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  1. Alrighty folks. . . Welcome to the second installment of "A little sumthin sumthin". . . I initially started this thread last year when Jack's missus was going to be gone on a trip for an extended period of time. . . I figured it'd be a great way to keep our dear friend company. ANd ya know what. . . IT WAS. . . and it has CONTINUED to do that ever since. I think by now, most folks know that if you wanna find Jack. . . post on the "sumthin sumthin" thread. . . he'll see it! He shares some great stories with us about his horse-tradin' days. . . gives us great advice about the good old saddles. . . and wow's us with his poetry on occasion as well! The least we can all do is keep this thread hopping. . . Jack! It's ALL FOR YOU! I'm placing a link to the first installment of the "Sumthin Sumthin" thread. . . but I do believe the Mods will be locking it. . . so please post on Part II from now on! Have a great day!
  2. Sorry I've been so long gone! I'm sorry to say Im currently without a computer. No idea when I'll get that situation fixed. Until then, I have to settle for a few stolen moments on friends computers. Hope all is well with y'all.
  3. Whoa! Quite as the day is long here lately! Anybody heard from our dear Jack?
  4. Poking my head in to let y'all know I'm alive and missing my friends! Things have just been incredibly hectic and busy since I came back from my visit home! Hope all is well! I'll try to get back here and give a little update tonight or tomorrow!
  5. Sorry jack! I thought I captioned that picture! That's my mom and pop in the third picture. Sittin here this morning with my coffee and really missing weekend coffee and gossip with my mom. :-( Think I'll go call her. Isn't Olivia just the cutest? My brothers and sisters have pretty much always had really pretty babies. . . But I think little Livvy takes the cake for being the prettiest and sweetest. She smiles and giggles all the time. Such a happy little thing! Hope you have a swell weekend Jack!
  6. Greetings Jack! I come to you bearing gifts! Gifts in the form of pictures! Had a really good time visiting my family and friends in Illinois! My brother was a gem and arranged the trip for me. He bought my ticket in exchange for me watching his two girls while him and his wife went to Mexico for their 15 year wedding anniversary. Not really much to TELL, so I'll just give ya a few photos. (not in chronological order) My new niece, Olivia Me and the two nieces I was watching during my trip hone. Me and more of my kidlets Just a little toasted at the bar where my cousin manages and bartends. (he's that handsome redhead Im huggin on in the pic) I got a double dose of baby when I went home. My second brothers wife had their third baby almost 2 months ago. This is me with their two girls and little Tommy jr. Girls night out! Bowling and drinkin beer! The young man that worked behind the counter slipped me his phone number as we were leaving. First time that's ever happened to me! LOL Sportin my friends 'nerd' glasses... now where is that pocket protector??? Hope you enjoy the pics Jack! I may have more later. . . still waiting on some friends and family to email me the pics they got on their phones and cameras.
  7. All is well with me Jack! Most of those bad storms passed well north of where I live, by several hours. I so appreciate the concern and am sorry I didn't see this sooner so i could let y'all know I'm fine! Been a busy busy month. I've actually been home in Illinois for the past week and a half. I fly back to North Carolina. . . well. . . today I guess. LOL. Flight takes off at 6pm. It's been a busy visit home. Lots of friends and family to catch up with and now I feel like I need a vacation to recover from my vacation! LOL But of course it's right back to work on Thursday morning! OY VEY. That wont be fun! I'll get back with some pics of my trip as soon as I'm able, but today/tomorrow will be mighty busy and difficult. . . so it may be a few days before I check back in. Hope y'all are doing just fine and dandy! Have a good one!
