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  1. Oh. I don't like nasty spam. CR. You're too late. I just bought the truck a couple of weeks ago. See earlier post. I can say at this point, I have NO regrets about buying the truck. I've gone from SC to WY in the past two weeks and I'm here in Cody enjoying the snow and all with it. The 4 wheel drive has already saved my *** a couple of times as I apparently do not know how to drive in snow and ice, LOL. I'm going to put better tires on it and get my hitch dropped and then I'll be in business to pull my trailer after that gets new tires too.
  2. Thoughts On This Shoe?

    Looks hard to shape to the foot. IMO, if you want something that will cover the entire foot for weight bearing surface, use a either a keg shoe with pour in/pad or a poly shoe.
  3. So, umm, what's going on with the media function on this site now? I know I haven't logged in the site in ages, but to upload pics I had to make a gallery plus it resize automatically? So annoyed right now.
  4. So, heres an update. After furiously searching the eastern side of SC, I found a 2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax with only 78,000 miles on it. This truck has more extras than I could ever want on it, plus after doing alot of research, it is not as intimidating to own. Alot of the info that I'm reading about on the truck says that I would only need to plug it in the temps reach less than zero degrees and I should not need to add any additives to my fuel. I've been driving it for a few days now and the onboad computers are telling me that I'm getting roughly 21mpg on the highway and 16.5 in town. I haven't attempted to pull with it yet as I need to drop my hitch in the bed of the truck and put all new tires on my trailer. I will do all that after next contract in Yellowstone. Then I should be on the road with my horse!!! Here's the truck...
  5. Tennessee Walkers....

    It needs to be much higher. As in, so high, he will be forever drowned in debt that he cannot possibly pay off because $75,000 is a drop in the bucket to these guys and the clients that he caters to.
  6. Horse Keeping On Very Small Acerage

    Can he be turned out with the other ponies? In my experience, as long as the horse adjusts to whatever size turnout without showing obvious problems, your small paddock should be fine. This is also given that he's older, smaller and will be ridden at least 3x per week. I'm sure you're also out there everyday doing something around the barn too, right, so he'll get plenty of interaction and mental stimulation.
  7. Circle Y Flex Trees

    I was warned by a few people that the flex trees would get warped faster than a solid tree. Maybe that was the issue with the first series of saddles?
  8. Changing Barns - Worried About Nsc Level...+ Vent

    DairyOne can give you a run down on pricing. I know when I had my pasture done, it was about $27. They even mailed me the envelopes. That will get you a good nutrition content plus your NSC. Even better, you can compare what this non brand name feed mill is supposed to guarantee in their product. However, if you want more in depth testing with vitamins and such, then it'll get expensive really fast. Have your horse's actually been tested for IR or do they show symptoms?
  9. Changing Barns - Worried About Nsc Level...+ Vent

    Based on what I see withe posted analysis and ingredients, you would probably be better off supplying your own feed rather than wasting the money on even getting a analysis done. Have you actually seen the hay analysis?
  10. Opinions On German Martingales

    I'm assuming she uses the twisted wire snaffle when she runs like she practices with at home.
  11. Are lifetime packages something routinely offered when you buy a diesel of any brand or is this something strictly offered by Dodge? Also, what do you do to get the package? Pay more up front as in a higher cost warranty?
  12. Pretty Frustrated...

    Post on their Facebook and simply ask them WHY the vet diagnosed navicluar. Although it's most likely because she's exhibiting pain from the navicular region of the foot, just play dumb and let them fill in the facts. This horse probably doesn't have true navicular, but is probably suffering from thin soles and everything else mildly in between. Mention that navicular needs to be diagnosed thru nerve blocks and xrays if you can get a conversation started. Xrays alone don't show the whole story because horses can have crappy navicular bones with lesions and ugly margins, but still be sound. Seen it before on PPEs.
  13. Big Horn Saddles, Love Em Or Hate Em?

    My friend had an older one that was all leather. It had a really solid construction and fit her horse well, but it was very heavy. I know it weighed more than my Tex Tan Hereford.
  14. I guess what I worry about is being stranded with my horse trailer somewhere in the middle of nowhere because I blew something on the truck because it wasn't stong enough to haul. Add the costs of fixing/replacing whatever and boom, I should either downsize my trailer or upsize my truck.