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  1. Sunny Autumn Pony Photos

    Pretty Pictures!
  2. King Oak Ht

    Well long story short they were TE(ed) because Sue(trainer) made a wrong turn and missed a fence but he was amazing and they would have been 2nd. http://flatlandsfoto.com/competitionphotos...090708-2456.htm
  3. He's Moving Up!

    Thanks everyone. Well we made the decision not to move him up this year because its a lot of money with me being in treatment and everything and having two horses in training board so maybe next year. He will still be going to UNH though if anyone is going to be there. He is getting re treated for Lymes also.
  4. He Won!

    Awn i hope he was polite!
  5. He's Moving Up!

    Well Flyte has been a STAR the whole season. A late start but he has been great. 1st place Stoneleigh Burnham HT Training 1st Place GMHA August HT Prelim 2nd Place Millbrook HT Prelim Would have been 2nd place King Oak HT Prelim But my trainer made a wrong turn on xc.... oops.. So they are doing one more prelim @ UNH and then heading to Virginia in November to do an easy move up Intermediate(where two of her students moved up at last year) I THINK @ The Maryland HT @ Lock Moy Farm(Where he came in 3rd in 2007 @ prelim with Courtney Cooper). Tanner on the other hand is with Courtney Cooper to be sold. His ad will be online @ www.csquarefarm.com tomorrow prob. He has been doing well we are just trying to sell him as fast as we can to a good home so if anyone knows for someone looking for a BN/N Packer we are pricing him cheap. Thats about it with me. I am still in treatment looking to transfer to a program outside of Boston, Mass tomorrow or Tuesday. They have a horseback riding program but its looking like I would be teaching rather than riding...
  6. Safety Vest

    Thats just what i would say!
  7. He Won!

    Thanks. it was his first prelim in a year! he goes out again next weekend!
  8. He Won!

    Thanks everyone. I am actually not riding right now due to medical issues but hopefully next year or the summer after that....
  9. He Won!

  10. He Won!

    Hes flying! love that picture
  11. He Won!

    Dont really know details but Flyte went out Prelim for the first time in over a year with my trainer this weekend and won!!!! Pictures are coming. Just wanted to share the good news. I miss him so much.
  12. What To Do?

    Thank you for all the support you guys!
  13. Now And Then.

    THank you again. I think he is much more engaged threw his back also?
  14. Now And Then.

    Thank you!
  15. What To Do?

    Thank you you guys! I talked to my dad last night and he was like no dont worry about it and hes not yours to sell. A little relief there! Im going to double check with my mom tonight but it looks like i was just over reacting!