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  1. At A Loss....

    You.. know.. when it first happened I wasn't.. After that the first few times I don't think I was.. becuase I didn't expect her to still have an issue. But now. you guys could be right. I will try relaxing more in the saddle... and doing short trails just off the property and back.. building both of our confidence up and see if it helps. I know about how your seat affects everything, but I didn't even think that i could be tensing up and not realizing it. I've done spooky horses before and i've learned to just ride out and if you aren't looking for something to be scared up generally they won't either.. but i think the intensity of her spooks have me well spooked. I ride western btw.
  2. At A Loss....

    Im not making excuses... I know i screwed up by not paying attention that day and i'm afraid by not pushing her further that day on that trail that I have caused this issue. That was the first time she had EVER spooked to that extent. But i am doing EVERYTHING i can and know how to... to try and fix this. I just need help figuring out how to do this... and even where to start... Even if that means taking her back several steps.. I will do it.. I'll do whatever i need to do.
  3. At A Loss....

    Thank you both.. Smilie: She does the one rein stop and she does get her "butt-kicked" when she tries to take off.. thats the thing. I do make the wrong thing hard the right thing easy for her.. and it has worked everywhere but on the trail this last year or so.. I do have to agree though.. i think it has now become something she has learned to do.. rather than it being a fear. I think the orginal spook was a fear and now she thinks she can get out of work doing it... but i have NEVER let her out of working for doing it, becuase i know it will create a bigger problem. She has been ridden out alone and by herself neither bothered her. up until that day. Infact.. this last year at least 90% of her work has been by herself. The problem is I can't figure out how to re-train an unpredictable spook on the trail... I will be continueing to work her at home and in the arena... I will try taking her out on the trail in short instances and working our way up again and see if that helps. Greenhaven: Interesting.. i've never had this happen before or known it to happen until this mare.. and that could of very well of been what happened.. and now she thinks she can do it all the time. The only thing that may lead me to believe that this is still a fear related issue is the fact that she is SOO spooked and nervous afterwards. Or its a front.. I'm not sure... like i said earlier.. she hasn't gotten out of work by spooking like this... she gets worked and once she settles down we continue on with whatever we were doing... but it doesn't help.... I just don't know anymore!!! argh... dang mare. Anyone think she could be just doing this with me? I don't have anyone experienced enough right now to ride her for me incase she still does spook... I do have a friend who in a few weeks may be able to try for me.. she is one of the few riders i would actually trust riding or working any of my horses that need experienced riders. Edited to add: Let me just say.. that this spook... ISN'T a side shuffle or a normal bolt. This mare is CATTY and extremly AGILE... She will move out from underneath you in any turn/rollback/spin if you are not completly and full prepared for her to move. When i say one -two steps... i'm quiet literal.. about that. LOL i have taken a series of photos catching her every step, of her when she's running around and she does 180 in one -two steps... If it was just something less.... unseating i wouldn't be worried about it so much and could handle it.. but its to the point i don't trust riding her out on the trail, and i sure as heck don't have fun riding her out there anymore and can't have anyone else do it becuase i don't want to be resposible if they get hurt. I love this mare to peices. Her agility and movements i adore and am fully capable of handling. She is an incredible mare.... just..... hit a road block i am trying to get past so i can get her ready to hand off to my younger riders.
  4. At A Loss....

