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  1. It's been years since I've visited HC. The first thing I see is this, makes me sad
  2. Texas People #6

    A name like Becaco is kinda hard to forget. Still have my girls, Gin, Lena, Cameo and Jewel. MH, my great grandson, just turned 5. We are doing Last Oct, I fell and broke my knee, when I got over that the DH had surgery on his shoulder. Yeah, QH, I remember and recognize several names. Figured if there was still anyone I "know" it would be here. I only read back a couple of pages, but did get the gist that Paul had something done. Glad he is doing better. Guess a broken knee is minor. We did make a trip back home to go to my 50th class reunion. Things haven't changed much, just as dull (most of the time) as before. I'll see if I can remember how to post pics.
  3. Texas People #6

    Absolutely unbelievable!!!! It has been, gosh I don't know 2 years maybe, since I have been here and I am recognizing some of y'alls names.
  4. Texas People #5

    We don't have a clue. His heart just stopped, a heart attack, a stroke, a brain whatcha call it. I just don't know.
  5. Texas People #5

    We got back from our trip safe and sound Sunday afternoon. The kids said that our lab laid in the corner of the yard watching the road. They had to force him in the house at night. They were glad to see us. Everything was OK Monday. I let the dogs out about 4:30 and let them in when I got up about an hour later. Everything was OK. Later as I was making the bed I stepped over Bullet, then realized that he didn't move for me. He always moves out of my way. I reached down to touch him and asked if he was OK, and he was dead. I couldn't believe it. He just died, he was only 4. He was my puppy.
  6. Texas People #5

    I was going to post yesterday, but 4x one of my cats jumped in my lap onto the laptop and messed everything up. One time just as I was finished and before clicking post. I just gave up. Now, that is my kind of pumpkin, Aggie. That is great news. Jay takes vacations about like I do. Speaking of vacation, plans are to still come that way around the weekend of the 19th. QH, I would like to stop by and see you Sunday morning on our way back home. We will be in the area Friday afternoon, but I would like to stop and see my aunt (Daddy's sister) then. I hope she will be home and not visiting one of her stepdaughters. My cousin lives there too, and I hope to see her then. Mr D got him a new truck. It is an 09 Chevy Silverado Texas edition. Little MH got a new car seat. The one in the he had came unsnapped on one side during the wreck and leaned over to one side. We are going to use his truck when we come home. Good score on that bed, Mz. We got a good deal on one years ago, $75 for a king size bed used only in a guest room. Had that thing for 20 years before we finally got a new one. Don't keep a mattress for 20 years it is too hard on your back. Love your furry friends. I especially like the kissy pic.
  7. Texas People #5

    Aggie, wonderful news about Baby Girl crawling. She is going to have fun now. QH, I am going to have to rethink about stopping by and seeing you next month. I am plum jealous!!! Congrats on you weight loss. I am still working on it and still have only lost 20 lbs. Tell me again how you did it, you can leave out the treadmill. Even if I had room for one I wouldn't use it. If you have a link to a website, post it. The other day Little MH was in the computer room messing around. His Poppa asked him what he was doing and he told him digging. Poppa asked him why, he said because he liked to dig. According to Mr D he called his Nanna a naysayer, now where on earth he ever heard that I don't know.
  8. Texas People #5

    No such luck. He/she ran. He stopped long enough to take a look then left the scene.
  9. Texas People #5

    When someone at Nanna's work is on vacation that makes her schedule crazy, which in turn makes my schedule crazy. We went to town yesterday and had Little Mache with us, when we passed the place of the wreck, he said something about it. He said he was scared. I also have a better insight to what happened. The dumb a......, came off the entrance and turned the wrong way, the idiot was going the wrong way. Mr. D headed for an open grassy space, his right front hit a culvert then the right rear, which demolished each. When he hit it broke the axels, the frame, knocked the headlights out and the tail gate off. We have actually been getting some cooler temps, giving me a taste of fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. We also got just over two inches of rain last week, but not all at one time. It is supposed to be in the low 90's for a few days then on the weekend supposed to maybe get some rain and a cold front. Well, everyone if up and about now. Guess I'll go see about some breakfast. No, not for everybody, just the DH and me.
  10. Texas People #5

    QH, we will be heading that way the third weekend in Oct. We should be able to stop and see you for a couple of hours either coming or going. We will be going on a Fri and most likely coming back on a Sun. Fri. we wouldn't be there until late afternoon. Sun we could stop by Sun. morn. My Little Mache was in a car wreck, totaled his Daddy's truck. Some body did a u turn in front of him. I don't have all the particulars, but my DH said it was lucky he didn't roll the truck. Mr D called 911 and then his Poppa at work. He said that Little Mache started screaming and yelling "Daddy". Mr D said that he managed to keep calm but he couldn't see what was going on with the Boy. They are both OK, Little Mache bit his lip and has a little scratch on his face, I think they both will be sore tomorrow. Mr D said he hit his head on the stearing wheel. The guy that did the u turn kept on going, and not ONE person stopped. So no witnesses. Even though it was caused by another person it looks like a one car accident. Forgot to mention the firemen gave Little Mache a green Teddy bear, they call it Crash Bear. Even though I have tried not to, I think I am going to cry anyway.
  11. Texas People #5

    Me too. I will give you a real one, one of these days.
  12. Texas People #5

    For Paul and you too, QH.
  13. Texas People #5

    Thanks. You do know that I was trying to make a funny. I got so aggravated and flustered trying to get that picture posted.