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  1. Internet Friends Who Ride

    Can I jump in here? I love the title to this post. My husband used to fuss about my horse internet friends who didnt actually ride. Well, he's gone and I still have my friends. I do love to hear those that do ride as well. I saw Ft Hood mentioned. I lived there in 96-97. Rode alot and lived out at the dude ranch on Lake Belton. I was scared when I first moved there, but settled in eventually. Some of you may know me, some probably not. I havent been here much lately. So much going on here at home I just dont have the time I used to. I am a 33 yr old mother of two girls 7 and nearly 14 who ride with me doing various competitions and trail rides. We have met several board buddies along the way. I own and run a barn, boarding horses mostly make my living giving riding lessons, and doing pony parties. I hope to be slammed soon as the weather warms up. Our life here depends on it. Recently going through a divorce. As well as various other family dramas. But we are all handling things and doing well. Its been a long time coming and I feel hopeful that things will work out for the best for all of us. Anyhow, its cold wet and rainy here in NW GA. I am between catching up on barn chores and house work. My two girls are gone to their Dads this weekend Only the second one they've been gone since we separated. I have nnot been without them much in the past. So this is uncomfortable and just totally wrong for me. Just thought I would drop in and say hey. Hope to keep up with you all in the future.
  2. I Am Proud And Embarassed At The Same Time

    I see absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. You guys look great!
  3. I Have Missed Yall!

    Thanks ladies! I will look for some new pics. We do have a few new additions. Abadan- Looking forward to seeing you on FB. I keep up with alot of my clients and friends there. Apps- Yall are welcome w/ or w/o ponies. There are plenty here. Manes- I used to live in LA (lower Alabama) but we moved just over the stateline in NW GA. But its still not far from you and I promise worth the trip! Tuck- I would love to have you visit. You and Dee would really shake this place up! We are calling my place the "Cowgirl Commune." Hopefully in the spring we can all plan a get together here. I have creekside camping areas. Big covered arena. Lots of stalls and turnout areas. And plenty of good company. I have started a Saddle Club here. My lessons are going well, picking back up after the holidays and cold weather. I have a great group of friends, (all horse people) who are so supportive and are really helping me through this. Robert has gone off the deep end a couple of times. He is just now believing that I am serious about this divorce. We have agreed on terms and conditions. All I have to do is file it. Im waiting on my tax refund. The girls took it hard of course. But now they are beginning to see that it doesnt mean they wont have their daddy. Matter of fact they have seen him every weekend since the break. I have learned how to repair pvc pipes, run a skill saw and replace fuses in my hot box. I realized that if I had to do everything around here myself, WHY am I in a miserable marriage? For the girls? Although we never argued in front of them, they felt the tension. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. They knew when I was upset or stressed. And it always coincided w/him being home. He told me that I coudlnt pay for this farm on my own most less keep it running. He said if I wasnt happy then I should leave. This is MY home, with my girls. They love their life here. We all do. We arent going anywhere.
  4. Could I Have Some Help Praying?

    Adding my prayers and well wishes to the list. [Angel]
  5. National Velvet...

    Its a good one for sure!
  6. I Have Missed Yall!

    Its been a long time since I have checked in here. So much has been goin on at home. You FB buds know what I mean. Things were hard, then ugly, now seem to be getting better. So much has happened I dont know where to start. Can you say "Divorce?" I can, and I did. Number of reasons but I wont go into all of them right now. My girls are healthy and happy. As I am I. I have missed you all so much. Missed this place. See a lot of new faces, thats great! Miss my buddies and wanted to stop in and check on you all. The next SE board buddy camp out will have to be here. I have lots of room and no husband to tell me no.
  7. It's Warm... And The Sun Is Shining

    Did you say "warm" as in not freezing or snowing, sleeting or spitting ice cold rain? Enjoy it! Glad you made it there and are settling in. Now off to the barn I go in my coveralls and tobogan, but at least I know that Miss Hast is warm and cozy somewhere the ground isnt frozen solid.
  8. I Sure Wish Summer Would Hurry Up!

    Hailey and Sugar Extreme Cowboy Race 08/09 I wish I could bathe them now. I *will* have hot water in barn barn next fall!
  9. Who Is In Your Top 5?

    There are too many for me to list. I have already met some really great people, some are family to me. Like Lasher I really do want to make a CO trip. I have already met one good buddy from there and a transplant in AL. We can take a rode trip ALex! Miss Dee will want to go too. I like Mudders idea of traveling state to state meeting buddies. Yall be sure to stop by our cowgirl commune here in NW GA. Its just me and the girls now so we welcome company anytime! Bring your boots and a bedroll. lol a lil bit.
  10. Newest Pictures Of Baby Lilly

    Aww a baby Bella! She is adorable and looks so happy! She's growing fast. Bella looks so proud of her. Miss yall*
  11. Corina Needs Prayers Guys!

  12. Loranbama

    Aww Miss Hoofs, thanks for thinkin of me! Hailey's trip went well. She talks with him on a webcam nearly everyday. Old Pokey got better. I have realized that he doesnt hold up to the weather like he used to. So we baby him a bit. I think he enjoys it. We need to get you on Facebook!
  13. Rescue Pony Mare In Labor?

    Yeah thanks Spotty for that comparison. I am aware that I should have kept the baby off her. Matter of fact I took the baby off her as soon as she got here a couple months ago. I only put them back together recently and then found him nursing. That's where I made the mistake of leaving her in there for a week. I didnt know that after you weaned them they could or would go back to nursing. I have never bred a horse, never weaned a baby. So this is all new to me. And my life??? Just great thanks for asking. My focus is right where it needs to be.
  14. Rescue Pony Mare In Labor?

    Well no baby yet. Its 1:30. She's up and down. She was so thin that I dont know if we can feel muscles relaxing or not. Its hard to say. She has put on weight but her top line is still very visible. She's only been here about 2 months.
  15. Rescue Pony Mare In Labor?

    Yes! CVM she does shake afterwards. We can feel the baby kicking and moving around. Right now she is laying quietly sleeping. We thought we had seen her contracting. Her tail comes up and she tenses up for a few seconds, then relaxes again.