    So... I haven't been on here in ages... been caught up in life, and I'm finally stuck. I need help. I can't figure this one out for the life of me, and have finally opted to asking others for some help and ideas! I’m just plum out of them. Everything I’ve ever done to help this issue just isn't working. I'm willing to take consideration on any and all ideas... I’m officially stuck with this mare. About the mare: She's coming 5 She is green broke She's extremely light, and responsive. Does excellent in the arena no issues.. Practically bombproof on the ground and in the arena Has been desensitized to a ton of stuff.. And doesn't spook at anything around the barn/farm/arena/anything as long as she's not under saddle. My problem: She has developed a nasty spooky habit ONLY on the trail.... History: About a year ago, we were trail riding down a familiar trail, just new direction. We've gone down it before, just never as far as we had gone.. So I guess to her it was a pretty new trail. We had another, experienced trail horse with us.. One who's not spooky at all. And Up until this day this filly didn't spook at ANYTHING on the trail. It didn't matter if it was birds in the brush, dogs, ducks.. She didn't bat an eye. Well I was riding on a confidence high and stopped paying attention (I know my mistake) and was taking pictures playing on my camera, and didn't realize a small flock of ducks off to the side of the trail in a creek. By the time I realized them they had started to take off out of the water, and this mare LOST it. She flipped a lid. Normally I would have had no issue handling the spook but I wasn't paying attention. She did a 180 and bolted and tried to save my seat but it came to bailing or landing on a fence and busting ribs and possible other painful things.. So I bailed. (This is not the first time this mare has had a rider come off) The other mare spooked when we spooked (we made quiet the ruckus). After I came off... and we got her caught.. I did get back on. We didn't particularly finish our trail ride (which makes me think this is part of the problem) but we did keep riding. Since this day... her spooks are awful out on the trail.. They are 90*- 180* litterly in one- two steps and she tries to bolt. Now I haven't come off since, because I’m aware of the issue and pay attention the entire ride. I am able to get her under control before she bolts but she's litterly terrified and it takes a good 10-15 minutes to get her to where we can go on and then she's hyped up and nervous the rest of the ride. ANYTHING will trigger this and I haven't noticed any warning signs. She doesn't get ancy, any more alert than she already is or isn't. It’s just a sudden thing as far as I am aware. Now I have taken her back to the area she spooked at, on the ground. We have done a ton of trail desensitization on the ground. I've ponied her out on the trail. AT first she spooked a bit but now she doesn't bat an eye. But it’s anytime someone is in the saddle it’s like she's a completely different mare out on the trail. I don't allow ANYONE else to ride her on the trail because if you’re not experienced you will be dumped if she does this, and I don't want anyone to get hurt. At first I didn't keep her busy on the trail hoping the more we did it she'd get over it.. Didn’t work.. I tried keeping her feet busy on the trail and her mind on something other than her surroundings.. That didn't work. I just don't know what to do anymore. She was an amazing trail horse and now I’m afraid she'll never be trail worthy again because of the danger she could be to herself and the rider. I feel like she has lost her trust in me as a rider, and in riders in general.. And I don't know how to get it back.
  5. Members In Utah/idaho Area

    Thanks Kitten-Kat, I will look into them. I think right now we will probably stay with eskie if things work out. And yup we are still planning to go straight up the 15. Its the fastest route and hauling three horses, I don't really wanna have to trailer them longer then necessary. The MT fires (as far as i know) are currently not along our drive. I'm checking out Utah, and Idaho.. and we will keep an eye on them and change our route as necessary but for now we're sticking with the drive we've done way too many times. lol
  6. Members In Utah/idaho Area

    Thanks :)
  7. Members In Utah/idaho Area

    We're (El Bandito and I) heading back to Montana next month and looking for somewhere around Salt Lake, either before or right after to stop for the night. Does anyone know of any good over night facilities? or anyone willing to house us for the night? We've been through there several times before but we've always had enough drivers to drive straight through, but this time we've got just enough. :) We've got three horses, 2 dogs, and three cats.
  8. Anyone Remember....

    I have to agree with this one! I remember when there were Rp's with Hundreds of pages and yet they were still lasting! I remember going back and reading them off and on, they we're fun..... Ahhh memories.
  9. Welcome To Small Town Arizona

    Stats: Name: Kayliegh Sanders Nickname: Kay, or boots by those who know her Age: 20 Gender: Female History: She was born and raised here, she inheritated Gisele Equestrian Center from her Grandfather when he passed away. But the Equestrian center has been passed down for generations in her family. Personality:She's outgoing, and daring. Sometimes stupid but she's always fun. She's loving and playful, but can be serious. Shes someone who you can always count on, even if its just to listen. She'll always be there. She's loyal, but makes mistakes. She's only human. Description: Role in community: Equestrian Center Owner and Runs Gisele Equestrian Team Horse Stats: Main horse Reg. Name: Poetry In Motion Barn name: P.J. Age: 10 gender: Gelding Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse Height: 15.2 History: P.J. was bought as a young colt by her grandfather as Kayleigh's 4h project. Personality: He's a proud horse and loves to hear the crowd cheering. He gets amped off of it. He's high spirited but never dangerous. Description: Built like a tank. I'll add more later. Other Stats: Name: Reesey age:2 gender: female Breed: German Shepherd Species:Dog History: Reesey was adopted from the local pound, after she was found wandering on the outskirts of the town. Personality:She's loyal and protective but always gentle and kind to people who pose no threat. Well known around the community because she practically always with Kayliegh. Loves treats and to play with toys, whether it be a stick or a ball she'll chase it and bring it back to you. Description:
  10. Welcome To Small Town Arizona

