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  1. Youth World

    Is anyone watch youth world? Im getting frusterated because the sound cuts in and out. I was keeping scores but now i cant O well i guess im just going to have to wait for the scores now. Just wondering if anyone else is having this trouble.
  2. Reiner Workout Plan

    You got to keep a reiners mind busy. I would do arena work and if she is a finished reiner then do less arena work just do touch ups, I would spend most of the time doing hill work building muscles back up. My two reiners do this. They walk 2 miles a day and thats including 2 hills when im getting them in shape. I will spend a week before a show in the arena just doing some touch ups but not drilling. Like you do walking, trotting, loping. I work on transitions from going to the fast lope to the slower collected lope. I have a 5 year old almost finished reiner and a 14 year old finished reiner. And thats what I have done with them for 3 years and its worked great. Reining like any horse sport is tough on the legs so I try to save them as much as possible :) Congrats on your purchase thats great!!!!! Happy for you and bestest of luck with everything that you do!!! Make sure to keep us informed