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  1. Well Jack. . . sounds like you had quite the fine time! I think you definitely SHOULD go back if you are going to enjoy yourself like that! It's so nice that you were able to reconnect with old friends! You'll have to let me know if you decide to take some of your saddles up to the sale! I'd like to know how they sell! I have to tell you Jack. . . it's SOOOOO nice to have my horse back with me! I took him out for a little exploring this afternoon... The barn owner was out bush hogging some of the overgrown trails. Lando didn't even flinch at the tractor rumbling around. He was very alert to his new surroundings but remained calm and relaxed the whole ride. . . We ambled down a power line strip for awhile. . . strolled along the edges of the hay fields, ambled through the fringes of the wooded areas. . . and did a little uphill trotting. I kept it all very light and easy b/c Lando HAS had eight months off and I dont want to overwork him. But I'll tell you what! His work ethic is good and he's being TERRIFIC! I couldn't be happier right now! All that's needed is for me to clean and oil the heck out of my saddle. It's so stiff and squeaky and dusty after sitting for eight months in an unfinished tack room. . . Hope you've had a good weekend Jack! TTFN
  2. So what's the verdict on the dealer auction Jack? Will you take some of your saddles? OK. . . So while you were at the dealer auction. . . I was on pins and needles waiting for a special delivery! A very LARGE special delivery! It arrived around 6pm on Thursday evening! FINALLY got Lando down here with me Jack! :-) And it's long overdue! Sept 1st made it eight months that I've been living in North Carolina. . . Eight months without my horse! So frustrating! But OH SO GOOD to have him here now! I'm still grinning like an idiot! He made the trip in fine fashion. . . traveled really well for not having seen the inside of a trailer in six or seven years. He has a teeny bit of swelling in one knee where it looks like he rapped it up against the trailer. . . but he isn't sore on it at all. . . SO I'm going to be taking him out for a little walk ride around his new home and see how he does! I'm so happy Jack! :-)
  3. I'm glad it's cooling down and not so humid for you Jack! It's cooled down quite a bit here as well. . . but we've still got some really high humidity, especially in the mornings. I'm really enjoying the summer heat, believe it or not. . . but it WILL be nice when it's just a touch cooler. . . From what I've heard, the autumn season is downright lovely down here in the south! I cant wait! Hoping for Lando to be here real soon so we can take full advantage of that nice pleasant weather! I cant wait to hear how things go along for you once you get going on your saddles again! I like it when you fill me in on the repairs you are doing! Well. . . I'm off to a thrift store to see about a couch! (haven't had one for over a month now since the roomie moved out). . . Fingers crossed that I can find something!
  4. Doin the bump before I head to bed!
  5. I can totally relate to the 'hot and humid'. . . That's about the only weather we've had here for the whole summer. . . not that I'm complaining. I much prefer hot weather to cold weather. :-) I know how much you enjoy working on your saddles Jack, so I hope it cools down just for you so you can get back to it! Well. . . update on the whole 'Get Lando to North Carolina' plan. . . HOPING. . . and it all looks pretty good to work out. . . that he's coming middle of next month. . . no DEFINITE date yet. . . A gal that I went to high school with lives down here in NC. . . about two hours away from me in Charlotte. . . She's having a baby; due on September sixth. Her mom still lives up in Illinois, and is coming down for a visit once the baby is born. . . she offered to haul Lando down for me if I would pay the difference in gas for her to bring the truck and trailer as opposed to her car. . . SO. . . estimating mid september for my horse to come on down. . . I think I might fly home a couple days before so that I can be there to load Lando onto the trailer and ride back down with my friend's mom. . . give her some company on the drive and keep an eye on my boy. . . SO I'm excited! ALSO. . . once I get my tubby pasture puff of a horse here, and get him legged up and on his way back to being in shape. . . Going to start schooling/training for the Extreme Cowboy Races. This season is pretty much wrapped up. . . Just the one more in the area next month, and it's the regional championships. . . but they start up again in April, so I'll have all winter to get Lando going well! I'm excited! Hope your weekend is going well Jack! TTFN!
  6. I'll do my best to be around more Jack! Cant have you getting lonely with the wife off trotting the globe! That DOES sound like a good deal on the saddle! Good for you!