    Welcome To Gisele Arizona This is the sign that welcomes you home, or even just welcomes you into this small town. Supported by a wood frame over the paved road, that mind as well not be paved with as many pot holes and cracks are in it. The Sign hangs down by chains that are starting to rust, although despite the looks of the entrance you still feel as though this place is home or can be called home. Gisele is just a small town, and by small i mean less that 500 people. Everyone knows everyone kind of town, you do something wrong your parents are going to find out within 5 minutes, or you broke down on main street its on the local papers headlines. Ok So maybe NOT that drastic but you get the picture. Although Gisele is a small down, its full of culture and history, but one thing always stands out. Their equestrian teams. They don't have a state of the art equestrian center, they don't have high dollar trainers and the don't have high dollar horses. Some do, but most do not. They are the average run of the mill kind of people, but they are good. And thats why you decided to move here, or your parents moved here for that reason. Your closest major cities would be, Phoenix which is about an hour and a half, or Flagstaff, about 2 hours. ---- Here you were either born here, moved here before, or your new. Your choice. You be anything you want to be, anything or one that would be in a town you can play. There is a High school, middle school, elementary school. Theres the local grocery store, tack and feed store, movies, a couple little shops. Theres a park. Theres fairgrounds and an equestrian center, where board is free if you pay your own feed and muck your own stalls. If not then your board price is price of feed, plus 25 bucks a month for stall cleaning. Most of ALL HAVE FUN!!!!! -- Rules: Normal rules APPLY: No PP, No GM... Etc. Romance needs to be kept to a normal level, i'd expect ALL of you to know what that level is. Please Please PLEASE Spell Check!!!! A couple errors once in a while i can understand but not every post or every other word!!! I might edit this later on.. if need be. Lets just hope not You can have as many charries as you want just keep them active please! And if your going to be gone, let someone know so they can let us all know! -- Stats: Name: Nickname: Age: Gender: History: Personality: Description: Role in community: Horse Stats: Reg. Name: Barn name: Age: gender: Breed: Height: History: Personality: Description: Other Stats: Name: age: gender: Breed: Species: History: Personality: Description: HAVE FUN!!!! You guys can be owners of shops, or authoritative figures in the community!
  11. Anyone Remember....

    Wow... Dang.. I remember like almost all of you guys. Although I've went back and forth from Lovin'Weasel and SoCalDesertRider. I can't make up my mind But either way, I def. remember all are old rpg's. And waking up to being pages behind, but still managing to catch up? LOL Good times
  12. She Was Put Down Last Night

    Thank you all for your condolences. I do appreciate them and i'm sorry that i haven't gotten back here sooner. It just been crazy and stressful the past few days. It was and still is hard, but i'm starting to get over my anger with my aunt and uncle. I know why they did what they did, its just hard to accept. In a way i wish they would have called me so there was no one to be angry with except myself. I know i was not only angry because of that but because i wasn't there. And that was not there fault it was mine, and there is no one to blame but me. I've finally been able to accept that she's gone, even though its going to hit me ten times harder when i go to nm to get my things. Yesterday my mom was finally able to hang my senior picture of her and i in the living room without me balling. It still hurts but it will for a long time. Thank you all a ton.
  13. She Was Put Down Last Night

