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  1. Anyone ever read Twilight?

    It's great that all of you have read it! I love those books...They are fantastic. I'll definitely PM all of you to tell you when we get it up! [ 07-13-2007, 08:44 PM: Message edited by: *Enchantress* ]
  2. Anyone ever read Twilight?

    Me, CaliforniaDreamin, and Sara*Elise are working on it...We're almost done!
  3. Anyone ever read Twilight?

    Has anyone ever read the book "Twilight" or "New Moon" by Stephenie Meyer? I was thinking about making an RPG based on that...I think it would be really cool. Not using the actual characters, but using the facts about Stephenie's vampires and werewolves as guidelines for people to make their own characters. Anyways, I don't want to start it alone, so if someone else here has read those books and wants to help, let me know Also, I haven't gotten on here in while, but it looks like we're allowed to use pics again...What's the deal with that?
  4. Blaketon Riding Academy

    Bella slid Pandora's halter from her face and buckled the crownpiece around her neck, just like she had been taught so many years ago to do. The mare willingly accepted the bit and Bella skillfully secured the leather buckles quickly and precisely. She ran her stirrups down and tightened the girth once more before leading Pandora to the mounting block. Bella swang lightly into the saddle and adjusted herself in the seat, her heels sinking down in the stirrups as she adjusted the braided leather reins through her fingers. She kept a light feel on the mare's mouth as she clucked her forwards towards Matt and Dawson.
  5. Blaketon Riding Academy

    Bella's smile remained on her face as they walked down to the barn, and they parted when upon reaching the immaculate stable. Bella turned and entered Pandora's stall, grabbing her royal blue halter in the process. She led the mare from the stall and placed her in the crossties, giving her dark muzzle a soft kiss before heading into the tack room to get her stuff. Bella groomed her quickly and gently placed her saddle pad on Pandora's back, followed shortly by her saddle and girth. She went back into the tackroom and slipped on her eventing vest and her black GPA helmet before going back to her horse, bridle in hand.
  6. OOC: NO! I like this one! It can't die!!
  7. Blaketon Riding Academy

    OOC: Sorry I haven't been on in forever; I've been super busy...I don't know how much longer I can keep this up BIC: Bella smiled as she looked up at Matt, a bright twinkle in her dark eyes. She grinned even wider, if that was possible, when she heard that he was never going to let her go. She liked that idea very much indeed. "I like the sound of that, but we've only got about ten minutes until our lesson." Bella said with a light smile, tossing her dark locks from her face as they blew in the light breeze. She gave Matt a small kiss on the lips and began moving both of their bodies backwards on the sidewalk towards the barn, even though she was still in his tight embrace.
  8. ~**The Outsiders**~

    OOC: Hey guys. Sorry I haven't posted in so long, but I got really left behind, so I think I'm gonna drop out of this one. My character isn't really doing anything, so it shouldn't mess you guys up. Sorry!
  9. Blaketon Riding Academy

    Bella smiled softly as he held her, sighing relaxedly as she melted into his embrace. She seemed to fit there perfectly; It was like she was meant to be there. She was surprised by the sudden kiss, and she let a small chuckle escape her lips when he had moved his head away. She turned her neck and looked up at his face, her dark eyes meeting his. Her heart was beating a million times a minute, and she was almost sure that he could hear it if he couldn't already feel it through her shirt. This feeling was so strange to her; She had never felt it before, but she loved every second of it. "You gonna let me go?" she asked in a playful tone when she noticed his tight grip on her, her smile not leaving her face for a second.
  10. Arianna slid down from the mare's back and slowly led the huge horse back to the barn. She put her back in her stall and quickly untacked the mare, draping the saddle and bridle over her arm as she left the stall. She put everything back in it's place in the tackroom, then left the barn and headed towards the house.
  11. Blaketon Riding Academy

    OOC: Whatever happened to -Still Raining-? It would probably be more interesting if we could have all of the other characters involved again, lol...
  12. Blaketon Riding Academy

    Bella gave him a small smile and a squeeze of his hand as a temporary goodbye as they neared the dorms, then she turned up the staircase that would lead her to her room. Upon entering it, she tossed her towel onto the floor at the foot of her bed and walked over to her dresser. She pulled out a pair of beige breeches and a hunter green fitted shirt and quickly changed clothes, tossing her slightly damp bathing suit on top of her towel. She put on a pair of black paddock boots along with black leather half chaps and ran a brush through her damp hair before walking out the door. After walking outside, Bella sighted Matt just ahead of her on the path. A small smile appearing on her face, she slowly walked up behind him and slid her arms around his waist from behind him, hoping not to scare him. Not that she had planned on it; She wasn't exactly the sneakiest person around, and she was aware of that.
  13. ~**The Outsiders**~

    Cadence dropped back slightly behind the group that was now completely unfamiliar to her. The only one she had met before had been Peter, but he had turned back around without her noticing. She stopped for a moment and looked back at the gates, trying to decide whether to stay with the group or to just go back. "What the ****..." she thought to herself, her more adventurous side winning over her good-girl side. She caught up to the group, but stayed behind them so she was following. She ran a hand through her dark hair and took in a deep breath of fresh air, but this time she felt something else along with the refreshing oxygen. Freedom. She could feel it all over her, like she had no worries at all. She didn't need to worry about parents or teachers or anything else like that. A small smile crossed her face and a content sigh escaped her lips as she continued after the other teens.
  14. Blaketon Riding Academy

    "Whoa. We should definitely get moving, then." Bella said with a small laugh, taking his hand to pull herself up. She grabbed her towel from the dock and began walking to the end where it met the sandy beach, stopping to wait for Matt. OOC: Mine too...
  15. ~**The Outsiders**~

    Cadence slowly followed the small group of teens, wondering to herself what exactly they were planning on doing. She brushed the thought from her mind and just tried to focus on being happy that she wasn't stuck in class like all of the other students. Cadence ran a hand through her dark hair, then let it fall softly over her shoulders. Her light eyes flickered back and forth from the teens in front of her to her surroundings, taking in every detail as they continued on their journey to an unknown destination.