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  1. Hello everybodyyy! I have an 11 year old QH mare named Quin, and I'm curious about what you all think of her! She showed in the Snaffle Bit Futurity as a 3 year old in the Amateur division and placed 22nd. Quin also showed reining for a couple of years, but wasn't very competitive. She's had one baby by Silver Gun. Here is her pedigree: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/quanette Both of her parents earned $30k+ and her maternal half-sister has also earned $36k+ Andddd some photos.... she was pretty overweight in these, especially the second one. We moved to Oregon and with the first fall rainfall, she lost some weight. lol. (i know she's missing a shoe in this one, didn't let it deter me from getting some glamour photos) pardon the funky hind leg posing in this one.. but shows the angles of her legs a little better than the second photo. I also dream about breeding her someday for a cutting prospect... so, if anybody has any stallion suggestions to keep an eye on that would be great! thanks in advance. :)
  2. Anyone Friends With Cutter123 On F B?

    I used to have Jessie as a friend on there, but she must have deleted it a while back cause I can't find her anymore?? I still have her cell # though, if you want it. :)
  3. How Much Would You Spend To Save Your Horse?

    my mare lexi went through two major surgeries in the span of 4 months a few years ago. one surgery was to remove an ovarian tumor the size of a small watermelon. the other was an emergency colic surgery to save her life. we had insurance on her thankfully. they paid for $11k of the vet bills, while we paid $3k out of pocket. however, i don't think she would have lived if insurance hadn't paid for most of it. i think $5-7k is the highest amount i would go paying out of pocket. but that also depends on the emotional and real value the horse is to me.
  4. 3 Yr Old Qh Mare

    oh goodness! you have a stylish baby there. i used to ride with the trainer who had your horse's sire (and mama and grand-mama). he is a great horse, i loved him. cutter123 (who is inactive on here) is who i rode with. they gelded and sold stylish a few years ago. if you ever want pictures of stylish please let me know, i have tons!
  5. Official August Photo Contest

    1) Movement: 2) Artistic: 3) Sillyness: 5) Liberty: 6) Horses Human Bond: 7) Extreme Action: 8) Black & White: 10) Horse-Horse Bond:
  6. ****** Official July Photo Contest ******

    1) Athletes 3) Fun Times! 4) Artistic 5) Portrait 6) P-P-Personality! i hope this counts.. this horse really thought he was hot stuff! 9) Studs Stallions 10) Other Probably the hardest category for me to judge. If you have a great photo, but it doesn't fit into another category, feel free to put it here!
  7. 3 Y/o Quarter Horse Mare

    Here is Mocha, a 3 year old QH mare. I'm curious to hear about what you all think of her! She is a sweet and smart little thing - I've put maybe 20 +/- rides on her. She will most likely be used as a ranch type horse, trail riding, and lessons. I personally think she needs to dabble in some performance horse disciplines, perhaps cowhorse. (note - we do NOT ride her in that bit yet, it was put on solely for photographic purposes) I don't know why she looks so ribby in this photo but she does need some conditioning, as she's been started very lightly. Here is her daddy's pedigree - http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/pars+double+thunder
  8. Pride And Prejudice...

    Haha, ugh. Please check out the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. I have never been able to watch all of the Keira Knightley version because it feels so rushed and FAKE in comparison to the BBC version. The BBC version is about 5 hours long, but it is SO worth it to take the time to watch all of it. Plus, Mr. Darcy is a younger Colin Firth. [bat Eyelashes] Like Scapoose, it is my favorite movie ever, and I have been watching it over and over since I was about 8 years old. :)
  9. Is Any One Else

    That's funny, MC Hammer lives where I live! I see him driving his bright orange Challenger around all of the time. :)
  10. Best Underappreciated Movies

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang w/ Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer.
  11. Lets See Your Siamese Cats!

