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  1. Just wondering if anyone might live near Washington CH, OH? Looks like I have a promising job down there at the hospital. Only one problem, when I look online I really don't find anything for boarding. And since Rosie will be coming with me, that's a bit of an issue. If anyone knows of possible places that offer full-care board, please let me know. I'll probably be moving sometime in October (towards the end) if that helps at all. And since most people I talk to about boarding want to know a bit about Rosie, here's some info: 9 yo 3/4 Arab 1/4 saddlebred mare 14.2 HH good manners can be a tad nervous in a new environment lowest of the low on the "herd totem pole" (she lets anyone and anything boss her around) I'm looking for full-care with an indoor for right now. I do have hay that I can bring down and I don't mind buying her own grain (She's a tad picky). I just need someone to feed her 2x a day, clean stall, and possible turnout if I'm not able to make it out to the barn for a few days. I'd be okay with traveling up to a half hour away from Washington CH for the right barn. Can anyone help?
  2. Had A Great Chiropractor Look At Slick Today

    I know Dr. Genovese, he's awesome. Sorry to hear about your horse though. My neighbor has been dealing with on and off lameness in her gelding for years now, so I know the frustration you must be feeling.
  3. Anyone Near Chillicothe, Oh?

    I just accepted a job offer down in Chillicothe, OH and now I'm in the process of looking for a place to board my mare. I've looked online and haven't really come up with much so I'm hoping someone here might know of a place to check out around there. It's about 1 hour south of Columbus, OH. Thanks.
  4. Anyone Else Suffer From Pcos?

    While there is no "cure" for PCOS there are treatment options. The one that works pretty well if you aren't trying to conceive is to be put on Birth control pills. This regulates your hormones and prevents ovulation, thus limiting the potential for cysts to form on the ovaries. If you are trying to get pregnant, they'll probably try to put you on Metformin. It's actually a diabetes drug but PCOS is a metabolic problem, not just an "ovary" problem. so it helps regulate the uptake of insulin. If after metformin you haven't been able to conceive. Then they can try a fertility drug known as Clomid. Weight loss helps improve the overall picture of PCOS since your body's hormones are out of whack with it, so diet and exercise are a must when dealing with it. Another thing to keep and eye on is your cholesterol panel as well as thyroid function, since it's a metabolic problem. If you aren't having a period every 4-5 months then they might try something called provera which helps shed the lining of your uterus on a regular basis. If you don't routinely shed the lining, you're at an increased risk of Endometrial/Uterine cancer later in life. PCOS doesn't mean you're automatically sterile. Some people do have some trouble conceiving but there are medically effective treatments for that. However I have seen people with PCOS that do not have trouble at all. They don't actually know how easy it will be for you until you try...so don't give up hope just yet... ETA- TriNessa is a birth control pill, you may have a little bit of irregular spotting until your body becomes adjusted. But there's really not much difference in the make up of BCP's. It's all a matter of how YOU feel on them. There are TONS of different ones to try so if that doesn't help there's no need to worry.
  5. Does Anyone Know How To Read Doctor Results From Echo Gram

    Chordae Tendinae The chordae are the "strings" that attach to the valves of the heart. They can become weakened due to a variety of factors, this weakness is what leads the valve to invert (prolapse) since the strings are looser than what they should be. If someone has untreated strep throat it can cause Rhemuatic fever. And the worst complication from that is Rheumatic heart disease. In regards to the ASO titer. It's a blood test that is used to measure the antibodies against Streptococcus group A which is the cause of strep throat. This test shows whether or not you've been exposed to the bacteria and depending on the levels it can sometimes tell if it's a current infection. ASO titer Mitral Valve Prolapse Depending on the severity of the MVP and the symptoms that he's having, there are a couple treatment options.
  6. Does Anyone Know How To Read Doctor Results From Echo Gram

    His Mitral Valve in his heart is inverting when the heart is pumping, it's located between the Left atrium and the Left ventricle. It's weakened due to some pathological change. Have they checked an ASO titer to see if he's had untreated Strep? Left untreated, Strep can cause a complication known as rheumatic fever that if that is also left untreated can lead to rheumatic heart disease (often diagnosed as MVP). myxomatous changes mean that the excessive mobility of the chordae (they are attached to the heart valves) are consistent with something pathological that weakens the connective tissue (chordae).
  7. Im Stumped..

    I had mono back in January. I was positive I had strep. Pus on my tonsils, pretty severe sore throat, and just feeling "blah". Rapid strep test was negative, but the sent out a culture just to be sure. Culture showed a yeast infection in my throat that caused the SEVERE throat pain, I was put on diflucan for a few days and the throat pain went away. But with the enlarged lymph nodes, they also performed a Monospot as well as the Mononucleosis panel to show whether I had a current infection or if I had a previous infection. (The mono panel can distinguish between current and past infections) I didn't become severely tired until a few days after the mono test came back positive. I slept for over 18 hours the first couple days after that. Antibiotics will not help mono or a yeast infection. Supportive treatment is all that you can do for mono since it's a virus, not a bacteria. And yeast is not cured my an antibiotic either. You need an antifungal for that.
  8. Im Stumped..

    Might be Mono as well. The fatigue especially makes me lean toward mono.
  9. Blindness Or Eye Infection?

    I agree, please get the vet out. Eyes are super sensitive and I wouldn't want to risk losing any sight with a chronic infection or otherwise.
  10. Do You Like Kiwi?

    I tried Kiwi in fruit salad during the super bowl. It made my tongue tingle like crazy. So, I guess I'm allergic or something.
  11. Mrsa

    Make sure you are taking the Bactrim with food, that will significantly lessen the nausea. Also Bactrim is notorious for making someone sun-sensitive that even 10 mins in the sun can result in a nasty burn. So, try and stay out of it as much as possible and wear sun-block if you are going to be in it even moderately. MRSA is one of the rare organisms that can live outside of the body for hours, so that is how it's being spread so readily now-a-days. Take care of yourself.
  12. White Trash, Hillbilly, Red Neck Birthday Bash!

    PIC! You didn't mention that I will also be accompanying you to this party. Don't leave a girl hangin'. We are partners in crime remember. PS...if some of y'all could spare some ideas for me as well I would be most thankful. [Crazy]
  13. I Know It's The Right Time

    I have two cats that are both 17 this year that I need to put down before they get any worse. One has a rectal tumor that is progressing to where she will be blocked in a couple months and the other cat is slowly loosing weight and doesn't eat very much any more. I had the vet look at them the last time she was out for Rosie and said that she wouldn't recommend putting them down at that point, but probably by next summer. Well that time has come, and I made the appointment for Friday afternoon at 4. I know it's the right time, but why is it so hard to do? I've had both kitties since they were tiny kittens and they're from the same litter. I also needed Rosie's spring shots done so instead of traveling to the vet she'll be putting them down here to reduce the stress of everything. I know I'm going to be a basket case with it all, but tell me I'm doing the right thing... [Me Cry]
  14. New Horse Trailer?

    ^Ditto...I like the vodka and gin part personally... [Crazy]
  15. Should I Go Get An X-ray Or Not?

    If it woke you up at night it's probably a stress fracture.