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  1. Friends Of Jack Baumgartner...

    Oh my GOSH! Confetti'sMom posted the link for this on the Sumthin Sumthin thread we've got for Jack. . . I'm rarely here on HC anymore and mostly just to keep up with Jack! Mark. . . Thank you SOOOO MUCH for updating everyone. Your mom sent an email informing of his admittance to the hospital, but I'd not heard anything further. I'm glad to hear he's improving and may be released... I know he's gotten many well wishes from his friends here on HC. . . I'd like to ad mine to the stack. . . I consider Jack to be a very dear friend, and he's been in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. Well. . . I'll admit. . . I'm a tad worried. . . Jack hasn't been in to say howdy since the 17th. I hope all is well! Please come back and let us know you are ok Jack!
  3. Hello Hello Hello. . . Taking a break for a bit of sewing and I thought I'd pop in to see how things were going with Jack. . . only he's not here. :-( I hope all is well, and you're feeling alright Jack!
  4. Well greetings to all! Jack. Sorry to hear that the radiation treatments are taking a toll on you. I hope things ease up a bit for you. Nothing exciting or new on my end. . . still in North Carolina. . . really enjoying myself. . . But also still looking for more work. . . need more than my part time barn work to supplement my income. . . My friend Chris and I are working diligently to try and get our photography business up and running. Keep your fingers crossed that we can make a good go of it! That's about all I've got for now. . . Got a nasty headache sitting behind my eyes. . . so I'm heading to bed.
  5. Bump bump bump bumpity bump! Where's everybody got themselves off to these days? Well Jack. . . It's done! My friends Chris and Elizabeth and I went and bought a horse trailer yesterday! . It's a 4-horse straight load bumper pull. . . mid 70's model. . . heavy steel beasty. . . but it pulls really nice. . . and aside from some cosmetic fixes, is sound and ready to haul horses! I'm HOPING to get Lando soon! YAY!
  6. Who Won The Preakness?

    Super Saver was eight in the final placings. I was pulling for him and Calvin Borel and the chance at a Triple Crown. . . but Lookin at Lucky ran a great race. First Dude came in second and ran one heckuva race as well! (he's MASSIVE!)
  7. That IS what I get, Jack! I was away for a few days and had dig us off of page five again! LOL So how are things going with you Jack?!??! Keeping busy? How's Jerie liking the new place? Soooo. . . I've got a bit of news. . . Two bits actually. . . News #1. . . My friend Chris and I have decided to start a photography business together. We're excited, and really putting alot of effort and planning into this so that we can make a good go of it. We plan to focus on the 'old time', costumed type of photography. . . News #2. . . We are also getting a horse trailer! It will belong to the business, as we are planning on hauling to local festivals, etc. . . BUT. . . it will also be very useable for hauling horses. It's a 4-horse bumper pull (straight load), in really good condition and incredibly reasonable in price. . . we're going to pick it up on Saturday. SOOOoooo. . . SOON I will be able to go get my horse and bring him home!
  8. UGH! I think I pulled something when I hoisted this off the bottom of page five! How's everybody doing!?!?!
  9. Jack. . . I like meat too! hehe Nothing better than a well grilled steak! Throw some baked potatoes in, and maybe some grilled veggies and I'm a happy girl!
  10. Jack. . . I'm so glad the doctors are lookin out for you and taking good care! Thanks for giving us an update so we know how things are going with you!
  11. HELLOOOOOOOOOO!?!?!?!?!?! Anybody around!?!?! Jack, how did the pump install go? Not much going on around these parts today. Got home from work and made some banana bread. The house smells delicious! Just hanging out, working on some jewelry, and watching a little tv until I have to step out a little later. Helping out a friend who's going on vacation and taking over her farm/barn care duties for a few days. Hope things are going good for you Jack!
  12. I hope the pump installs easily for you Jack! Hope you're doing well!
  13. Just buzzing through to say hello and bump this up! Got home from work around 1pm today. . . Was REALLY tired so decided to take a short nap. Except my short nap wound up being 2 hours long. Had the travel channel on in the background and there was something on about the Grand Canyon. . . so in my dreams, I was hiking the grand canyon. LOL
  14. Yah. . . thread topic kinda says it all! My friends Chris, Grace, and myself went to an Extreme Cowboy Race on Sunday. Just as spectators (though I think I'd really have a blast trying it at the lower levels!) Craig Cameron was there doing the announcing bit. . . Which was SO COOL! It was just like watching the Extreme Cowboy Races on TV. . . only better. . . cause I was THERE! He was just hanging out with the crowd, interacting with people and being a generally cool, down to earth human being! It was so neat to watch the people ride the courses, and listen to him as he gave them tips and pointers DURING their rides. I've always thought he came off as a very down to earth, common sense, friendly guy on his shows. . . After meeting him, I'd have to say that he really IS as nice as he seems! I'd totally feel comfortable having a beer with him! He was VERY busy after the competition, but he still took some time out to chat with us three mildly star-struck gals, and when asked for a picture, agreed readily and wrapped his arms around our shoulders and pulled us in close! I tell ya. . .I'm really not prone to being all awestruck by celebrity. . . but I was totally buzzed all day after that! LOL Anyways. . . a few pics from the day. . . b/c I KNOW y'all would be P.O.'d if I posted this and then didn't give y'all pictures too! I'm in the green shirt! With the mile wide smile!
  15. Spinoff From Sv's Thread....