  8. Sounds like you solved that problem Jack! How many saddles you have in the works right now? :-) I bet you're so happy to have your wife home again! Well. . . as I said. . . it was a rough week. Got better after Wednesday, but I'm glad it's over. On Tuesday, a horse at one of my barn jobs went down with spinal/neuro issues. He was perfectly normal when I groomed him and tacked him up for his rider (owner is pregnant, so not riding). Twenty minutes later he was dragging his hind end. We barely got him into a stall and the tack off before he went down. It was awful. The owners wound up having him put down mid morning on Wednesday after trying to pull him through the night and see if he'd recover some with aggressive steroid, dmso and banamine doses. What a sad loss. One of the few warmbloods I've come across with a pleasant, respectful, non-pushy attitude. On top of that. . . it rained all week. . . so I was basically a shriveled prune every day. Friday was the best though. Only worked a half day. Ran home to meet the vet for vaccinations and Coggins on Lando, then I picked up my cousin from the airport. He's hiking/camping with friends down this way this weekend. We went to dinner in Asheville and wandered around for a bit before I drove him out to meet his friends. So nice to see some family. It's been nearly a year since I've had actual family contact besides phone calls. I'll be going home for ten days to visit on the 18th of this month. . . Looking forward to that!
  9. Just swinging by to say hello to Jack! Been a really rough week and Im GLAD it's the weekend. . . will swing back in again later and let ya know what went down.
  10. GreyWolf. . . I totally just saw your post! I wasnt ignoring you! I promise! I totally would be frustrated with the people who didnt put the effort in! It would be very discouraging. I love the Renaissance costumes. I try to hit the Ren Faires in the summer. . . at least one weekend. It's too fun! Ummm. . . my sewing 'skills' such as they are. . . (not really very good at all) My mom is a seamstress, among many other talents and skills. She did her best to pass on at least SOME of it. Though I'll admit. . . I'm not near as skilled as she is. . . I still call her and ask her to walk me through things. hehe
  11. So on Sunday, my bestest bud, Chris and I hauled our horses to a local farm that hosts extreme cowboy races. We spent about four hours playing on their obstacle course. OH MY BUNNY! We had such a blast! Chris was on her 23 yrs young Arab. . . and I was obviously on my Lando. Our game plan was just to take it easy and slow on the different obstacles. The course is well stocked. . . deep ditches, moguls, winding trenches, water crossings, log jumps, a teeter totter bridge, cowboy curtain, etc. Chris had some issues with the cowboy curtain. Her arab is very VERY touchy about his head. Issues he's had since she got him years ago. She did eventually manage to lead him through several times, but he wasn't having any of being ridden through. Lando did awesome on the curtain though! I let him check it out really good, let him check it out and realize he could move it with his nose. Led him through four or five times so he got the feel of the flaps brushing his head and neck and sides. Took a couple minutes for him to figure out how to get through without me leading him. I'll tell ya what though. . . once he figured it out he HAD it. We'd approach and his ears were always forward, and he'd start stretching out his nose to find the gap in the plastic that he liked. By the end of the day he was trotting through the curtains without the slightest hesitation. Lando didnt even blink at the teeter totter! I've seen horses bugger off the side of it when it tips down, or just flat out refuse to step foot on it. The moguls are actually very deceptive to look at. They look like nice, easy mounds of dirt. . . but the suckers are steep. The idea on the is to take them dead center, up one side and down the other, while maintaining whatever gait you entered the obstacle at. . . WAY harder than it sounds or looks! Water crossings are not an issue at all! He catches on so quickly! Log jump! Lando THOUGHT this log was much bigger than it really is! OH. . . and I was so excited. . . He actually got his right lead on landing. . . and maintained it! He didnt switch it like he usually does! And one final pic. . . Tookie and Lando are FWENDS!
  12. Well Jack. . . he started out as a rogue. . . (his choice. lol) But after the knighting we referred to him as our little Lordling. lol
  13. And that's all folks! So today. . . we're hauling our horses to the one farm thats pretty local that hosts cowboy races. We're going to play on their cowboy course. . . try some new things. Lando's gonna meet the cowboy curtain! And the Three Step! hehe Way excited!
