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  1. LMAO Bumper! You're BANNED?

  2. Mascara And Bat Guano

    If you knew all the ingredients used in makeup, you probably wouldn't wear any of it. [Crazy] I have worn make up once...my wedding. I kept the tube of lipstick they used and i think i used it two or three times in the following ten yrs. Then i had to throw it away. I just can't stand the feel of crap on my face! ick. Bumper
  3. OH and on the starting school thing...i know some folks who had to wait another year to send their son to Kindergarten because he wasn't potty trained. Still wore diapers at age 5! Didn't start K until he was 6 and kinda/sorta potty trained. Ick. Bumper
  4. 2 Month Old Aqha Colt

    At this age things can change, however they also say that at 2-3 months they are a fair example of their adult shape (with some exceptions, because their leg to body proportions will change). He's got good hip/shoulder angles and they are nicely matched. His body proportions are equal, his hind quarters are nicely angled. His croup is a little behind the points of the hip and his neck appears to tie in low. He's over at the knee but that is likely a baby issue that will resolve as he ages. He's quite nice. I won't venture to do any more because he's so young and it will change as he grows. Bumper
  5. That's great news! Did they catch the woman with them too? Bumper
  6. Yeah, true. Somehow, that just makes me wonder what she REALLY said, because the truth could fall somewhere between the extremes. Bumper
  7. Forget "history", As In His Story

    I agree that women in so many countries are treated worse than dirt. I agree that it's horrible and needless. Changing people, however, and changing a culture, is extremely difficult. It must be done from within, although assistance from outside is always needed as well. I see no easy solution to the problem, but the world wide exposure such practices are now getting can only help in the long run. As far as "herstory" goes, the way i read it is you're using that in this example to express the need to tell "her story" or the story of abused women everywhere, not that you want to change the word itself. When i was in college some dingbat female college students decided that "history" was a chauvinistic word and it needed to be changed to "herstory". They wrote a letter to the school paper and were then bombarded with people razzing them about their ignorance as to the etymology of the word. That was the last we heard about THAT. I did however get a very good laugh over it. some people get to college, gain just a little bit of knowledge and suddenly think they know the answers to EVERYTHING. Bumper
  8. R. I. P. Kicker

    Awww, i'm so sorry! [Huggy] Bumper
  9. Barrel Racing Video! Critique

    I noticed the tail flagging as well. She does it with every kick from your feet. Try keeping your legs still or just "boot n scoot", use your body and the lower leg and no heel. Maybe an over/under or a bat, lightly applied or just fanned, will get that extra speed. My bet is you'll gain a little time because that tail flagging says she's NOT liking something. Bumper
  10. Rusty Bits?

    Pep'nAnn is correct, sweet iron is meant to rust. I'd only had one cup of coffee when i replied the first time. LOL! Bumper
  11. I forgot to add (because i was in a hurry to get out the door to feed) watch out Wyoming buddies too. They think these guys are headed to a white supremest organization so watch out Idaho as well. Bumper
  12. The chances of anyone actually coming into contact with these men are slim, but they've already killed two people. Let's all be careful!! CBS News Bumper
  13. Rusty Bits?

    Look for a name on it, because from here, it looks like a Tom Balding bit. If so, it's expensive and very worth cleaning up. I had one almost exactly like that and i paid $150 for it in 1994. If it's a Balding, google their website and ask them how to clean it up. Bumper
  14. How Big Is Your Horse?

    Both Panny and Tess are right at 14.3. Chili is only 14.2. I'm 5 ft tall with a bad left elbow and right knee. I will NOT climb on a big horse, just not worth it to me. As to size and what works best, it depends on all the variables. My little 14.2 hand Chili was a great indoor horse, he could fire and shut down fast. In general, the bigger horses do better in big, outdoor pens and the smaller horse do better in indoor pens, but there are always exceptions to the rule. I've seen big horses just smoke little pens and vice versa. Just look at the NFR, the size of those horses will vary as much as at any rodeo or run you go to. Bumper
  15. R I P Beamer The Cat

    Thanks board buddies. :) Harley and Beamer were the last of our "Whitefish" cats. They were the cats who made so many moves with us and came from the west side of the divide to central Montana. The trend to name cats after motorcycles started with Harley in 1993, then Beamer in 1994. The winter we moved here (1997) we got Norton. SHE is 13 now. Knucklehead was September of 1999, so she's 11. We got FatBoy in November of 2002, but he died two years ago. Our other foundling, Werpus, broke the motorcycle trend, she's 10. And lastly, little BeBop da Bobblehead Kitteh is um...9months? something like that. She'll be a year old this fall. They really do find a way into your heart, don't they? especially when they've been around for so long. I didn't cry for Beamer, to be honest, i was just relieved that she went so quickly and so quietly. It doesn't mean i won't mourn her, just that i've already done my crying. When our pasture flooded this June it took out one of the graves in the pet cemetery (Mocha, the barn cat who got hit in May). We never found her remains so we put Beamer in that same hole. She and Mocha can share the spot (in spirit). So Beamer is buried right next to her bestest bud in the world, Harley. Together forever. :) Bumper