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  1. The Ones Who Have Got Away...

    My horse Misty. I had to sell her because it was my senior year and I didn't have enough time for her before college. I tried getting her back but that fell through because the person I gave her to wanted to make money off of her and wouldn't give her back. I miss her so much and regret letting her go.
  2. Rip Ruby

    I am so so sooo sorry about your loss [Huggy] she was absolutely beautiful!! and I loved that story. (reminds me of Kitty and I ... they are def. one of a kind mares). I bet she loved you more than you could imagine...especially since she changed for you. Obviously you were just as special to her as she was to you. [Huggy] Rest In Peace, Ruby...
  3. Positive Thoughts And Prayers Needed

    [Huggy] [Huggy] [Huggy] I hope they are both safe.
  4. Need Help With The Youngster...

    I really appreciate all of the help you are all giving me!! Tomorrow when I go to the barn I will try some things and let you know how they work out. Dapplefred: What do you mean by advance your language? Sorry I'm tired and I think I'm a little bit slow tonight..
  5. Need Help With The Youngster...

    Sorry I think I was posting while you replied but thank you so much I will try that for sure. I really should have tried that the first time he did it but it just surprised me so much that I had no idea how to react. and K. Blue- I will definitely get some pictures up of him very soon! I asked for a new camera for christmas so we'll see...haha. He's HUGE now. Last time we sticked him he was already almost 15hh I'll have to do it again and give you an update.
  6. Need Help With The Youngster...

    Thanks guys! I'm going to try out a couple of the things and just work with him more. NOTJAP: Sorry I probably should've been more clear haha but it's not turn out. I was just de-sensitizing him to things in the arena and he was just walking around and walking over things and then he would just have those little moments when he'd trot around and then do that.
  7. Toad

    I do not see how anyone on these boards could ever forget the lovely miss Toadlet. [Huggy] I also agree with you when you say it does get slightly easier as time goes on. On the 3rd it marked the year anniversary since my Kitty was put down, and it was so painful but not nearly as much as it was in the beginning. I too have yet to find another horse close to what she was like and the bond we had.
  8. Need Help With The Youngster...

    Ricki's a year and four months now and of course since he's still a baby he loves to play but... The other day I had him in the indoor with a couple poles in random places and flower boxes here and there so he could have fun. Although since he's not afraid of anything he quickly became bored and just ran around for fun. The problem is sometimes he'd come near me and do a little pounce/kick in the air as if he thought I was one of his horse friends. Honestly, this horse is the least bit intimidating (except for his size-he's a huge baby!). He's never tried to kick me at any other time and has never been aggressive, but this scared me a do I teach him that he can't "charge" (I wouldn't necessarily go that far but I don't know what else to call it) me without thinking he can't come near me, because he always comes up to me and stops when I call him so I don't want him to think that is wrong. I'd appreciate any advice (: thank you!!
  9. In Loving Memory Of

    I know how difficult this must before you. It was the hardest thing in my life to put Kitty down. You can never really get over it but over time the pain wont be quite as horrible. I'm so, so terribly sorry you had to go through this . May he rest in peace. [Angel] [Huggy]
  10. I Think Kitty Has Been Reincarnated...

    myjimmy- I have a pessoa. I love it but I'm actually thinking of getting a beval because I really like the fit on her.
  11. I Think Kitty Has Been Reincarnated...

    Thanks to all of you for the wonderful replies! I love this little mare. I think she has tonsss of potential! Painpony- Thank you so much I love it!! myjimmy- I'm using a beval in all of the pictures. Extremely comfortable! I love it, however it is not mine it is the trainer's. Mine is missing it's stirrups at the moment. AGfrider- aw she does! Your horse is so cute! I am not able to ride her until the weekend because my service learning class is going on a camping trip but I will be sure to give you all another update this weekend!
  12. I Think Kitty Has Been Reincarnated...

    most of these I'm not asking for a ton of contact, just letting her stretch. I know..I have a horrible chair seat. It will be fixed shortly. walk. trot. horrible on my part. my favorite. butt shot. stretching.[/img streeetch. That is all!
  13. I never thought it would be possible to find a horse I could love and trust nearly as close as I did Kitty, but I think I've found her twin..well almost. Meet Mia. I have known her since she was about three years old, she is now six. I've always liked her because she had reminded me of kitty personality wise. Right now I have been riding her for the past few weeks (today was about my fifth ride) and she is really starting to grow on me. A lot. We're looking at buying her and day after day I fall in love all over again. Wish me luck..this could be the one. Some background info: She's a 6 year old TB/ Clydesdale cross, registered American Warmblood. Had only a couple months undersaddle and received three third places and I believe one win in dressage (only intro but hey, it's good!) Then she went on to having two amazing little colts. She's been back in work for..actually I am not positive how long. Her owner (whom I love dearly) has MS and loves Mia but wants to sell her to a good home. She's a greenie but a quick learner. Has been started over fences, but lightly. Mainly flat work, working a lot on the canter, transitions, and balance. Anyways..on to the pictures. I know I look horrible but please do not laugh too hard. I haven't ridden in ohh...well...before summer. I REALLY need to work on a lot, trust me, I know. This mare needs a lot of leg muscle and balance which I am lacking at the moment, but she's so tolerant. This was also a very challenging day today but I do not care. It is good to show us at our worst. [bat Eyelashes] pretty girl. please note that I do not actually let my lunge line trail on the ground. I was having some technical difficulties at the beginning with the lunge line haha. more to come...
  14. Level 1's Got Reserve!

    All I have to say is I want to snatch your horse up. Simply gorgeous. Very nice.
  15. Marly Pictures!

    I love this horse! You two are one of my favorite pairs ...great pics