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  1. An Idea To Throw At You.

    I'll do it! we could really use some more active threads around here.. besides the chat one. :tongue9:
  2. Douglas Preparatory Academy

    "Pfftttth, It's already been made, dude." Her slanted eyes returned the stare impishly, silvery in the dim light. Helena wasn't about to be swayed--she was in this to win. Even with that little shot circulating through her, she was managing to hold herself with as much dignity as someone with their face two inches from another person's backside could possibly manage. She sent an impatient glance to Jac, the mastermind behind this sweaty pretzel they had managed to wind themselves into. "PLEASE. CHANGE IT. You're killin' me here, babe." Her right foot promptly fell asleep then, and Helena grumbled, shifting her weight to the the other side where her left leg crouched beneath her. She made to shake it, but Twister was conniving in its ability to obscure certain things from her vision and her foot came into contact with something that felt vaguely like a chin. Or was it an elbow? Maybe a heel. Alcohol was equally conniving in its ability to make her not really care. Shamelessly she peeked underneath her shaking forearm to see who she'd inadvertently clubbed with her tingling foot. An egregious cackle tumbled from her lips. "I told you not to mess with me, Seb. Your very large head is very in the way."
  3. What Is Our Sport Coming To?

    I'm just going to interject quickly. Munching, have/do you read Jessica Jahiel's Horse Sense newsletter? I feel like a lot of your opinions are very in line with hers (and mine) as far as horsemanship goes. The link, for those of you who are interested: Holistic Horsemanship This sensible lady knows what she's talking about, and is very consistent and grounded in her methods. I highly recommend taking a look.
  4. Douglas Preparatory Academy

    Helena grinned as the fire began to leak into her veins, giving her that pleasant tingling. She hopped into place on the board, jigging a little in place. Anxiety seemed to always couple with her competitive nature, so although the game didn't have to be cutthroat, Helena got off on that kind of pressure. It just suited her and she liked it that way. She threw a smirk Jac's way--The brunette was the type who wouldn't make this easy on them. The girl had a bit of a wicked streak, but that made her entertaining. The same went for Sebastian... but different. Definitely different. She knocked shoulders with him casually-on-purpose, contradicting her dainty step to a yellow square. "Watch it, Blackburn," Helena snipped caustically, lips twitching. Twister, or anything requiring body control, was Helena's forte. She was all sinewy muscle and long limbs--not your typical bombshell beauty, but definitely an effective twister player, so who really cared? Either way, she definitely wasn't above trash-talk, cheating, abusing, or otherwise sabotaging her friends-turned-temporary-nemeses. Where was the fun in a nice, mellow game with the bass pumping and the bodies tipping? There was no telling what might transpire here, but they probably weren't going to remember the details tomorrow.
  5. Horse Show Pics And Vids

    I'm gonna be picky because you're obviously a very competent rider, but could be better. I will say that you have an excellent leg and exemplary posture, minus the fact that you are behind the motion of the jumps more often than coincidence. Given your explanation about 'defensive riding', this is understandable, but is definitely not an excuse. Work on keeping your weight in a forward and balanced two point; even when you think he might duck out. If you are as secure in your two-point as you ought to be, nothing he does will toss you. Spend more time in two-point during schooling sessions. You'll be glad you did. Because right now you're catching him in the mouth for the sake of your own safety, and that isn't fair. One more thing. In the bending line from the blue-and-white swedish to the red vertical about 40 seconds in, this is most obvious, but I suspect you do it other times as well: he is galloping onto his forehand, and you are pulling down on the reins in an effort to contain him. This is ineffective; pulling down on his mouth puts pressure on the bars of his mouth, causing him to throw his head up in avoidance, you miss your distance, and it's basically an ugly jump altogether. When he takes off like this, school it at home by halting before and after lines, riding a half-halt and keeping a straight line from elbow to bit. In a show, use a quick pulley rein to correct; lifting the outside rein and releasing. The first jump and the bending line from the vertical to the in-and-out are the best; you're both balanced and centered, and you rode them intelligently. PS, thanks for disclosing the medical stuff. I was going to harp on his poor jumping quality (hindlegs in particular), but it helps to know that it isn't the result of poor training. You two are a good match and you ride him well. :)
  6. Douglas Preparatory Academy

