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  1. Happy Birthday and May God Bless Ya!!

  2. You Have Been Warned.

    Don't know if I can remember how my son used to sign this when he got older, but here goes. I hate you, you hate me, let's get together and shoot Barney. W/50 thousand bullets in his head, Let's get together and say whoopie!
  3. Heaves

    I was looking at these. Think they'd work, or would I be better to get the powder, and if I go w/the powder, how long does a pound last?
  4. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Not the BARNEY song! [bang Head] [bang Head] [bang Head]
  5. I Just Won......

    I understand about the horns too. Not only can it be a problem for the horses, but depending on the type of fence you have, they can get caught! I don't know how many goats I've helped people free because they stick their head through a fence, then can't get it back through!
  6. Nude Sunbathing - Oh My

    Isn't posting nekkid photos a reason to get banned? [Crazy]
  7. Just one question, since the rainbow is now skittles, wouldn't that mean that something a bit more solid is coming out of the unicorn than gas?
  8. Head Meet Desk! Why Is Everything A Fight?

    Bus companies can drive you nuts! When I was pregnant w/my daughter, I was order to bed rest towards the end. The doctor didn't want her born by her due date-which was about 2 weeks away. I was not even supposed to drive my son down the street to be picked up by the bus. (We're the last house on a dead-end road.) He was 5 at the time, and his pickup time was at 6:30 am. He was the only child to get on there. The bus company REFUSED to come down the street to pick him up. They said they could not turn around in our driveway, that there wasn't enough room w/out also going in the neighbor's driveway. The neighbor didn't care. (And, we've had other buses do it.) They wanted me to send him by himself down the street at that time of day. This was on a Friday. I call it black Friday cuz it was such a horrible day. I had gotten home from the doctor's to find my son's GSD dead in the dog pen. I was ordered to bed, and scared out of my wits. My hubby was working all kinds of crazy hours, and was now told by a hysterical wife that he couldn't work weekends because someone needed to be home w/our son since I couldn't care for him. I had had to call my parents up, and see if they could pick him up for school in the morning, and bring him home in the afternoon. Sunday morning, my water broke, my daughter was fine, and the problem was solved, but still, I thought they could have been a bit more caring. Oh, and they forgot to drop him off one day because he fell asleep on the bus. I was panicking because the bus didn't come. I don't know how he did it, but when he woke up, he was able to tell the (substitute) driver how to get to his house, and he was only 6 at the time. (Now, he gets lost w/out a GPS!)
  9. I hope you've caught this in time. I have friends that have a daughter w/a eating disorder. She has been in and out of different rehab facilities. She'll do well for awhile, then start back down the same road. I'm sure they would have loved it if someone had let them know b4 she got to the stage she did. (I think she developed it in college)
  10. That's It!

    I thought about this thread last night. The people behind me were having a party. But, they were never overly loud, and by around 9:30, you didn't hear anything! Makes me extremely glad I don't live in an apartment.
  11. Horse Shows Me His Butt Too Often

    What kind of work have you done w/him in the RP? It sounds like he doesn't respect you the way he should.
  12. Heaves

    You need a prescription for ventipulmin. I was already thinking of that. Right now, he's on DMG 5600 and MSM. I've tried trihist, antihist and coughfree. None of them made a difference. And, as much as I'd like to water down his hay, I can't. He's on field board-and they're fed RBs. There's no place else on the farm I can put him, nor any place else I could move him to that I could afford. Nor is watering the pastures practical. They're just too big. Plus, right now, they have too many weeds in them. The mower was broke, got it fixed, and something else broke on it. [bang Head] It will be probably at least 2 weeks b4 we can try to mow the fields again. I have heard about blue-green algae, and was hoping maybe someone on here has tried it, and had good luck w/it.
  13. Fighting....the...urge...

    You mean, your house is SUPPOSED to be clean, and your laundry is SUPPOSED to be put away! Glad someone told me! [Crazy]
  14. Strange Horse Laws

    I wondered the same thing!
  15. Heaves

    I have a 19 yo pony w/heaves. And, while he's not coughing a lot, it's been so hot, dry and dusty this year that his breathing is affected. I have him on a couple of different things that have helped to a point, but not as much as I'd like. And, w/the heaves, he's lost weight. Right now, he's not losing, but he's also not gaining. He's maybe a 4, or a 4.5 at the most on the BSC. Does anyone have anything that really works for controlling the heaves? I'd love to see him put some weight on. (And yes, I've ask my vet. The only thing he's done is give me steroids for him if he gets too bad.)