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    Hmmm. . . I ALWAYS have BW, FB, and icanhascheezeburger
  2. Here I am Jack! [smiley Wavey] Sorry I've been MIA. Been off and on sick for three weeks and thinking is a bit hard sometimes. LOL. Been spending a LOT of time just curled on the couch with my dog and cat. Finally feeling better. . . just in time for the cold snap. We've been having days in the 40's and 50's. . . and then basically overnight, the temps plunged. . . only had a high of about 30 today. . . which isn't bad really. But the wind has been HOWLING. Thank goodness for my Carhartts! That's so cool about winning the saddle! Sounds like you're really enjoying those sales! I shudder at the thought of snow. . . even just a few three inches. . . But Your cold temps beat my cold temps by a mile. And I fully and 100% agree with you about the danged garages. I guess they figure that people in subdivisions dont drive big vehicles. Stupid if you ask me.
  3. Hey Jack! How ya doin lately?
  4. Ugh. . . what a completely nasty, drenching, rainy day. I got soaked at work this morning. But no worries. . . got done early and came home to dry off. . . had some of my homemade chicken and barley soup. . . and some hot tea. . . Helped take the chill off from the morning. . . Unfortunately, I don't think the day spent out in the rain was all that good for me. . . Woke up with a sore throat and it's just gotten progressively worse throughout the day. MEH. . . Sipping on a hot toddy at the moment. . . and took some cold medicine. Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow.
  5. You do good work Jack! It's always great to see somebody take pride in a job well done.
  6. Sounds like that's going to be one sharp looking saddle when you've finished with it Jack!
  7. Doin a late night bump before I head to bed!
  8. That IS a party Jack! i dont think I pull an all nighter like that anymore!
  9. Jack. . . sounds like I definitely WOULD have enjoyed that auction! I love a good auction! Luther. . . sounds like ya had a blast at the Renn Faire. . . maybe next year I'll actually get to go!
  10. A bright and happy (if chilly) Saturday to you Jack! [Crazy]
  11. Anyone Doing The Fence Hunter Pace In Tryon Nc?

    Well. . . I've no problems with a helmet. . . the barn where I board has a 'Helmets when mounted' policy. . . and I think it's a good one. I carry my helmet with me in my truck so I have it if there's ever an opportunity to ride. [Crazy]
  12. Anyone Doing The Fence Hunter Pace In Tryon Nc?

    If/When I finally do get myself to a hunter pace I'm going full on western. Chinks, hat, boots, saddle, etc. Cuz that's just how I roll. . .
  13. Anyone Doing The Fence Hunter Pace In Tryon Nc?

