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  1. Passing This On For Cch

    Still doesn't excuse those hooves. Sorry. Still can't muster up much sympathy.
  2. Passing This On For Cch

    As a "real friend" would? She's no friend of mine. I don't know her. Never had much interaction with her. I don't feel an ounce of sympathy for her. All of mine is directed towards her poor horses. If she was an ignorant person with no horse husbandry skills and had a couple in her backyard that looked like this, I would perhaps offer help. But that isn't the case. This woman has been breeding horses for years. She knew she was in over her head and blew a lot of smoke about how she was trying to downsize, but when push came to shove she didn't do jack for those poor ponies. Again. I have NO sympathy for her and her situation. All of my sympathy is towards those animals who have went without and they didn't deserve it at all. As horse owners, we are stewards. We have to provide for these animals because they can't provide for themselves. If you take on the responsibility of ownership, you also shoulder the responsibility of providing for these animals. Even the basics weren't provided in this situation. Sure, maybe they had food and water. But, apparently it was less than adequate. Obviously no hoof care (she even admitted to this.). She had a horse that needed to be euthanized and wasn't. As good stewards, we provide for our horses until they die. Part of that provision is ensuring that if they are not taken, we give them their way out when they need it. By prolonging that, it is abuse. Neglect. Plain and simple. And I refuse to help someone who does that.
  3. Passing This On For Cch

    I'm with Blondyy too (never thought I'd say that. ;) ) FS? Your comments are seriously ignorant. Starving horses is no "mistake." Seriously? Did you just fall off the turnip truck? Crap happens. That's when you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get stuff done. People offered money for horses that she KNOWS. It makes me sick that people are giving her money towards her legal battle. Horses are a luxury. 34 horses? One heck of a luxury. To have horses is to afford them. What makes me even more furious about this is the reports that she was still breeding mares this spring. If this is true, that's sorrier than owl crap and if those mares didn't slip after their tumultuous ordeals, it will be a miracle.
  4. Passing This On For Cch

    I've been trying to figure out what has bugged me so much about this situation. And I think I've discovered it. After that huge, entire post and all the stuff I've been privy to posted on another board, she seemed to just not give a dang about her horses. Everything was "poor me" and everyone was out to get her. Never anything about her poor horses who went with out being euthanized when they needed it. Or the ones that had slippers for hooves and the babies that were lame. This situation is what gives BYBs a bad name. All mares and testicles.
  5. Passing This On For Cch

    Yes, people from here have met her in person. There is no way I would offer to help out with farrier or vet costs for someone with 34 horses, unless they were rescued. No way.
  6. Passing This On For Cch

    Jesus, what is it that you don't get? I'm not even talking due process here, oz. We haven't got the whole story.
  7. Passing This On For Cch

    As a former rescuer yourself (or a current one? I apologize, I don't know if you're running a "rescue" currently or not) I find it appalling that you don't see that video and see horses that needed help. Her situation was not getting better, obviously. With winter coming it would probably get worse. isn't it better to seize all horses (even the ones in okay shape) than to let them all get to bad shape? I'm not sure if the "smart" comment was an attempted jab at me or not, but I'm going to take it as such and tuck it away. For now. :)
  8. Passing This On For Cch

    Oh I knew you would come around, HHF! :)
  9. Passing This On For Cch

    Okay, so regardless of the weight issue... Is it cool to keep horses in pens that small? And it is okay to do so because they're only 14.2 hands? Yes, she was a paint breeder. She apparently cut down her herd when she realized she didn't have the finances to keep them all going. She posted somewhere else that she cut her herd down drastically. Obviously not. I have no real interest in this or her. I just brushed across it and I am astounded.
  10. Passing This On For Cch

    Decent weight? I saw ribby horses with dull coats. Hoof problems on top of gimp. 34 horses people.
  11. Passing This On For Cch

    She needs help. Sounds like a classic hoarder situation to me. And after seeing that video if ANY one can tell me she has been "rail roaded" I will laugh in your face. Neglect. Pure and simple.
  12. Question About Old Posts

    If you aren't daphne you sure do know a lot about her and hers. Stalker?
  13. Wiffle Bat To Trailer Load A Horse?

    The thing that bothers me is that this woman calls herself a trainer.
  14. Christianity

    Why would non-believers be trying to shove a bible that they don't believe in? Or tell believers they're going to a "bad place" that they think doesn't exist? Your statement really doesn't make much sense. As far as non-believers not out there trying to shove their views... Do you think that could be attributed to the balance of numbers? Because I do. non-believers are in the minority and people that believe (at least in something) are in the majority. So, I believe that if the scales were tipped, there would be a lot more non-believers trying to shove their views down Christians throats. Furthermore,I believe it's insulting to compare God to a childhood fable. Tolerance, eh?
  15. Christianity

    I find it amazing that people preach (no pun intended) tolerance and can't be tolerant to Christians. Like ANY body of people there are the good and the bad. There are Christians that make us look bad and those that make us look good. JUST like with horse people. I also find it interesting that people have a bad experience with Christians- or hear of a situation with Christians and automatically think the worst. I don't think like that. Maybe because of my religion? I don't know. I feel like it's a bad person who just so happens to identify themselves as a Christian and maybe, just maybe they use the title as an excuse. Don't let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch.