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  1. ❀ ✿ ❁ ❀ ✿ ❁ Happy Birthday and May God Bless Your Everdays!!❀ ✿ ❁ ❀ ✿ ❁

  2. Surgery Today :(

    Thanks guys! Just got back from the OS... the splint they had me in was too tight around my toes and was rubbing/pushing on my pinky toe, so I went in and they put a new one on. I just took my meds again 30 mins ago but my foot/ankle is killing me. Hopefully the meds kick in soon... I may have to take 2 percocet next time instead of just 1.5.
  3. Surgery Today :(

    Thanks guys [Huggy] I'm really out of it, so if this post doesn't make sense, sorry in advance! I"m on percocet and I have really bad side effects from it (dizzy so muh to he point I can't sit up) but that was the only thing they could give me beacause the other options don't work on me. They lowered the dose this time around to see if the side effects can be lessened and so far it hasn't been as bad- I'm still a tad dizzy and really out of it (I kept saying/thinking that my surgery was yesterday). The pain wasn't that bad after the surgery, but I'm really starting to feel it now. I may need to get a higher dose of the percocet from the doc tomorrow because the lower dose hasn't done much as of right now. Turns out there was no tear. I almost broke out into tears when they told me because I thought I had just gone through the surgery for nothing... but the OS said that I would have needed it anyway beause everything was extremely loose and the ankle was basically reconstructed. I have screws in there now to hold the ligaments tighter to the bone. I go in on Wednesday for my post op and will be put in a cast then (I'm in a splint now due to the possibility of swelling and stuff) and he said that since everything went well, if I continue to heal well there is a chance that in 4 weeks I can start weight barring in a walking cast. I miss my boy but I know he's in good hands and is being well taken care of for me. He's so good... last time I had surgery I went out there on crutches about 1-2 times a week, someone got him for me and then I took the lead rope and he just walked right next to me. We really didn't click much after I bought him, but I'm so glad I stuck with him because he really tries hard.
  4. Surgery Today :(

    I broke my ankle last June and had surgery to remove several large bone chips. It was a really bad injury, according to my OS. Was non- weight barring all summer, and started riding again in September. Started having pain along the tendon, my OS tried several different things over the course of several months. Initially he and my PT thought it just needed to be stretched and over time it would get better. The pain continued and got worse, and after failed attempts by my OS with non-surgical treatments, he sent me to Baltimore for a second opinion (he didn't want to jump into surgical treatments without another opinion). The guy in Baltimore said that I have a tear along the peroneal tendon (which was why it was missed on the MRI- it was hard to see) and that the only option is surgery. So I go in today at 6:30am for surgery to do a tendon reconstruction, tighten the ligament, and possibly deepen the boney groove the tendon sits in. I'll be in a cast, non weight barring for 6 weeks, and then a long rehab process. The OS in Baltimore said no riding for 3 months.... but once I can walk I'm getting on bareback or w/o stirrups so that I can at least sit on Milo. I'm so disappointed and just not happy about this. I was hoping to get out to more events this season and then jumper shows this summer because Milo has been amazing over the past several months. But none of that is going to happen now... by the time I can ride again, it will almost be time for me to leave for college. I know that I don't have another treatment option, but at the same time, I sit here thinking of all the riding time I'll miss... riding time that I was looking forward to because once I go to college I'll only see my boy during Christmas and Summer. [Me Cry] I rode him today and was having second thoughts because it doesn't hurt while I ride... but then once I'm done riding I realize that I have to go through with the surgery.
  5. Haha I warned you to shield your eyes!! [ROTFL]
  6. ETA: Just fixed them...they work for me so hopefully others can see them If anyone is interested: And some artsy shots I got messing around with my new SLR. I still need to figure out all the settings so that I can get better pics- the above are a disappointment
  7. We had a snow day today and I knew I had to go for a bareback ride in the snow. I've always wanted to do that and convinced my mom to come take pics. (warning! settings were wrong on the camera so everything came out bright... white horse + white snow = shield your eyes!! I tried editing them but was short on time so they are still not great) I was originally just going to walk him: But he was being good so I decided to trot him... he got the QH cross, but TB withers so not the most comfortable horse to trot bareback... but he was awesome! Since he was so good trotting, I debated on whether I should canter him or not. I haven't ridden him bareback since last spring, but previously he has shown that he can be a bucking machine when cantered bareback I decided to go for it though- maybe I'm crazy, but I wanted to have memories of cantering my pony through the (small amount of) snow before I go to college. He was AWESOME! I was so proud of my boy! We were trotting and I just gave him the slightest que and he did a beautiful canter transition, and was so relaxed, no bucking involved Good Boy!!! He got lots of cookies after. Just wanted to share We have another snow day tomorrow... but he was really good today and I don't want to press my luck! Artsy shots to follow- too many pics for one post.
  8. Best Way To Desensitize To Crop?