    Last night and this morning was the hardest time of my life so far. My mare, Royal, had to be put down. She was almost thirty years old, and had a past that would make most here sick or angry or both, that was until four years ago when i bought her. About 3 months ago I noticed her hips weren't doing too great. They were growing weaker and some days were better than others, but none really caused her too much pain. She was happy and clearly not ready to go, even when her hips were really bad she still had fight in her. She we put her on butte and she was a happy camper. She was growing stronger since she was let out on an acre to run. About a week ago I drove to California to walk the stage with my class, leaving my uncle and aunt to take care of her in NM. I had no doubt in my mind that she'd still be there when i returned, until last night. It was around 6pm, on our way home from taking the oldest of my younger brothers to the dirt bike track, when my mom got a call from my uncle. It was short lasted and my mom didn't say much of anything, other than i'll call you back in about an hour when we get home. I don't know the details of what the talked about and i'm pretty sure i don't want to know. All i know is the look on my moms face wasn't one i wanted to see , but it was one i'd seen before and the tone of her voice told me something was wrong. So of course I ask which one of my animals is dead? Not thinking it would have anything to do with my horse. I know my rabbits up there in age, figuring she might of been the one. But when my mom shook her head to me asking if it was my rabbit my heart dropped clear out of my chest. She told me my horse's hips had given out and she couldn't get up. She had tried and tried and tried but couldn't do it. She told me my uncle called a vet out. So me personally knowing what this ment i cried till we got home. Then when i was finally able to stop crying, i wanted and needed to know what was going on with my horse. So my uncle and aunt were called. Neither answered there phone. During this time i was telling my mom, i will put her down if the vet says she needs to be put down. But never once did i receive a phone call last night, asking me to give the ok to put her down. So i figured maybe she'd make it through the night and maybe just maybe they got her up and it was just another scare. After graduation practice today, i asked my mom if she had talked to my uncle this morning yet and she said yes. And i asked her how was roy and they said they put her down last night. I was and still am livid. I'm angry beyond belief. Not because she was put down but because neither my aunt or uncle had the decency to call ME, My phone, and let me know what was going on with MY horse. And Neither of them called to get MY OK to put my horse down. Not ONCE did I give them care of my horse. I left strict instructions to call me if ANYTHING changed with her, knowing her hip problem. OF course i was going to say to put her down, but its the fact that its MY horse to put down, Not theres. And i was reachable, so thats not an excuse and they know that. I was reachable because, My cell was on and in service, both my brothers cells were on and in service, my cousin (there daughter)'s phone was on and in service and so was my moms. And they have every single one of those numbers. I guess i might just be over reacting or angry because i no longer have my horse, my baby alive. But i doubt it, because those who have been in the situation of putting down an animal so loved know how it feels to loose something so close to you. ANd then in my case to be over 800 miles away and not be able to get to her.... its heart breaking... and depressing... So anyways, I'm not sure what my point is. Maybe just venting or rambling.. But to those who read this.. Thank you.. so much. RIP ROYAL My baby girl, my best friend, my teacher, my world... I'll miss you forever but I?m happy your in a better place. No matter how bad it hurts to not have you here. You will always be in my heart. The four years we spent together, the endless amounts of time and energy, the Tears I shed when you drove me crazy, the times you let me just cry in your mane, I will NEVER forget them. You were my teacher of patience and responsibility, and to have dignity and pride in my work and achievements. You showed me what I was really in for, and never let me give up. I know people told me to get rid of you because I couldn?t ride you, but I didn?t care if I could or not. You were my best friend. You were my teacher and I wasn?t about to let you go. I?ll admit I was selfish with that part but I don?t regret it. I do regret not being there when they let you go. Not being there to hold your head till you were gone and not being there when you needed me. I?m sorry if I let you down, even if everyone says it was for the better I wasn?t there, because of the immense amount of pain you were in. Either way you were the horse that made me feel like I could conquer the world and over-come anything. I thank you for everything, and I hope you enjoy the endless fields of luscious grass with no worries. P.s. The picture attached was one of my senior pictures done in April....
  14. Need Prayers

    Ohhh sis... I'm sorry. I'm gunna keep telling you what ive been tellin you since it all started... when things get rough turn to bandeers and leviis for the relief. I remember when my brother was like that, but it didnt last long and roy was my escape from it all. **HUGS** x ten million from new mexico [Huggy]
  15. Willow Creek

    Stats: Human: Name: Ty Clints age: 18 gender: male Boarder/staff/trainer?: Staff personality: Hes a hard worker, keeps to himself but if he see's something that bothers him he'll voice his opinion. Pic/ Description: 5'10, 125 lbs, He's slender but uses this to his advatage when he's working with the race horses. He's got brown eyes, brown hair. He's plain and simple. Though he is slender he isnt muscle less. He's quite strong for his size. other: He's been working for this family since he was 14. KNows the ins and outs and everything else. He doesnt have a horse, since he rides all of hte ones at the barn.