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  1. How Many "missourians" Are Out There?

    Well, I saw on someones FB page that there was a MO Board ride, so I came to see pics and disappointed ;) I sure wanted to read about it and see pics! Havent been here in awhile. Have had alot going on, dealing with life and stuff. Not much new here. Still have Myst but shes up for sale, then trailer, truck, tack. Bobs still trucking, coming home this afternoon! YEAH Dogs/cats are fine! So, beings I came here to hear about a trail ride and see pics! Whos willing to post!
  2. Cowgirlup

    Its all good! You were trying to help.
  3. Cowgirlup

    ?? Ive already been there, that wasnt the question I was asking her, IF it is one of our cowgirls.
  4. Cowgirlup

    Well hon, that would all depend of if you used their service and made a comment about them. :)
  5. Cowgirlup

    Looking to see if it is our Cowgirlup that used a service called Panorama towing and repair in Santa Clarita, CA. Looking at reviews and that name popped up. My husbands semi is there, broke down and is going to need repairs.
  6. What a dumb @.. hick. I hope that camera man pressed charges.
  7. Just Dropping In

    Oh my gosh hon, I am so sorry. I had no idea. How are you all holding up? Ill call you in the next couple days. ((HUGS))
  8. Update On The Lupus Thing.

    Sending good thoughts your way
  9. Cell Phone, Home Phone Or Both?

    whats a land line? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I am kidding you know
  10. What I Gave Myself

    Very cool! Congrats!!
  11. ** Happy Belated Birthday Jack Baumgartner **

    Happy Birthday Jack! I hope you have a Blessed day!
  12. E Cigarettes To Help Stop Smoking

    Way to go with the cigs hon! Keep it up. I hope to one day fully quit. Now, off subject, how did you get by the screening to get on HC? I cant believe they LET you in. You know I love you!!!! [ROTFL]
  13. Wormer!

    I wouldnt buy it. My worming chart(from my vet)goes like this Spring...Feb April Moxidectin Summer...May July Pyrantel Fall...August October Ivermectin Winter...November January Ivermectin I also use a Tapewormer in Dec I choose to purchase the products I want, not what someone may put in a box and send me(which ever is cheapest to them).
  14. How Many "missourians" Are Out There?

    Just watched the Cox video...NICE! You know I like his riding. What the heck was that 2nd video?
  15. What Do I Do?