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  1. Rain Rot

    I really only had one really bad go with rain rot. I was sick and the person I left in charge for a few weeks while I was gone did not groom or check the horses! So, when I got back there was a huge rain rot problem all over his back! I washed with Eqyss medicated shampoo,, and then sprayed with the medicated spray, It also helped to curry like crazy (but I wouldn't do it if he is super sore, wait till everything softens up)! It was almost completely gone in two days! I hope this helps and it's gone soon! -MdC
  2. Fei Investigating "blue Tongue" Rollkur Video

    I am normally am just a lurker, but I actually just did a project and paper about hyperflexion for one of my classes. Although, I will admit, it is not my best work, it does have some more science based facts that you guys may be interested. I will say that in researching there is a very little evidence that is certain and a whole lot of controversy! And yes the video is a little cheezy! :) Paper: Video: Thanks, MdC
  3. Opinions On Potential Horse?

    Thank you all for such great and insightful advise! To be honest, I?m not entirely sure what I am truly looking for, I suppose I should straighten that out first! :) In an ideal world, I would love to have both a school master and a younger horse, unfortunately, I live on a poor college student budget. I think what I am going to do is take a set back, I really sit down and figure out what I want and what I can afford. I?m leaning towards a younger horse, instead of a schoolmaster, but I?m not sure I am completely ready for one yet, but with a trainer I think it is doable if I find the right young horse. As Shelly said, I really want to make a long time commitment with a horse and not jump ahead of myself, which I will admit I have a tendency to do. So, in short, I take all of your advice to heart, and am going to sit down and figure out what I want and what I can handle. Once again, Thank You all so much!
  4. Opinions On Potential Horse?

    Thank you very much for your input, I truly do appreciate it! As to the price question, I was only asking to get a gauge on what others believe to be reasonable. I have not bought or sold a horse in a couple of years, and at that time I was only doing h/j. I am new to buying a horse in the dressage scene, so I really appreciate everyone giving me their advice! However, I assure you that I am in no way going to be anything, but polite to the seller, and I in no way intend to wasting any of his time. Thanks Again Everyone!
  5. Opinions On Potential Horse?

    PMs Sent!
  6. Opinions On Potential Horse?

    PM sent! [Jump]
  7. Opinions On Potential Horse?

    PM sent! Thanks a bunch!
  8. Opinions On Potential Horse?

    Hey Guys! Ok, so I'm officially back for the summer, until September! As some of you know I've gone back to riding Hia. Unfortunately I only have permission to ride during the week, but it has helped to keep the costs down a lot! Hia has been doing surprisingly well, he has really come back well. He is taking all the new work like a man and not having major drama queen moments! Yah! Hopefully, I can drag someone out to the barn to take some pictures this week to share. We aren't perfect and still trying to fight his lazy, "I will not use my butt or bend my hock" moments, but they are getting better everyday. I'm hoping with working everyday during the week, he will lose some weight, it is safe to say that he is a little chunky, but I suppose that it is to be expected if he hasn't been worked at all. So, I'm also slowly continuing my horse search. I've found one that I really like, but the down side is that he is a little, or well a lot out of my price range plus he is pretty far away from me. I'm looking into getting more information on him now. Since you guys are all so knowledgeable, if anyone is interested I would really appreciate it if you guys could take a look and tell me what you think. Please PM me if you are interested! I really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
  9. Getting Back Into Shape?

    Thanks Guys! I definitely have to remember to stretch, I am really bad about that even when I am doing other types of exercises. I really do want to do pilates I've heard great things about it. My yoga class that I am taking now is power yoga, and I recommend it to everyone. It really make you sweat and builds your strength. I know that I will have to take it slow with Hia, but I am going to spend as much time in the saddle as possible. One thing I think that might help with Hia?s brain is going to be going on a lot more trail rides and working more outside the ring. I really am just so excited in getting back in the saddle. Any other ideas would be very helpful and I would love to hear them! Thanks Guys!
  10. Getting Back Into Shape?

    So, I am officially almost finished with my first year of college! Yahoo! Just have to survive 1 more week! I am going to be able to lease Hia again for the summer and hopefully catch riding some horses around the barn. And, I am so excited to ride. I really did not get to ride at school at all! Which was complete torture. But, now that it is summer I am looking forward to not only being able to ride, but also being around horses again. You can't even imagine how much I miss just mucking stalls. Anyway....Since, I haven't been riding much, I think it is safe to say that my riding muscles, specifically the core, are probably out of shape. I have been going to a gym a couple days a week and taking a yoga class once a week, but that is about it. To top it off, Hia has been doing basically nothing, and what he has been doing has probably not helped him, especially mentally. (he was being ridden once in a blue moon by an older woman who let him get away with, what I consider, basically murder). So I anticipate we are going to have little to super large fights about simply going forward. [Duh] Plus he is a middle-age horse, so I am sure we are going to have to go pretty slowly. So, basically I am out of shape, Hia is out of shape, but worst of all his brain is not going to be in the right frame of mind. I don't really have any expectations, I wouldn't mind going to a clinic or show, but that would be only if we are ready. Do you guys have any ideas to get us both get back in shape, while avoiding injuries, and minimizing Hia's drama moments? Oh, I will be working with a trainer the whole time, but I am really interested in seeing what you guys have to say. Thanks in Advance!
  11. Spring Cleaning

    Hi there, So over here in Michigan we have just gotten the first signs of spring! Yahoo! Anyways, it is time to bring home all of Hia's heavy weight and turnout blanket. I normally just hose them down and then sneak them into a washing machine. I let then tumble dry for a little bit and then hang them up to dry outside. But this year, I've heard some people talking about re-water proofing their blankets? I was wondering what exactly this means, is it a good idea, and how to go about doing it. Hia's blankets didn't leak this year, but they are a few years old. So, what do you guys think? Thanks in Advance!
  12. Horse Boots

    Sylves- Back when I used to have free time I used to mess around with photoshop a lot. You can actually take seperate images and then play over again, which makes them animated. It is really cool! But, I'm into that kind of stuff. montikarla- I'll let you know when they come in. It should be in two weeks or so.
  13. Horse Boots

    Hey Thanks Guys! I did some exploring on ebay and found a great deal on the DSB 2 (thanks montikarla). So I pounced on them. But I do think that I will try to use the woof boots every once and a while, and definately try the baby powder I idea, I wouldn't have thought of it (thanks 3DayEventer). Thanks Again Guys! [Jump]
  14. Horse Boots

    Ok, so I am yet again on the search for tough horse boots. My current ones have lasted almost two years and it is time they retire. Hia has perfected the art of ruining boots. I would use polos, but I'm worried since he ruins his boots, they aren't going to prevent him at all from hurting himself. I had woof boots, which lasted really well, but rubbed hair of his legs. So, I got the dover dressage boots, which lasted about a year. Now I have DSB's which are what I am going to buy again since they have lasted so long. But, I ran across Pelham Ascot boots, which look alright. Anyone have any experience with them? Anyways... What do you guys use and why? Any tips for making boots last longer? Thanks In Advance Guys!
  15. Supplements Effectiveness?

    I recently took up a job at a barn around the corner. The barn owner told me that they only feed supplements in the afternoon because that is when they seem to be most effective. Now personally I've never noticed the difference, but I guess I've never really thought about it either. So what do you guys think? Are supplements more effective if fed in the morning, noon, or night? Does it seem to even make a difference?