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  1. Why doesn't my horse work for me?

    have u tryed putting her in a waterford?(sp?) its a bit but its just abunch of big balls that are loose and they turn so the horse cant grab the bit and run try that and maybe just cantering a circle of little jumps like it dosent matter dont worry about the jump act like its part of your circle
  2. I Hate Valentine's Day

    im so in the hating club!
  3. protecting or being overbearing

    any more info possible...? its hard to tell what you should do by that much info but without knowing anymore i would say you know what you should do and maybe just dobuting it? im gonna say so with the gut let us know how it goes
  4. Could I get some opinions?

    me 2!

    thanks i love her to pieces
  6. The good and the bad.... of today.... a cap chat of some sort...

    I love my new horse so thts the good news lol but she isnt eating well at all so its stressing me out and my mom tryed to tell me shes going to get sand colic... my mom tht knows nothing about horses this was because she was putting her nose in the dirt i was like mom would i leave her out if she was going to get sick no. so then my mom told my nana i was rude and i got screamed at, we had to put down one of our horses at the barn the other day, just bad week... another one thats been sick for 3 months is finaly getting worse i guess when bad hits it hits hard

    yep hopefully she'll snap thoose knees and be a great hunter so eventully she will be my 3'6 horse shes only 3 though so thts about 3-4 years away lol

    SORRY CLICK TO MAKE PICS BIGGER videos coming soon!

    So i just got a 3 year old TB named kitty shes the sweetest thing ever! she came right from the PA racetack where she raced three times but hated it i have no idea how they got her to run because i have to kick her to canter! she can walk trot and canter left nice and slow and can walk trot right my steering isnt great but then again none of the babys i have ever broke stear well! Im 16 and this is my first horse thats all mine so im very excited I got her on friday! so tell me wht you think about her! MORE COMING WAIT!
  10. Dressage show pictures and videos! :]

    i agree it really helps to no ur flat i have 2 trainers one tht teaches the Equ/Hunters crazy good and one that does dressage really good she has a mare thts going FEI and it really helps to know about a real connection and making the horse work under itself
  11. clinic

    I'm so jelouse i want to ride with him so freaking bad!! i even want to go to college near his barn just so i can start lessoning with him gahh im jelouse!
  12. This is starting to become pointless....(sorta vent)

    could you stop leasing him and maybe lease another horse for ocala or keep him at home and lease something else for ocala and have them both?...i'm not sure how u are money wise... i hope he feels better!
  13. Critique?

    I'm not going to critique but that pony has a great rythm to his canter i really liked watching him go you did a good job with him and well as for some of the distances well all miss sometimes but it was very good
  14. OTTB ...

    that makes since thanks, well one more day than i will be back with pics! gahh im sooo happy
  15. What makes you smile?

    haha the one thing that really makes me happy is a horse named barnabas i could be in the worse mood and just thinking about the stupid horse makes me grin...sadley he is getting sold..not my horse i gusee i need to find something else to smile about