  14. So Chris and I took her nephew to a little Renaissance Festival that the middle school put on yesterday. Of COURSE we had to go in costume! And have to say. . . little Noah was the BEST DRESSED kid there! I think Chris and I were NEARLY as well dresed as he was. . . though I gotta admit. The fit on my dress/bodice needs some tweaking. I made it when I was 20lbs heavier and it shifts and bunches in places. . . not exactly the slim, pleasing lines I was going for, ya know? lol After a bit at the faire, we went out for lunch noms at a local mexican restaurant. DEFINITELY got some strange looks from the other patrons and the wait staff. hehe And then we had the grand, bright idea to. . . head to the barn! Take some pictures there! On horseback! YAY For costume pics on horses! Anyways. . . lots and lots of fun. . . Waaaay tired right now. . . But not so tired I cant share some photos with y'all! Little Noah's AWESOME outfit Chris made her dress. . . with a little help from me on fit and pattern modifications Me and my dress... Made this one a couple years ago. . . and I've lost weight so the bodice really is far too big. . . loose and bunchy in all the wrong places. . . but yah.
  15. Hey Jack! So you've got the house to yourself for a bit eh? Im a firm believer in the benefits of an occasional ice cream pig out. Sounds like you enjoyed yours! And way to go on selling the saddle you won! Thats basically free money, right!?!?!? My friend Chris and I hit up a local little tack and horse auction on Saturday night. I got a new bridle for Lando. I think he looks downright handsome in it. We did some exploring on some of the new trails that the barn owner has been clearing across the creek on their property. Which is awesome. . . because now Lando is getting lots of practice on his water crossings. It's all very new to him, but he gets brave and confident really quick once he realizes that he can tackle these obstacles without a problem. Yesterday (sunday) was only the second time we've taken on water crossings. . . He handled em like a champ! I'll admit to being a bit of a proud mama. Cant help it. . . he's my baby and I'm so proud when he gets something quickly. (I'm such a girl when it comes to my horse! hehe) Anyways. . . it was a lovely ride. . . I'll share a few pics Lando's new bridle My friend Chris and her 23yr old Arab over the barrels
  16. Spent a long, very chilly and very soggy day out in the elements working. Horses dont stop eating/pooping/etc just b/c it's raining. ALAS. . . I'm so very tired right now. Just popping in to say hello. I hope y'all are having a good week! Catch y'all later! I'm off to bed.
  17. Greetings All! Nothing much of interest going on with me so far this week. . . Monday, I worked. Tuesday, I worked some more. The same for Wednesday, and today as well. Gee whiz! how exciting! OH! And did I forget to mention! I work TOMORROW too! LOL. . . such is the life of a single gal workin to support herself and her critters. Cant wait for the weekend though! Spring is well and truly upon us here in the Carolinas (hoping I dont jinx it! LOL) There is still some chill left up in the mountains, and apparently this coming weekend is the last for tubing and sledding on some of the mountain slopes. . . So I might. . . MIGHT be going for a late night of fun in the (artificial) snow tomorrow after work... We'll see if it pans out. . . but I'll have my camera. . . and my mittens, just in case. Not quite sure what is on the agenda for Saturday, yet. There was some talk about going hiking again. . . different waterfall, less challenging terrain. And as much fun as it sounds. . . I'm actually kinda hoping I can steer plans a different direction. . . It's supposed to be pretty nice on Saturday. . . low sixties, though cloudy. I want to load up the horses and go riding along the river. . . I'll see if I can come up with some persuasive arguments for that. Might go see a movie on Saturday evening as well. . . just gotta see how the money situation is after I pay bills. (durned bills always gettin in the way of my fun times!) Sunday. . . hmmm. . . Well, church in the morning. . . then a little lunch thingy after that. . . I'm making guacamole. And if it isn't raining. . . possibly even if it IS raining. . . I think I'll go riding. I'm crazy, I know. . . but I honestly cant wait for the time change this weekend so I have more daylight left after work. . . Makes it much easier to squeeze in weekday rides when I can actually SEE when I get to the barn! Alrighty. . . see. . . what did I tell you! Nothing exciting here. . . Hope y'all are having a swell week!