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! TOTALLY sucking that I cant make it this weekend! I had PLANNED for it to be my first hunter pace! But the weekend hasn't worked out how I wanted it to and I cant go. :-( EXTRA sucks cause I'm only about a half hour from FENCE. They have one in the spring though too, right? Should be able to plan better for that one!
  14. I dont think I'd complain about that either, Trin! [Crazy]
  15. Well how did that slip my mind? You've told me that before! DUH Will have to let ya know next time we're hauling up! Didn't see your post, but I did know about the hunter pace. . . not going to make it to that one, unfortunately. Our haulin vehicle is being taken on a beach trip. . . and my weekend filled up right quick. Wasn't able to take off of work on Sunday either. :-S And now you're just trying to torment me with these tales of a good lookin man in a kilt. Shame on you! Though I'm confused. . . if he's in a kilt he's either a Scotsman or an Irishman, right? Why is he serving SCREWDRIVERS? It should be scotch or irish whiskey!
  16. 'just ask Sarah Palin'. . . SNORK! Too funny Luther!
  17. luther Lando hasn't gone on any of these rides yet b/c we've been having issues getting him ON the trailer to start with. . . and also he was doing a mad scramble whenever the trailer was in motion. Idiot couldn't figure out how to keep his feet under him. BUT. . . as of tonight, I do think that we may have overcome his issues. Gave him a bit of a 'come to jesus' experience on Sunday. . . tested out the results today and he's stepping lively to get in that trailer when I tell him to. . . and though it was only a 15 or 20 minute haul, he didn't scramble once. . . and there were hills and curves a-plenty to challenge his balance. So I do think that he's going on our next haul out to the trails. [Yay]
  18. I heard about Prairie Rose! I'm soooo sad! She's such a wonderful person! [Me Cry] I'm not a fan of the butched manes and forelocks either. Tavi's got schizophrenic mane. His forelock is a typical sparse appy forelock. . . and the rest of his mane grows in almost like a double mane. . . think Fjord horses. it's literally three inches thick at the BASE. His owner cuts it down short (not quite roached) in the summers b/c he get SOOOOO hot. She's letting it grow back out right now. The trails there at South Mountain are AWESOME! Chris and I went back this past saturday. She took her TB mare who's being reworked from a XC prospect into a trail horse. Cat (the horse) is a bit on the flighty side sometimes, and prone to spook just for the sake of it. . . but when she can get focused on her job, does really really well. I took some more photos from our ride on Saturday. The leaves are really starting to change so there's a bit more color. . . We took a different trail too. Nice water crossing at one point. Both of the horses handled it so nicely! We were tackling this one hill. . . not too steep of a grade. Nice wide path with good footing. . . perfect for a brisk canter! Well. . . the TB cantered. . . Tavi the Super Pony decided he was NOT going to bring up the rear. . . he flattened his ears back and stretched out and galloped up that hill! (he's as sure footed as a mountain goat!) The mare literally had a surprised look on her face when Tavi and I went flying by. hehe He's such a fun, spunky little guy! Chris and I were laughing and gabbing that whole ride! It was such a perfect day! OK. . . a few pics from the ride. . . none of me, b/c Chris didn't want to juggle a camera while dealing with the mare.
  19. That's awesome Jack! Chris and I would like to plan a camping ride one of these weekends. . . explore some of the more extensive and secluded trails at the park. . . There's 29 miles of trails accessible by horseback. . . that's A LOT of weekend trail riding! :-) Here's a couple pics from this past weekend. . . .
  20. Jack. . . I HAVE been getting in as much saddle time as possible lately! LOL Sorry I've not been around much. . . between looooong work days, and then hitting the saddle afterwards. . . by the time I get home and eat and log onto the computer, I fall asleep before I get much of anything accomplished. My friend Chris and I hauled 2 of her horses out to a state park yesterday and rode some of their trails. Spent a good 4 hours in the saddle, covered about 7 1/2 miles. . . Was a whole lotta fun! But I'm hurting from it today! My poor joints aren't used to that much time in the saddle all at once.
  21. Greetings Sir Jack! I hope your weekend has gone well! I'll tell you. . . I am SO happy since Lando got here! I'm riding at LEAST 3 days a week. . . sometimes twice in a day if it works out on the weekends! My friends Chris and Elizabeth and I rode last night. . . it was fast getting dark, so we stayed in the arena and just played around with some small jumps, set up a mini barrel racing pattern, worked on doing passenger pick ups, and did some desensitizing work with tarps. It was SOOO FUN! I dont think I've ever even shown Lando a tarp. When I asked him to walk over it he only paused for a quick sniff, then walked on as if it wasn't even there. This morning we took a couple green riders out with us. . . The one horse we used, Apache, is usually a deader than a doornail type horse, and so the total greenhorn was up on him. . . So Apache decided to pick today to get an attitude. . . About halfway through the ride, I made poor Travis switch horses with me. . . put him up on Lando, and I gave Apache **** until he cut the crap out. I was so proud of my horse though. . . He stayed so relaxed and steady with the newbie rider! Aside from that. . . not much to report for the weekend. . . but I'll swing by in the next day or so with some photos for you Jack!
  22. Hey Jack! I'm sure you will miss your wife while she's gone. Will you be at the old house working on saddles at all while she's off floating the globe? Well I'll tell you what. . . it's been a bit of a rough week for me. . . Monday started out quite lovely, with a ticket for expired tags on my truck. I hadn't even realized they were expired. . . must have overlooked it in the move, etc. So after work, I take my truck to a mechanic to have it inspected (North Carolina makes you have a vehicle inspection in order to get new tags/plates). . . well. . . didn't pass inspection. . . need a new O2 sensor. . . on top of that my universal joint or whatever was a hair away from falling off. . . so I got that fixed. . . as well as the flat tire I've been battling to keep air in for the last week. *SIGH* In order to get new plates, I need a state drivers license. . . so I gathered up my paperwork and ID's etc etc. . . and go wait in line at the DMV so I can take the danged written test. . . unfortunately, North Carolina has a policy of not accepting documents with INITIALS as valid forms of Identification. . . So my Illinois DL and my social security card weren't admissible. . . Nor would they accept my passport. . . which HAS my full name on it. . . b/c it expired about six months ago. . . OH NO. . . unfortunately. . . the only document they WILL accept is my ORIGINAL birth certificate, or a certified copy issued FROM wherever it is that birth certificates are issued from. . . NOT a notarized copy. . . And of course the birth certificate is the ONLY form of ID I DIDN'T have with me. . . it's still in my dad's safe back home! Utterly ridiculous. . . I took the afternoon off of work today so I could go get that stuff done. . . CALLED before so that I knew what documents I'd need. . . and I still wind up getting put off. ***SIGH*** On a positive note. . . I took a nice long trail ride on my horse today! Lando handled the steep, hilly terrain and windy wooded paths with barely an ear twitch. [Jump] I rode out with Claire, this British gal who trains horses and gives lessons out of the barn where I'm boarding. She's working with a really flighty, tempermental TB mare and wanted a nice steady horse along with to hopefully MODERATE the mare a little bit. . . Lando fits the bill nicely! I would eventually like to take a few lessons from Claire once in awhile. . . she's a very GOOD instructor and I think I'd learn a lot from her. In other, slightly amusing news. . . my kitten is a little hellion. A very SWEET little hellion. . . But I do think she was spawned by one of Satan's minions! I had a newspaper sitting on my coffee table and in less than a minute all the coupon inserts had been pulled out and strewn around the living room! hehehe OH. . . and she has a very odd obsession with trying to lick my armpits. . . It's weirding me out! LOL
  23. Heyo Jack! So I've been really enjoying having my boy home! Had a farrier out today and got Lando all trimmed up. . . Rode him around a bit before that. My friend Elizabeth managed to snap a photo of me before the batteries went kaput on me. . . I brought home another addition to my little critter menagerie tonight. . . Meet Lily! Elizabeth fosters kittens and helps the local shelters place them in new homes. . . I just absolutely couldn't resist little Lily's adorable face and so she came home with me! She's VERY affectionate and people friendly. Her and Arnie, my dog, are still figuring each other out. . . but they've only had a couple hours so far. . . I think Arnie is most inclined to want to play with her. . . but right now, Lily prefers to growl and spit and hiss at Arnie. hehehehe. . . Alrighty. . . well. . . that's all that I've got for today! Hope you enjoyed your Monday!