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  1. ding dong. you've been on. we want our packages.

  2. ding dong. you've been on. we want our packages.

  3. ding dong. you've been on. we want our packages.

  4. Has Riding Ever Stopped Being Fun?

    it's always been like that for me.. either in the form of days, weeks or months. right now, i have 2 horses. i haven't been out there in 2 weeks because i just haven't felt like going. NO BASHING.. because they are out on about 3 acres with other horses.. and they are checked upon daily. they have access to food, water and shelter 24/7/365. i don't think they mind having a while off because they still come running up to me whenever i go see them. somedays, i ride fatty (the percheronxfriesian) or i do a little training on my quarter horse. the PxF have just been getting fatter and fatter these days.. and i do feel terrible about that, but i just have more fun training my baby... once summer comes around though, i know i'll be riding PxF more.. i know i can trust him when we go out galloping. i also consider him my dad's horse.. big horse, big guy.. you get the picture. my dad just also favors him a little more because it was my first horse. sorry for the rambling.. back to the subject... my parents grounded me for about 6 months.. no leaving the house, no going to the barn to work with my trainer. during those 6 months, my FAVORITE horse at the time (didn't own one then) was sold. that about killed me. so after 6 months of being forced to not ride.. and after "my" horse being sold, i quit. yeah i still went to hang out with my trainer (still is after 10 years) and turn out horses.. but i hated riding.. i never wanted to get on another horse again. moved barns, same trainer. trainer started "using" me.. i cleaned the WHOLE barn, turned out and cared for about 30 horses, groomed fed and watered all of them... except she always had no one for me to ride (which is shull bit because out of 50 horses, about 15 of them were "her" horses. she was seeming to favor her younger, more able students. (at the time, i would have minor panic attacks if the horse did something wrong). so quit, left her barn.. didn't want to ride again. bought PxF, moved to closer stable. he bucked me off.. hard. into a wooden mounting block. i quit riding for another 6 months. i always had friends ride him.. and i even took on a shareboarder (half lease). (later i found out she was beating him after every ride, yes, there were people who witnessed it and never said anything until much later). -sigh, takes deep breath- finally got the courage and want to ride him again, and he was amazing. moved stables, bought second horse (QH) as a 3 year old, always told everyone i was going to break him very soon.. never did. he's very skittish and doesn't trust people so i became scared of him, didn't even want to think about getting on him.. within the past 2 months, he now runs up to me and my dad, walks and trots on a leadrope, walks trots and canters undersaddle. i don't know.. i guess people quit riding for a lot of reasons- fear, boredom, anxiety, just not wanting to anymore... take a break. take a longgg break if needed. yes, you may forget how to do certain things, but it all comes back eventually. maybe then you can find your perfect horse and stable (or backyard) and start to love it again. **sorry for the longwinded, never ending novel. i just have never been able to get that off my chest**
  5. Your Opinion On This Bit...

    i've looked at all the bits you've suggested and read all the responses. it seems to me like you are just giving excuses for your poor riding. you've gotten a lot of great advice, you need to take some to heart. it seems like your mare is trying really hard to please you.. but it's a 2 way road. you help her, she helps you. go back to the basics and stop wasting money at shows. also, you're only looking at top name bits and brands. you're not any of those people, nor do you have there horses so most likely, many of those bits will not work for you. stop looking at name brands and look for something that will be right for your horse.
  6. Question Regarding Gracie

    i have a hancock bred gelding.. he's also on the thin side. he is out 24/7 with access to hay and grass. he is just thin... his ribs almost always show. i had the vet do all bloodwork that was needed.. the vet has also come out multiple times to check his vitals and weight..... he said it's just his breeding and there is nothing to worry about. no suggestion of supplements. my horse is usually fatter in the summer months but as soon as winter hits, he gets a real ribby look to him. now when i say fatter, i mean you can just barely see his ribs. it's all in the breeding i guess.
  7. Bit Of Family Drama

    dognap! dognap! dognap! that's just my input. tell her the dog must've gotten out again, gosh darn it.
  8. Light The Torches!

  9. At 16 Years Old ...

    i'm not even putting in my response to this. all i have to say is, i guess i'm spoiled rotten...... and i mean rotten!
  10. Purse Pursuers

    mmm. andy warhol. i have his "knives" bag.. it's amazing! my purse right now is kathy van zeeland. macy's- 100$ it's gorgeous!
  11. What Am I Doing? Video Of Lesson

    don't know what to say other than you have a GORGEOUS indoor arena.
  12. Does Anybody On Hc Show Dogs?

    if she goes missing........... don't check here. [bat Eyelashes]
  13. Wow, It's A Different World On Here!

  14. What Are Your Horses Colors?

    red white and blue on both.
  15. Remember Us?

    caspian is soooooooo coming home with me!