    Will Do!!! He's the type of horse who you HAVE to take it slow with and reward lots. He does try hard to please though
  9. Best Way To Desensitize To Crop?

    Cheri Wolfe: Great advice, thanks! When you are in the roundpen tapping your leg with the crop, you are in the saddle, correct? Just wanted to make sure I'm understanding it right
  10. Best Way To Desensitize To Crop?

    I have not tried spurs yet and have thought about it, but don't know that I'd feel comfortable using them because I'm still a bit weak in my one leg (due to an injury) and I sometimes struggle keeping my leg position steady. I'd hate to accidentially spur him... with a crop I could just keep it with me just incase, not risk using it accidentially and I think just having it with me would be enough to give him incentive to move off my leg more. I can already rub it all over him with no problem whatsoever on the ground... but I'll try sitting in the saddle with it and just rubbing it all over him and then go from there :)
  11. My gelding has come a long way in the past 2 years that I've been riding him. He is so chill about everything now (really wish I could event him this season, because he's chilled out a ton and I think would be great) and I have started riding him with a dressage whip because he is not as responsive to my leg and occasionally needs a reminder to wake up and pay attention. He is fine with the dressage whip- I can carry it with no problem and when I use it he doesn't spaz, he just pays more attention and is more forward. I never thought I'd have to say this with my gelding, but I think I may need to start carrying a crop when jumping. He's still forward, but not as much as he used to be. Still looks perfectly happy to jump, knees up, ears forward etc... but he lacks the impulsion he used to have. I don't know if he's just getting bored with the size, or if he's just becoming more used to jumping that he doesn't put forth as much effort or what. 2'3 is nothing for him, and he easily gets over even without the impulsion he used to have but it would be much more comfortable for both of us to have him a tad more forward! Problem is that he completely spazzes if I even carry one with me when riding. He supposedly was jumped and evented in the past so I don't know if one was used excessively on him or not- but on the few occasions where I've tried to carry a crop, he throws his head straight up in the air, is prancy at the walk, really fast and going at an inconsistant/unsteady pase at the trot and often breaks into a very poppy canter (like him holding back but saying "lemme go mom, come on, I want to go!" ). On the ground it doesn't phase him- it's just when I'm in the saddle. I don't mind sitting through this if he'll eventually get used to the crop so that I can carry one when jumping *just incase* but wanted to make sure I would be going about it the right way. Should I just carry it with me everytime I ride, whether I'm jumping or not, and let him work it out and figure out that carrying a crop doesn't mean the sky is falling?
  12. What Brings Back Memories For You?