    OMG. . . first and foremost I have to say. . . I'm so used to Facebook that I was looking for a 'like' button to click! HEHE [Crazy] Hmmmm. . . I'm pretty sure some of the BB's here have my phone number and can get hold of me if need be. I know I've really tapered off on how often I post here on HC. . . mainly just because I don't have the TIME that I used to have. But yes, to answer your question. . . I have board buddies with my number to contact me. . . and would update y'all if needed.
  16. Oh Em Geeee! Met Craig Cameron On Sunday!

    Thanks PattyCakes!
  17. Oh Em Geeee! Met Craig Cameron On Sunday!

    LOL. . . that's the plan, Jack! I bet you will have a good time chatting with the young cowboy and getting acquainted with the mare. . . it's always fun to get to know new people!
  18. Oh Em Geeee! Met Craig Cameron On Sunday!

    It was awesome! I met Stacy Westfall once too. . . at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI. She was truly a nice person as well! OMG! YES! I so wish I had known! It would have been awesome to meet a board buddy! There were several buckskins, and I had trouble keeping track of what division they were in b/c I was just a touch star struck by Craig! LOL. I'm trying to remember which one you were. . . what color saddle pad did you have? I WAS noticing saddle pads! (always looking for a good color to put on my own pony) Where is the the next race in may?
  19. Oh Em Geeee! Met Craig Cameron On Sunday!