  7. OMG!!!!! That's FANTASTIC Jack! I'm so excited for you! That has to be so relieving! (((HUGS))) Hopefully we'll see more of you around!
  8. Heyo Jack! Sorry it took me so long to get back over here! It's been a CRAZY week or so. . . Between the heat and the work and the haggy roommate moving out. . . jeebus. . . really has been quite the stretch... lol I DID get pics at the river, and a couple videos as well. I dont know if your computer will handle the videos. . . so I wont post them unless you think you can watch them. . . they are really short. . . Pics from the river! My friend Chris' puppy, Monchito. (I call her Chito Dorito. . . dont know why, but it just fits) Arnie getting a whiff of something on the breeze Splish Splash! This little pup wore herself out splashing through the water! Me and the pooch. She's such a good dog, my Arnie.
  9. Well. . . it's hotter than Hades here in Nawth Carolina. . . So my pal Chris and I are taking our dogs to the river to splash around! If we get any good photos, I'll make sure to swing by and post them for you Jack!
  10. No need to be skeer'd Jack! I think we'd rather recruit you for our crew than cause you harm! We likes ya! BUT. . . the look on my face in the following photo is definitely a 'gonna cut you' look though! lol (dont worry Jack. . . I'm NOT gonna cut you!) This shot is from Chris' and my first 'professional' portrait gig. . . We set up at a pirate themed restaurant for 'pirate portraits'. . . most of our customers were the actual employees. . . but it was a slow night. . . We will be going back probably once a month, and the owner will be advertising for us. . . really hope it works out!
  11. Jack. . . I'd LOVE to learn them there dances! I'm glad you're done with the Chemo! Hopefully you recover your vim and vigor quickly! I'm keeping busy down here in North Carolina. . . and funny thing. . . Reconnected with a gal I graduated high school with. . . We haven't seen each other since graduation. . . ten years ago. She's been living in Charlotte since 2006. . . heard through the grapevine that I'd moved fairly close by, so she got in touch with me! I went to her baby shower last week, and we are hoping to do lunch soon. This is me and Julianne at her baby shower. And wouldn't you know I'd run into somebody from my old congregation back home in Illinois. . . when I'm at a convention in South Carolina! Go figure! Small world, eh? I love Bonnie. . . she's such a sweet lady! As I said before. . . been keeping busy. My friend Chris, and I are fully engrossed in our photography business. . . we're focusing on costumed portraits. . . we've got a gig at a restaurant grand opening on Sunday. . . it's pirate themed. . . we'll be set up with a whole bunch of costumes to do portraits for anybody who wishes. We were messing around and trying to figure out some poses and prop placement the other day and costumed ourselves up for that. . . so a few photos of the Lady Pirates. . . Well. . . for the moment, that's all I have to share. I hope everything keeps going well for you Jack!
  12. Apparently everyone has stayed quite busy this weekend. Hope everyone is doing well! I MISS YOU JACK!!!!
  13. Swinging by to say HI! Not much going on here in the south. . . lots and lots of work. . . and lots and lots of sweat. Have a great weekend folks!
  14. It's always nice to have a chance to catch up with family, Jack! I'm glad you were able to visit with your sisters! Well. . . I've got some good news! I just got offered some extra work in the afternoons, right after I finish up with my regular job. . . it will be about an hour and a half every day, grooming and hand grazing a few horses. The barn owner seemed to think the $12/hr I make cleaning stalls at my other job is worth it to have me around for about 10 hours a week! YAY ME! The extra money will go toward bringing Lando down here FINALLY. Im very excited!
  15. I'm glad to hear that you are finally feeling better Jack! I went home for the weekend. It was my sisters' 15 year anniversary. The family threw a big party for her and her husband. . . flew me home so I could be there as well. Got to sneak away for a couple hours and visit with my horse. . . got a quick ride in on him, which was very nice.
  16. I hope you start feeling better soon Jack! (((HUGS))) The roles have reversed! Now I'm the one missing you!
  17. Bumping this up so that it's easy to find when Jack comes back to us!
  18. Thank you SOOOO MUCH for that Confetti'sMom. I appreciate you letting me know!