    Songs, pictures and smells. Random, but when I hear the song "End of the Line" by the Cheetah Girls (yeah, I told you it was random haha- and no, I don't listen to them... but I heard it once and liked that particular song), it reminds me of the paint pony that I leased and my anglo-hanoverian mare that I had to put down within a month of each other. "Will we be friends when we grow old? is this the end of the line? I hurt with you I love with you the world just seems to get in our way Is this the end of the line? Oh please don't leave me Don't let your heart let go We'll find a way The journey has only begun Is this the end of the line?" Also, looking at pictures obviously brings back memories, both good and bad. Smells do too. I have my mare's halter that she was wearing when she was put down, and I can still smell her on it. Brings back a lot of memories. Freshly cleaned barns/stalls that smell like the medical center make me think of that night. Of course, things also bring back good memories. I think of my first event when I hear the song "Would You Go With Me", since that's what I was listening to when I was getting ready that morning.
  13. That's a good idea to neither accept or deny her. If I set my search results to private, will that mean that nobody will be able to look me up? I've had a lot of old friends (I've moved quite a few times and lost contact with alot of people) find me through FB so I'd like to still have people be able to find me if they search for me. Is there a way to set it so that certain people can't see it?
  14. This seems like a quesiton with a simple answer. How do I get out of friending my aunt on facebook? But I do not feel it is that simple and I"ll explain why. This aunt and I do not get along very well. We see eachother about 3 times a year and I pretend to like her. She is way too competetive. She's always trying to explain to my parents or I how her kids are better than my brother and I. How they are amazing at this, great in school, did that etc. I don't care. I ignore it for the most part. But she is the type that feels like she's right about everything, and is very confrontational about everything. My mom made the mistake of telling her that I wanted to do ROTC next year and I hear her loud and clear on the phone "WHAT? Put her on the g-- d--- phone. " and I flat out say "no, I will not talk to her right now". She refuses to hang up until I talk to her so I just make out as non-detailed as possible "I have thought this over a great deal, and this is something that I want to do. I will not get into the reasons why, because some people do not share the same views I do and it's not worth arguing over to me", and I handed the phone back over. We got two phone calls that night, one from another uncle and one from my grandmother, both saying "so, Shannon is going into the Army?". She also invited herself to my graduation and my grad-party. We are given 4 tickets for graduation. 3 will be used for my family and one will be used for a close family-friend. I told her that there was a limit on the number of people and that my party is primarially for friends, and she had a fit. As I get older, I get mouthier to her. I"ll admit it, if she pi$$es me off, I'll get pi$$y back. It doesn't help the situation, but I'm not going to sit there and let her belittle me. My parents are well aware of this (they can't stand her either) and they know that I dread going on any vacation she is on because she makes it a miserable experience for me. I'm going tobe in college next year, and have already told my parents that I will not be attending the extended family vacation this summer. She of course got wind of this, and was not happy that I wouldn't be coming. She doesn't know it's because of her... but her comment to her daughter (7th grade) was that "Shannon will be going to college next year. Apparently she feels like she's too cool to hang out with younger people." Anyways, to make a long story short, she already butts into my life enough when we are on vacation. She is the gossip queen of the family.... believe me, things spread quickly on my dad's side of the family. I have aunts/uncles on my mom's side who I've accepted as friends on facebook... but they are not the type of people who would go and spread everything around. Her being able to see my facebook is going too far in my personal *virtual* bubble. My mom says I should add her because it's rude not to. My dad agrees with me and says that if I add her, anything and everything I put on there will make it to the rest of the family within the hour. So basically, I know that if I ignore or reject her, we'll be getting a phone call saying "so I added Shannon as a friend on FB... let her know so she can add me". She's just that type of person who would become defensive if I gave a reason she didn't like. If you made it through this post, you earned a cookie. Whats the best way to go about this? **BTW, I have nothing on my FB page that is inappropriate. My boss, as well as assist. manager are on my friends list and are able to see my profile- I have nothing to hide on there. I just don't feel like this aunt needs to see/know anything more than she already does.
  15. How To Get Better Leg Position?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! My position is better when my stirrups are longer... and I think this is more of a bad habit than pain because I've done it before the injury (the pic in my OP was taken before the injury). I did a good bit of no stirrup work when I was still recovering from my injury (I was deperate and the OS/PT finally said that I could get on the horse a long as I didn't use stirrups)- a good 2 months worth at least, and then another 4 weeks no stirrup back in November to see if my new problems were riding related or not. My seat is clearly better without stirrups than with- I'm much looser at the canter especially. The toes/knees out thing happens at the trot but its worse at the canter (and sometimes happens over jumps). So I"m apparently gripping more at the canter. I'm working with a trianer, but we haven't done much canter work or jumping with stirrups because of my ankle problems so I haven't had a chance to recently work on it. It was yesterday when I went riding and did some canter work that I noticed I was doing it quite a bit. However, I noticed it more when we were cantering down the long side (when we'd be straight) than the short side (where there is hardly any sraight travel b/c I usually add a circle in on the short side). I have a lesson scheduled for Thursday so I'll bring it up then and I"ll be sure to lengthen my stirrups to see how much of a difference I notice :)