    Oh goodness! I KNOW! I'm still excited about it, and it's WEDNESDAY! I'm such a nerd! LOL
  20. Jack! LOOKIT YOU! Gettin all chummy with the ladies! I'm excited for you, that you got to meet up with some more board buddies! I bet you and BuddyRoo have a great chat over your cup of coffee! I'm incredibly jealous that she's going to Rolex. . . My friend Chris is going with a friend of hers from Texas. . . if I'd been able to come up with the money I was going to go as well. . . BUT. . . my funds being limited. . . and STILL trying to save up to get my Lando down here with me. . . I had to pass on it this year. ***SIGH*** Hopefully I will get to go next year. Roland. . . Glad to see you're still alive and breathing! Give Cari my best wishes that her back gets to feeling better quickly! I'm glad you're getting good use out of that Aussie, Roland. I LOVED it. Was incredibly comfortable for trail riding, etc. . . but I used it so rarely because (huh, go figure) I rarely got to trail ride. I wouldn't mind getting another one here eventually once I've got Lando in my possession again. 'Specially if I could find the same make/model/style for $80 again! SOOOOOOO. . . . I went to an Extreme Cowboy Race competition this past Sunday. Just to watch. Chris' friend Grace is visiting from Texas for a few days and then they are heading to Rolex. . . so we decided to go be spectators. We had an awesome time. . . and I have to say. . . I DO think that Lando and I could handle the beginner courses with very little difficulty! Might be something I look into! We also got to meet Craig Cameron, which was kind of neat for me. I've always liked his no nonsense, down to earth, common sense approach to horse training, and how friendly and personable he appears to be. I was pleased to find out that he actually IS as friendly and gracious as he seems on his television show. He was very busy and still took a few minutes to chat with us gals and let us get a picture with him. (I managed to get TWO pictures with him! hehe) The day before (that would have been Saturday), Chris and I took Grace to the gemstone mine. . . we had a crazy good time playing in the creek and sluicing for emeralds, garnets, rubies, and sapphires. I don't have any pics uploaded of that. . . but it WAS a really good time! LOL WELL. . . way past my bedtime. . . so I suppose I will head off to bed. TTFN!
  21. Well Jack. . . I HOPE I have that sort of success with my garden! I'm going to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, peppers, spinach and lettuce for now. . . might add some more to that as I go. . . some herbs like rosemary, thyme, dill, etc. . . those things are GREAT fresh when you're cooking.
  22. Jack. . . feelin bad or no. . . I shouldn't let that keep me from stopping by and chatting with my good friend. Actually the allergies have been kicking my butt this week. I'm not sleeping well b/c of them, and then the allergy pills tend to make me drowsy. . . I get home from work around lunch time and wind up taking 2 to 3 hour naps once I get home. . . just cant seem to keep my eyes open! Maybe I'm stealing your sleepyness and sending my spunk to you, Jack! Got home today and set my alarm on my phone for an hour. Figured that would be a good length of time for a nap. I only overshot the alarm by about a half hour, but I woke up feeling MUCH better than I have in several days. I went over to chris' house after I got myself up and around. Picked up some stuff to get started on my veggie garden. She's got an insanely huge compost heap. I'm doing a container garden. . . so I picked up some containers and buckets, etc from her, as well as several feed sacks full of good, rich, black compost dirt. . . Gonna be SO good for my plants! Well. . . nothing else new. . . I really should be getting myself to bed. I'm STILL not used to the early mornings that my chosen profession requires of me! LOL Talk to you soon Jack!
  23. Hey Jack! Here I am! That's awesome about your friend's horse winning at the Xtreme Cowboy race! How exciting! I'm sorry I've not been around much the past week. I've been a bit down and blue the last few days and really not such good company, I'm sure. Nothing serious, to be sure. . . but I'm just REALLY missing my horse. . . He's still in Illinois. I'm trying to come up with gas money so Chris and I can drive up and get him and bring him home with me. . . but it seems every dollar I make is going towards bills and living expenses. . . I'm trying to scare up more work, but it's slow going. . . so I'm not sure WHEN I will get to bring Lando down. We've had such incredibly lovely weather, and it's just making it that much harder to be separated from him when i know how much fun we'd have exploring new trails. So yes. . . I've been rather glum. Definitely a gloomy gus who wasn't much good for conversation. I'm trying to pull myself outa that funk though. Wanted to pop in and say hello, since I'm suffering from caffeine induced insomnia. . . grrrr. . . I have to get up for work in five hours. . . Ah well. . . I suppose I should shut this contraption down and TRY to get some sleep, eh? OH! A bit of good news. My cousin Cass called me this evening. He's on a truckin run. . . and it's bringing him darned close to me here. About an hour from home, but only a half hour from where I work. . . SO. . . if the timing works out I'll meet up with him for lunch tomorrow. It will be nice to see someone from my family, catch up on the gossip, set the homesickness at bay just a bit. Anyways. . . that's all I've got at the moment. I hope things are going well for you Jack! G'nite!