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  1. Texas People #6

    It is a sunny hot day outside. I had 2 1/2 inches of rain in the rain gauge. We could have had more as the rain gauge is in the garden bed which is under the oak tree. Lots of damage in Willis with all the trees down. Thankfully not at my parents place. Not much happening here. I was out cutting weeds and sticker vines this morning. The grass is loving all this rain as well as the trees. Could do without the mosquitos.
  2. Texas People #6

    I heard that Meyerland is one of the hardest hit areas QH. Hope Paul's brother is ok. One of the problems with this storm is it is so widespread. Lots of horses had to be rescued.
  3. Texas People #6

    Glad to hear Moon is better. We got the rain two nights ago and again this morning. Looks like more rain starting Saturday. It is great seeing everything green and growing.
  4. Texas People #6

    Mz - Glad your son is out of the hospital. What a scary experience. QH - Sending good thoughts for Moon. I hope we get some of the rain heading our way. Could use a good soak for the grass, trees, and garden. Bindi celebrated her 8th birthday on Wednesday. She got her own sweet potato for dinner. The flap on her dog door broke so ordered a new one. Should be here this week. Still super busy at work. Doing three jobs at the moment. I've been promised next year will not be like this. I can't wait to get the Ph.D. next year. I'm ready to start the next phase of my life. Counting down the weeks until summer.
  5. Texas People #6

    The ants are really bad here. I have already had them in two of my beds. Got my first mosquito bite of the year today while mowing the grass. Just mowed around the bluebonnets but the yard looks much better. Took 3 years but I have grass almost covering the entire backyard. This year the lilies around the oak bloomed. They are purple lilies and are very pretty. Someone before me tried to make the yard nice at one time. Hope you enjoyed being in your garden today QH. Cold this morning and very warm this afternoon. My mom made me cuttings of my great great grandmother's rose bush for my backyard. Can't wait to get them established.
  6. Texas People #6

    Mz - Yesterday I had to turn the a/c on for the first time all year and then today was the heater. Crazy weather. QH - Glad to hear Gracie is doing well. I am making progress on my dissertation. Have the committee formed and am working on my prospectus. Between work and the dissertation I stay pretty busy. I hope to be done by next summer. My garden is doing well. The spaghetti squash is flowering and the snow peas are still producing.
  7. Texas People #6

    My rain gauge had 3" of rain in it. Bindi did not like going out to potty yesterday. I put three bags of organic soil in my raised beds before the rain came. I think one more bag will get it ready for spring planting. I plan on planting this weekend. The spaghetti squash is growing well and I noticed I have "wild" lettuce in the yard that must have escaped from the raised beds last year.
  8. Texas People #6

    I am doing ok. Just wrapped up some major projects at work. The weather is wonderful. My bluebonnets are already blooming and the tree pollen is turning everything yellow. Can't believe spring is here.
  9. Texas People #6

    We got that storm last night. Not sure what time as I didn't open my eyes. Actually had a small amount of rain in the rain gauge today. My mom said it passed through Willis about 4 am. Can't believe it missed you QH. Bindi has always been super sensitive to fleas QH. One flea and she has whelps and a spreading rash with boils. Last fall the rash turned into a skin infection. I had just run out of Gentaspray (it's not on the market anymore) and by the time I got her to the vet she had lost a lot of hair. We have a lot of cats that run loose in the neighborhood so I am sure they carry fleas with them even though Bindi is protected. In the few minutes it takes the flea to die on Bindi, the damage is done. There haven't been any fleas this winter and I'm wondering if it is the new pill treatment I put Bindi on a few months ago. Will see come spring.
  10. Texas People #6

    QH - Hopefully Amanda gets back without too much anxiety. I actually prefer the puddle jumpers as they are small and there is not as many people in them. I mostly flew on the airbuses to SLC the last few years. I took whatever was cheapest and straight through. Mz - That is great news about the pantry. It is nice to hear how generous HEB is to Texas communities. Doesn't look like snow is in our forecast this year. Bindi's allergies act up when the weather changes. At least her hair is mostly grown back from the fall. Not much else is happening. I've been working on my prospectus and staying busy at work. I'm ready for the weekend.
  11. Texas People #6

    Equi - Bindi babies her toys too. Hers are the stuffless animal ones and she grooms them until they are soaked. She also has one of my socks that every time I throw away magically appears in our bed. Been busy today with the nice weather. Got groceries this morning and then spent the afternoon getting my garden beds ready for spring. The snow peas are still producing like crazy and the spaghetti squash surprises are doing well. I even have a bluebonnet growing with them.
  12. Texas People #6

    What a beautiful day we had today. Took Bindi on a mile long walk around the neighborhood. She is currently barking at the neighbor cats which is her favorite pastime. I've been busy at work. Got some additional work I wasn't planning on this semester which has me crashing early every night due to mental tiredness. Hopefully it will get better soon.
  13. Here We Go Again.

    Dakota had a lump on his chest that was benign for a few years. Then it started growing rapidly (from small to softball size in a matter of weeks) and we had it removed because it had turned cancerous. He was 9 years old at the time and weighed 120 lbs. Didn't do any chemo/radiation and he lived 3 more years. Good thoughts to Chopper and you. Hoping it is a benign growth.
  14. Texas People #6

    QH - I got Bindi's toys at Tractor Supply and Amazon.
  15. Texas People #6

    QH - The sun was wonderful. The azaleas are still blooming as well as my marigolds. The bluebonnets are growing and it looks like a decent crop for March/April. Thrombocytopenia is an awful disease. Bella passed at Texas A&M and I allowed them to do an autopsy to learn more about it. Sorry you had to experience it too. Sounds like Gracie could use some of those stuffless toys. Those are Bindi's favorites because she treats them like babies. She likes the fox one the best. Stay warm!