    Helena was fed up and effed up. Time for a party, booze, and old friends. Life was so ridiculous sometimes. Normally she was perfectly fine with head-to-chest barreling through the tough times maturely and never letting stuff faze her. This was not one of those times. What she needed was laughter and alcohol to offset the stresses. It was immature and stupid, but heck, it was her senior year and she wasn't about to grow up anytime soon. Snakeskin clutch in hand, cat eyes flashing with a stubborn sort of determination, she floated through the front door of Jake's ritzy townhouse on tribal-style pumps. She beelined for the bar, happy knowing that it wouldn't take much to get a buzz going. Being a lightweight was frugal and convenient in most cases. No matter how much she drank, her body refused to tolerate it, which was fine by her. The stuff all tasted like Windex anyway. The bartender raised an eyebrow in her direction before sliding a vodka shot her way. She winked back cheekily, taking an unceremonious chug. Either it was her natural exotic appearance or her unique choices in wardrobe, but Helena got a lot of looks like that. Tonight was no exception; her choppy, emerald silk dress was the kind of thing she fit perfectly. It had the confidence that it didn't need to be low-cut or short-skirted; strategic geometric cuts and an asymmetric slit up the leg exposed rare and interesting sections of pale, luminescent skin. It was sexy, in a subtle, quirky kind of way. It said, "take me or leave me, this is what I am, ******". Helena agreed with it. She glanced around with slanted eyes, searching for a distraction. Solace came in the form of a twister mat disappearing up the stairs to Jake's living room. With a chirpy laugh, she downed the rest of the shot and paced after the group, sparing an energetic wave or a grin to acquaintances she hadn't gotten around to talking to yet. In the living room, she drew up amongst the familiar faces, raising her shot glass jokingly. Large peacock-feather earrings winked behind a veil of straight silver-blond hair. "Whoever's idea it was to bring out the twister board, THANK YOU. Now I'm getting middleschool flashbacks." Helena's voice held a faint Finnish accent, giving it a rhythmic quality that matched the pulsing music below and hardened her "r"s to "d"s. She tried to catch the eyes of people she was happy to call friends. Jac, Jake, and and Sebastian all clustered within the beautiful group, looking like an ad out of Vogue. She grinned at them, fluttering her fingers whimsically. The energy and atmosphere were catching to her like fire, and banished her worries into the back of her mind where they couldn't further disturb her. "I'd offer to spin, but I have got to get in on this."
  7. Douglas Preparatory Academy

    Name: Helena Set?l? Age: 18 Gender: Female Personality: Helena is a quirky contradiction. Around school and with family, she is a strong, passive, trustworthy sort of person--the kind you would happily spill your guts to. The second she gets a drop of alcohol, excitement, or adrenaline, her energy doubles and her mood soars to bright and exuberant. She's the kind of person who'll be best friends with total strangers within minutes of meeting--she's easy to like, but she has an oddness to her that some people have a hard time getting over, especially in the conservative world of the upper class. Appearance: In a word; unusual. Her Finnish heritage gives her silvery blond hair and a lithe, sinewy build hovering on the taller side of average. Her high cheekbones set off her tilted, catlike eyes; a fishy green-blue that is so pale, direct light turns them white to match her pigmentless skin. Her style is edgy and off, for the group she likes to hang with, but it suites her. Background: She manages to stay true to her style, but constantly struggles with juggling her unique self with the stresses of the upper class expectations. Her grandparents are early Finnish immigrants, but managed to score big in the stock market and so Helena was born into a rich, privileged family, not unlike most Douglas students. Her mother is a quaint, housewifey type of woman with a quick tongue. Helena gets along well with her but she never saw eye to eye with her businessman father, who has been dying of a debilitating brain disease for the past two years. Helena isn't the type to disclose that to many people, so for now it's a juicy slice a gossip that someone is bound to trip upon at some point. Other: I'll just jump right in.
  8. - Spence Academy: Class of 1895 - ((needs members))

    Felix's gaze flicked back to the chestnut-haired girl as she asked him is she could see his drawings. Felix rubbed a hand across his chin bashfully before catching himself and instead handing her the stack of parchment, slight hesitation in his minty eyes. "They're really not very good--" Again, he caught himself before he said something unseemly for a gentleman and simply clamped his mouth shut. A small smile tugged at the corners of his thin lips. "They are mostly of students and scenery on the front lawn," he explained carefully, just in case she couldn't tell. That would be a bit... embarrassing, to say the least.
  9. - Spence Academy: Class of 1895 - ((needs members))

