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  1. soggy wet Monday

    Sorry about the truck. RRW, that is sad news. We lost 3 coworkers in a short amount of time here. It is very sad. I went to IHOP last night after fooling with the horses all day yesterday. The service was terrible, but I managed to hold my patience because I was too tired to commit murder. As per usual I had a cup of coffee with supper. I was awake till 3 am. It never does that. So whatever IHOP puts in their coffee I need to know.
  2. New mattress Monday!

    New bed fun! That would be amazing.
  3. Wednesday wake-up call

    Teaching 1st graders to finger crochet sounds horrible. Extra big coffee and dose of patience for you.
  4. Wednesday wake-up call

    Wasting the morning in bed sounds perfect. Woke up to rain, thunder and lightning. But alas, I am at work steadily throwing mud at the walls.
  5. DoOver Day

    She is in a cone right now due to a spider bite or sting that is healing. Yes I brought her home with a healing wound, but her and her breeder is a friend and trusts me to properly take care of her. She is good without the cone when we are home but I do not trust her when we are not home. So I started calling her a tomato martini. We have been putting tri-care on it every day and it looks amazing on top of her antibiotics and half a zinc tablet. We just need the last bit to heal and her hair to come back and she will be in the ring. She is so pretty and eyecatching and such balanced movement. She looks like a dressage horse.
  6. DoOver Day

    It is not against the rules. She does not own the one that is being shown to her. But it is sort of bad taste to present her the dog for judging. She is pretty adorable. It takes less than 10 minutes for me to bring a new dog into my pack and to have it out with the others. She is now a galloping tomato all over my house.
  7. DoOver Day

    Introducing Cygnet or as we have dubbed her Bubbles. She is 5 months old. A little big low in pasterns but thanks to the Joint Fluid that I got at TSC, she is already up. I need to get new stacked photos. She is our new show hopeful and in a couple years we will hopefully (after her GCH and health testing on both dogs) breed her to our other Ibizan Hound.
  8. DoOver Day

    Well the Parson Entry was super low because the judge was a breeder judge and she just judged the Nationals and she put up a dog that she owned the sire. There is no reason for anyone else to go to Westminster because we know who she is going to put up. I do not want to say too much because you never know who is googling. And I like the breeder of the dog, just not this dog or the handler. I might would like the dog better if it had a better handler who knew how to bring out his good stuff.
  9. DoOver Day

    Morning, Can we go back home then and have a do over? I just watched Westminster with one of my breeds. There were 8 entered, 3 dogs I did not think were quality enough to be in the ring at that show. I have seen all these dogs in person and I was never impressed. Guess what won breed... I am astounded that the judge put that up. Glad I was not there. It was an awful dog. How disappointing. Oh and we have a new puppy...
  10. Show Off Your Christmas Tree

    My tree is looking more an more Whoville. It is leaning way over.
  11. Tuesday all day

    I am back from Florida. As I drove north yesterday it got steadily more cold. I was surprised at how decent gas mileage I got out of the Ram truck. I filled up at home, and then did not need gas till Lake City Florida. It was tshirt weather there. Now I need to finish Christmas stuff.
  12. Show Off Your Christmas Tree

    My tree is curving. It looks like something from Whoville.
  13. Now Its Wednesday

    BUsy at work. I leave friday for Orlando. I want to be in Orlando at noon. Which means I leave at... 3-4 am.
  14. Show Off Your Christmas Tree

    That little village is cute. I have a village, but I have not put it out in years.
  15. Show Off Your Christmas Tree

    Yes they are. After the barn burned a couple of weeks ago, just prior to that, the farm was logged to pay tax bills. I just could not take the sight of another cut down dead tree. Pickings were slim on what I could get in a pot so I can replant it and not just throw the money out the window for a cut tree since I just end up throwing a dead tree into the woods. Seems like a waste of money and fake trees do not please me at all. So I got what I could find. I have to do a tree up on a table or lock it inside an ex-pen inside my house or my boy dogs will pee all over it. So the last couple of years I just get one I can put up on a table like that. We are only putting up something so that when my daughter gets home the house is slightly decorated.