    Here is my Siamese mix, Lilah. I've had her since the beginning of April and she's about 7 months old. I love my little 'baby kitty' - she has so much personality...she always has funny ways of sleeping (as you'll see), she enjoys taunting and pouncing on my dog, and hunting flies (nothing gets in her way). She's also just beginning to discover her vocal cords. She is quite the chatty kathy lol Jasmine is gorgeous! I love how dainty she is.
  12. Political Debate

    I was horrified to be an American last year when I was visiting Europe. People were constantly giving us dirty looks, and yelling at us to leave their country - because we were Americans. Even the people we were staying with were saying that they don't really like Americans LOL I definitely believe that we could stand to take responsibility for the way we are portrayed, and to make better connections with the world. If the way we do that is by apologizing? So be it. What we went through during the Bush Administration took a lot away from America's reputation, and we need to start making up for it. I think that President Obama is beginning to lead us in that direction, too. You can't say he is not inspiring people.
  13. Any One From Angels Camp California Area

    I'm not from Angel's Camp, but my grandma has lived in Mountain Ranch, since way before I was born, which is an itty bitty but spread-out community about 15 minutes away from Angels Camp. She lives in San Andreas now in a Retirement Community.. Anyways, I have always loved Angel's Camp. I have fond memories of going there as a kid. I only really went to the down-town part to Mike's Pizza and the movie theater, and I will always remember driving past all of the little shops (for the LONGEST time they had a gold unicorn in one of the windows, I wanted it forever!) I love it up in that area!
  14. Communicating Online With Teachers/professors

    IDK, I don't think it's wrong. Why would it be wrong to utilize these websites? We use them for so much now. I think that if you keep in touch in good taste, then it's not wrong.
  15. Hey College Kids!

    You should invest in a foreman! They are great. $30 maybe. Anyways, bf and I have made: -quesadilla: two whole wheat tortillas with a serving size of cheese with pre-cooked chicken breast strips (you just heat them up in the microwave and voila!). arrange chicken/cheese between the tortillas. add a couple of sprays of olive oil on the tortillas (to make it a little crispy) and then throw it on the foreman until cheese is melted. -whole grain bread, sandwich meat, and a serving size of cheese. throw on foreman until cheese is melty and yumm! i love eating this with an organic roasted pepper and tomato soup from trader joe's. mmmmm. -bf's parents buy us these olive oil pasta boxes. i forget who they are by, it's like "natural living" or something. we cook a box up and add some pre-cooked chicken breast strips. -cornflake chicken: cut [large] chicken breast strip in to two strips. prepare a small bowl of olive oil, and then a ziploc bag of corn flakes and spices (i use a garlic seasoning thing, oregano, basil, dill, etc whatever you want).. pound the corn flakes into little pieces. take breast strips and dip into oil and cover, then dip into the cornflakes until coated pretty good. put on a small rack on a baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes at about 400 degrees. MMM this is one of my favorites! -rice and curry w/ chicken: this one is pretty elaborate but another favorite of mine, let me know if you want me to post the recipe. it's kind of spicy/sweet. -camp potatoes: cut up a potato (usually a potato per person) in to small slices, then cut the slices into fourths. they need to be VERY thin in order to cook well. put potatoes into a bowl, and add olive oil (or butter, but the oil is probably a bit more healthier!) and spice (again, i use oregano, basil, dill, and a garlic seasoning) as well as minced garlic. coat potatoes to your liking (i love having mine super coated). put in a sheet of foil (one potato to a sheet of foil) and fold up. bake in the oven around 400 degrees. it'll take about 30 mins. potatoes need to be soft enough that they "crumble" when you stab it with a fork. you can probably bake at a higher temperature. i love eating these with the corn flake chicken. -pizza bread: i buy a loaf of french bread and cut in half long ways, then add marina sauce and cheese/toppings. i broil it usually cause it's easy for toasting stuff, but you can try baking too. hehe. then of course there is spaghetti, chicken parmesan, hamburgers, pork chops, turkey (my mom buys just a breast from costco and they are really good!), mashed potatoes, salad, etc etc