  18. more pics Lake Toxaway(I think) View from the top of the trail First view of the Falls Down on the river And ya know what? There's a ton more pics. . . and I wont overload y'all. . . but if you want to see the rest. . . here's the link to my FB album
  19. So I went hiking at Whitewater Falls in Sapphire, NC on Saturday with my bestest bud Chris, and her hubby Dave. BEAUTIFUL! Even if there was very little by way of green foliage. Honestly it's kind of cool. . . we could see the top of the falls when we were down on the river... I imagine once the trees leaf out that view is obscured. anyways. . . on to pics. . . Chris nabbed some of me scrambling over the boulders and such taking pics. . . Is it just me, or does that sweater make me look like a husky linebacker from behind? OK. . . enough of me. . . next post. . . pics of the water fall
  20. I swear I haven't abandoned you Jack! Just been crazy crazy CRAZY busy here. . . and I've tried to get over here a couple times. . . but the new format wasn't liking my computer for awhile. Seems to be workin just dandy now though! So a full report huh? Geez. . . this might wind up being a novel. . . are you ready for that? lol Lets see. . . start with what's keeping me busy busy I guess. My bestest bud here in NC, Chris. . . we've embarked on a business venture together. We're getting into the photography biz. . . but a very specialized avenue. We're focusing on costumed photography, primarily working with children. We've got a kids cowboy party booked for the beginning of April (thank goodness we've got a good stockpile of cowboy costumes). . . Im pretty sure Lando will be making his first professional modeling appearance at this event. . . He makes such a good cowboy pony, after all. In May we've got two definite and a possible third booking. . . One is a fund raiser for the local community pet center, We'll have two sets. . . our cowboy/prairie costumes, and then a fairy princess set up. . . We'll donate a portion of our proceeds to the shelter and hopefully get some really good publicity. We are also doing a fairy princess party for two little girls. . . We're on a limited budget so we are constructing most of our own backdrops and set props. We're building giant mushrooms and toadstools for our little fairies to perch on for their photos. Our craft room is a huge heaping pile of glitter and tulle and bright fabrics. We may also set up at my towns Spring Festival on the first weekend of May. . . haven't decided definitely on that yet. So anyways. . . preparations for all this has taken up the bulk of my time lately. . . Oh. . . we're also tossing around the idea of actually getting a pony so we can ad 'pony pictures' to our business capabilities. Lets see. . . what else. . . OH! My little sister had her first baby on January 5th. Still haven't made it home to meet my new niece, Olivia. . . but finally have a set date for my flight. My eldest brother took pity on his poor (literally) sister and bought me a plane ticket home. So I'll get to see all my family and meet my new niece in April. That's got me excited, as I haven't been home to visit since last June. The weather has been getting nicer, and it's staying light longer. . . so I've been getting to ride a bit more. . . Friday when I was riding, Lando buggered at some deer that busted out of the trees when we were cantering through the pasture along a creek at the barn. . . he went one way. . . I lost both stirrups and thought I was going off. . . and dangit if the the ground didn't look HARD. I grabbed horn and somehow managed to get my self back in the saddle before I totally lost it. Was a bit sore. . . but thank goodness my horse doesn't do the blind panic bolt when he gets startled. Saturday was a red letter day for Lando and me. He's never gone through water or been confronted with a water crossing. Basically just due to the fact that I had no truck/trailer to haul anywhere before i moved. . . and where I boarded certainly didn't have any water crossings. Anyways. . . the BO has been working to clear out more trails on the back part of the property. . . which is across the creek. They also cleared a relatively safe approach to cross over the creek. It took about ten minutes to get Lando INTO the water at the outset. . . but my pal Chris was on her mare, and Lando has a thing for the ladies. So with the mare already upstream, it didn't take TOO much convincing to get him over his initial hesitation. Once he realized he wasn't going to die if he put his toes in the water things just went swimmingly... We'd started off at a shallow watering spot. So we moved on to the actual crossing after that. . . It's a sandy approach on the crossing, but a little steep before it levels off. . . then on the other side of the creek is about a 4ft bank that you have to scramble up. . . Lando handled it GREAT! Going UP the bank wasnt an issue, which I didn't expect it to be. . . Lando LOVES going UP. lol I was more concerned with going DOWN the bank. . . Lando has a tendancy to be clumsy with his feet and he's still getting the hang of going DOWNHILL. LOL. . . but he was ever so careful picking his way down the bank and stepping carefully into the water. I tell ya what. . . It may be a small thing for most folks. . . but it's a HUGE hurdle for me and Lando! Most all of the parks and trail systems in this area have water crossings. . . now I know I wont have issues, and will relax and enjoy the rides without worrying that Lando might bugger out! OH. . . Chris and I are also hoping to participate in some Extreme Cowboy Races this spring and summer, as funding allows. I will most definitely be sharing pictures of THAT. . . Even if it includes pics of me lookin like a doof or flying over Lando's head as he says. . . 'oh HECK NO! I'm not doing THAT!' Well. . . for the moment, I think that's a pretty good sum up of my last month or so. . . I hope y'all are doing just fantastic! :-)
  21. Just had to pop in and share my excitement! My little sister had her baby today! I'm an aunt again! I have a healthy new niece. 7 lbs 12 ounces and 17 1/2 inches long. . . My sis and her hubby have named her Olivia Elena. I'm looking for affordable flights home. Hope to go middle of next month. Cant wait to meet my niece!
