here Use Colloidal Silver?

    what about indian mud? That's what they call it here.
  15. Issues With A Boarder And Their Super Lame Mare

    Usually if a fetus dies the mother will eventually end up delivering it. I bet the foal is alive but it is understress because the mare is stressing. The owner need to get everything checked out asap.