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    The ORIGINAL Gypsy Cowgirl!
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    Rutherford County, NC
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    Horses, Travel, My Dogs, and Cowboys!!!<br /><br />That's the short list anyways. . .<br />I love photography. . . and wish I had more time to devote to being a camera geek. <br />I'm a karaoke fiend. . . I'll take the mic whenever a chance presents itself. <br />I'm an avid reader, crafter, and dumpster diver. . . I find discarded furniture, give it a makeover, and rehome it. <br /><br />There is plenty more. . . but EH! There IS something to be said for keeping a little mystery.

About Me

I long to get back those endless summer days of my childhood. Those days that were filled with birdsong, bees buzzing, and the wind in the willows. The warm, comforting smell of sunshine, wildflowers, fresh cut grass, dirt and horse sweat. Afternoons spent in my favorite tree, with my favorite book to keep me company. Wading through the creek to cool my feet. Taking the time to watch the ants work, or the breeze blow every last bit of fluff off of a spent dandelion. . .