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  1. Indiana Hunter Opted To End His Life

    This guy was from the same county as me. While I did not know him personally, I have some friends that were very close with him. I feel very on the fence about this. This guy was an avid outdoorsmen. He was very active and loved hunting. What happened was a terrible, terrible accident. I TOTALLY understand not wanting to live your life being a complete vegetable. I also see the 'selfish' side of it. His poor wife just married him three months ago and is pregnant with his child. He never got to see his child's face. But yet, I don't know what would be harder: never seeing your child's face, or seeing your child's face but NEVER being able to really interact with him. He could never play with him or take him hunting. If I were his wife, I would understand, yet be completely hurt at the same time. There has to be some feeling of rejection, I would think. But in my opinion, it was his decision. It was his life. He had a nice long talk with his wife before deciding, so I'm guessing they came to an agreement. I still can't say whether it was right or wrong. But it's not my choice.
  2. Need Ideas On Dog Foods

    I've dealt with many allergies with my pit bull, Petey. I finally put him on a raw diet and that cured about 90% of his issues. This year he seemed to develop contact allergies during the summer when he was outside a lot. I bathe him weekly, per the vet's instructions. That helped a ton. That washes off any allergens. You can also just wipe them off with a damp rag when they come inside. Now that it's fall, I don't have to bathe him weekly. But when I do, I also use a doggy conditioner to help with the drying out of his skin and coat. I also feed him raw eggs every day with his food, and that really has helped his skin. And we always have Benadryl on hand. They can have .5-1 mg per pound of body weight.
  3. Cop Shoots Dog

    Yes I do walk my dogs. However, it's quite difficult to do it regularly, as too many people let their dogs run loose. Most I have luckily found to be friendly, or too scared to actually approach us. But we have new neighbors down the road, and I have not personally encountered their dogs yet. And Yes I do know the value of walking my dogs. My dogs don't run amuck like idiots, so to passerby's, I'm sure they look like two dogs out in their yard, not near the road, going to the bathroom or sitting on the front porch. And I stand by the window right beside the door, or just look through the screen door. It would take me a matter of 1.5 seconds to get outside if I needed to. And I do keep my doors locked, but since when does that stop people? And I DO prefer for my dogs to bark when someone knocks at the door. Or if someone or something is in the yard. We had a weird Amish neighbor walk through our barn one day, looking for my SO, he claims, and my dogs alerted my almost instantly. He never stopped at the door to ask if my SO was there, so I think he was just snooping.
  4. Cop Shoots Dog And in this one, he says "Get your dog!" and shoots instantly after saying those words.
  5. Cop Shoots Dog
  6. Cop Shoots Dog

    Why is it one of my worst nightmares? Because I fear the ignorance of others. My dogs are on a wireless fence, and will not leave their area, which is only on our property. But to many, it looks like they are running loose. If they are outside, I'm either out there with them, or watching them through the window. I am worried that if a cop were to stop by, for some reason, he would shoot as my dogs approached. My dogs LOVE visitors, but are pit bulls, so people often are intimidated. I also worry about if a cop ever invaded our house by accident. My dogs will bark if someone knocks on the door, or if they just let themselves in. I do my part, but I can't prevent everything!
  7. Cop Shoots Dog

    This is one of my worst nightmares! I have seen so many cop shooting dog videos. Just search it on YouTube. I have myself worried so much about it. I saw one video where a cop was out for a drive with his buddy, got lost (I think) and stopped to ask for directions. He got out of his car, and while standing right by his door, a Goldendoodle or some poodle mix came bouncing out happily, and he stood there, right by his door, and shot the dog. We had a sheriff come over the other night to inspect a trailer we bought out of state and it didn't have a VIN. The dogs were crated, but barked when he knocked on the door. His hand instantly went to his gun. Even though my dogs were crated, I was still worried.
  8. Thundershirts

    From what I've been told, do not put it on them when they are already or going to be immediately stressed. They will learn that the shirt means something stressful is coming. You have to put it on them well in advance to the stressor. I bought one for Petey, as he gets car anxiety. He usually drools, pants, sheds, and farts in the car. The shirt doesn't completely relieve his anxiety. But it does help. He actually laid down and slept in the car with it on. You can use training with it as well. I need to do short, quiet car rides with his shirt, to help condition him. I don't personally see a Thundershirt helping for obsessive licking. Petey was never scared of having the shirt put on him, but I'm sure if you use lots of yummy treats, Yoko will be more ok with it.
  9. New Catahoula Pup Pics :)

    How are you lucky to even break even at $300 a pup? It's not like you had to pay for any health testing, since you didn't do it.
  10. Shyannas' Service Dog

    I'm curious about how the dog will help Shy when she has a meltdown or behavior? Seems like a neat idea. Can you explain it a little more to me?
  11. New Catahoula Pup Pics :)

    6-8 weeks is normal around here, with 8 being preferred. 5 weeks seems wrong to me. And if it's posted on a public forum, it's fair game.
  12. If You're Not A Christian

    Nothing. I think that I'll just be gone. No spirits or reincarnation.
  13. Paint Horse

    This is really old, but I just saw this. My mare is out of Speckled E T. A friend had a horse out of him, too. Both of our horses were used for barrel racing.
  14. Pedigree Names Without The Pedigree In It

    My mare's name is slightly odd to me. Her registered name is Miss Jetty Holiday. She has Easy Jet on her papers, so I get the Jet part, but the rest of the name is weird. Her link to allbreedpedigree- I've always just called her Jett. And you know there are bajillions of 'Jet' horses. But that's just what she was called when I got her.