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  1. Some Summer Pics And An Update

    GG, It has been a while since I've been on HC myself, first thing I did was look for your post and pics. Thanks for sharing and hoping the rest of 2013 and all of 2014 is kinder to you. Best wishes RJ
  2. Standlee Forage

    Has anyone used any of the Standlee products? We have a mustang mare that only gets grass/alfalfa mix hay, the problem is our usual supplier of hay did not have a good year so we bought from others since it was getting close to winter, I am not impressed with the quality so I was thinkg of supplementing with Standlee rather than grain. Any thoughts out there? RJ
  3. TB's just have bad feet.

    Jumpin I sent you a pm with the info, to long to put here. I forgot to ask in the pm if you know of any NHF in the Metamora/Lapeer area? I'd like to find some one to work with.
  4. TB's just have bad feet.

    Broo; We have a OTTB,when we brought him home almost 2 years ago he had shoes on the fronts an threw one within the week,we started the natural trim,at first we had to use EZ boots when trail riding but this year we have yet to put them on, in fact Saturday we went on one of the rockier and hilly trails around and were able to go out again today. I wish I were able to post before and after pics, at first his feet where flat,now they are concave with a wide healthy frog and a calloused sole. His hoof wall is thinner than our other geldings but healthy and barefoot.
  5. texjer and others

    mqtr Sorry didn't mean to make light of your bad situation. Stay safe!
  6. texjer and others

    mqtr and equosmo Hope you don''t start growing fins and gills
  7. texjer and others

    Just read about the floods and rain in Texas and other parts hope all trail BB affected are ok.
  8. Couple of Fat Boys....

    Iknow what you mean Jer, lack of excercise and bad eatin will do it every time, I like to blame it on MI winters. but at least now with daylight savings I'll be able to ride after work. Good you were able to get out and enjoy your nice weather.
  9. Horse and Mules, OH MY

    The first pic is my new screen saver at work. Thanks as always GG.
  10. Any body going to the MSU for the stallion expo this weekend?
  11. Almost some COW'S BUTTS

    50's GG lucky you, we are still below freezing here in MI. with ice on the ground which makes for bad footing. Great pics and good to see you out and about.
  12. Is Bumper ever nice?

    I haven't had any interaction with bumper but I do like her responses, straight forward to the point and easy to understand as well as entertaining. And I know your mission is not to make us happy bumper, youv'e made that clear
  13. New horse!

    With that short back, muscled hips and shoulders she looks like an athlete to me. Congrats and keep us posted.
  14. 1. Quit my job 2. By each of my daughters a house 3. Set up college funds for our Grandchildren. 4. Pay off my sisters condo 5. Assist my brother and sister inlaw in some way since their condo is paid off. 6. Go back to school during my free time, this would accomplish two things, first get out of my wifes hair and two keep my brain working. 7. Buy a new trailer, indoor arena, acreage, work with my trainer more. 8. Maybe go back to coaching soccer. Now its time to go back to work.
  15. Gettsyburg PA battlefields

    I don't have any info for you Charmgirl but I want lots of pics after your trip. I just have to visit that place sooner or later and at my age it better be sooner.