  22. Greetings Y'all! I hope everyone had a safe and warm weekend! Mine was quiet. Went to a friends house on Friday night. . . got my tushy kicked in cards AND Dominoes. Ah well. . . in my defense I was quite tired and after two beers was NOT playing up to my usual standards. [Crazy] Slept in a bit on Saturday and took it easy getting around. . . headed out to the barn a little after ten... It was thick fog with occasional scattered rain, but I still managed to get in a nice ride on Lando. He was a bit sticky and stiff, but that's to be expected after two weeks off. Even so he was willing and in a perky mood, and I think he enjoyed himself too. I had a mess of veggies in my fridge that were a few days off from going bad, so i made a quick stop at the grocery store and grabbed some stew meat. Made myself a 'whatever is in the fridge' beef stew. Turned out pretty darned tasty, if I do say so myself. Did some horse blanket repairs for one of the ladies I work for, then kicked back and stayed up late watching girly movies. [bat Eyelashes] Had a couple friends over tonight. they brought pizza and their dog over to play with my dog. was nice. And now. . .I'm crashed on the couch and watching girly movies again. lol Hope y'all are doing well!
  23. OK Jack. . . so my first question. . . are you GOING to buy the saddle that hosted a famous rear end? lol That's great about your team roping saddle you've been working on! Sounds like you're coming out ahead in the deal. . . and somebody else is going to get a great deal on a fine piece of saddlery craftsmanship. Graywolf1. . . Thanks ever so much! I AM feeling much better! I have to say I agree with ya! Jack is about the ONLY reason I come by HC anymore. Hey. . . lets twist Jack's arm a bit and get him to share some of his horse tradin' stories. I bet you'll love em! Had a really awesome weekend. . . and only for the fact that I got to ride Saturday AND Sunday! YAY ME! lol Spent a lot of time tooling around on the trails. Rode with my friends Chris and Elizabeth today. We were working on getting the correct lead departures at the canter. . . just playing around with it in the hay fields. Elizabeth has a stout, determined little Appy pony. He THINKS he's fast. His ears lay back and he stretches his neck out like he's racing for the finish line. Chris was riding her 20-something arab today, and Elizabeth got a little fiesty. . . Challenged Chris to a race. . . Chris gave Elizabeth a head start. . . and her arab promptly flew past them. . . so chris pulled up and gave Elizabeth the lead again. . . and then her and her little arab flew past em again! It was too funny to watch! Of course... I wasn't going to take part in this little competition. . . I held Lando back so I could watch and take our time. . . Only he wasn't too pleased with being left behind. I asked him for a nice canter. . . he gave me Mach 3. He was determined to catch up with the other two! All fine and dandy, except he's not the most sure footed and the footing was a bit uneven. . . So I was half expecting to go for a bad tumble. Thank goodness THAT didn't happen! We actually DID do a decent job of making up ground on the other two. Like I said. He was rather determined to catch them! LOL After goofing off out in the fields we took it to the arena for just a bit. Played around popping over little cross rails. . . in my western saddle. Not the best way to take a few jumps but we managed. All in all, a really fun ride today!
  24. Icy as heck out there! I cant afford the costs of fixing a car if I go off the road. . . much less fixing ME if I get hurt. SO I called in to work today. I'm not chancing 20 miles of black ice on winding hilly back roads. So I thought I pop in and do a midday bump. [smiley Wavey]