    (( Sorry to make you wait, Dawn. I should have this up by tonight. ))
  10. A thin ray of morning light trickled in through the window next to Tifa's bed and she rose immediately. She was a ridiculously light sleeper, and an early riser as well. So it made perfect sense to dress quietly and tiptoe past the sleeping forms of her dorm-mates with a large textbook tucked under her thin arm. She spared a quick look in the mirror as she left. Her short hair stuck up in brown wisps, but she made no effort to tame them; it was a lost cause, really. Curling up in one of the common room's huge chairs in front of the fireplace, Tifa flicked her wand at the pile of wood. "Firo." As it burst into flames, the small girl proceeded to bury her nose in her sixth-year Defense Against the Dark Arts book.
  11. Halen Academy *MAJIKAL you're wanted*

    "Driving, if that's all right with you." Hugh smiled easily at Maddy, twirling his keys by the ring. Thank God he finally had his own car for this year--his parents took pity on him. It was nothing flashy; just an 80's Dodge. It was actually a bit girly, if Hugh was being completely honest with himself, but it was functional. He watched her face to see if she was comfortable with that--she seemed like the type to be polite even if she thought he was a total creep. As he did so, though, he had to glance away quickly--it was very difficult to push Maddy's attractive features to the side. Hugh did not consider himself to be a very shallow guy, but he found himself a bit distracted by her beauty. To avert his thoughts, he spoke up again. "It's fine if you wanna put the ear buds back in--doesn't bother me," he told her, feeling a little bad for interrupting her twice.
  12. Eternally Bound

    Elliot settled his dark gaze on James, who initiated the conversation, and wasted no time in replying. "While I was scouting in North Carolina, I stumbled upon Darius' coven." He cringed a bit, slightly ashamed. "They came so quickly that they slipped past my radar--I barely had time to react. Thankfully, there was a bit of confusion and chaos with the 2 new vampires and I managed to escape relatively unscathed. "Most importantly, though, they were moving north--and quickly. Just before I intercepted them, I heard Darius' mate say 'New York'." He looked at his brothers contritely. "Granted, this is not rock-solid evidence, but I put two and two together. "Their numbers are astonishing. 14 total--including the two new members. If they keep up the pace they have been, they will be here by tomorrow evening." He pursed his lips into a thin, hard line. "Darius is determined to claim New York; and quickly. At this point, we are a threat to their achieving that goal. Our coven is large enough to be a threat to them, but not large enough to fight without sustaining severe losses." Elliot finished grimly, his eyes shifting from Ben to James. "We have two options--stay here and fight, or flee east and hope they don't decide to intercept and annihilate us while they still can." [ 06-20-2008, 01:29 AM: Message edited by: Rhapsody ]
  13. - Spence Academy: Class of 1895 - ((needs members))

    (( I kinda feel like me and Dawn are the only ones replying to this... I was going to wait for everyone else. ))
  14. Eternally Bound

    Elliot chose to ignore Lena for the time being--she was being difficult and they didn't have time to deal with that. Let her feel what she would because he did not really care one way or the other if she left now. He had done his part by warning her and decided to focus on the task at hand. "Please, lets," he replied to James, still the cool, calm, collected one. But then, the idea had already sunken in to him--the others were caught completely off-guard. But even so, he was relying on them to pull it together fast so they could come up with a plan of action. Seeing as he was the only one with any information, he decided to initiate this little pow-wow. "Follow me." And he vanished--at least, that was what it seemed like. He was headed back to the safety of the forest and expected his brothers to follow suite. The new vampires would have to wait on their return--or not; it was up to them. But they would have to be delusional to leave the safety of the clan now. It was about time they got this situation figured out before it turned into something very, very ugly.
  15. Eternally Bound

    Elliot's dark eyes flitted over to the female who was simply leaving, the muscles in his mouth twitching. He was not in the mood to calm some random female; but it felt unfair to just let her leave when she was so ignorant of what was happening. He did not have to raise his voice--he knew she would be able to hear every word. "If you leave now there is a very good chance you will be killed." Elliot stated calmly, his gaze level with the back of the brunette's head. "I recommend you stay with us." He decided to keep things simple now and explain later. What was most important now was getting input from his brothers before he formulated a plan. Ben took it as well as Elliot had expected--not well. He watched cooly, black eyes imploring as they shifted to James. [ 06-18-2008, 11:15 PM: Message edited by: Rhapsody ]