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    Dressage, Eventing, horses and everything in between.
  1. Colleges...

    Oh sweet Im looking at Bridgewater and Cazenovia too. Ive been to both and Cazenovia is GORGEOUS, but the winter time will be rather dismal and depressing. The equestrian center there is TOP NOTCH though, it was by far the best college equestrian center Ive been to. Bridgewater was also a lovely campus but their horse stuff is much more limited, and all they do is hunters But its a nice school and I'm def applying there so, Id be happy going there. Averett..... I should look into that school some more.... Anyway, Im hopin to see what other people say about the above two [Jump]
  2. County Saddles

    Oh yes County saddles are awesome! I think they have excellent quality, and it's one of the few brands that fit my wide, flat-backed horse. I've seen many many many many used ones and the leather, stitching, and stuffing holds out very well. If you've got the money for one, go for it!
  3. Is this what you would do?

    Well. I personally wouldn't handle rearing like that, but it seems to work out fine for the guy. I personally think taking like a natural horsemanship/ ground work approach would be better in the long run, but for a race horses were they don't have much time to work with, riding it out works. That guys DOES have balls of steel. That's a really dangerous thing to do.
  4. What time of night was it, and how much caffeine was involved. I love horse show hotel stays!!! You guys are geniuses.
  5. So what type of horses do you attract?

    Cool idea for a discussion!! I have ALWAYS ended up with dominant horses. That and arabs. Everywhere I go there's a little grey arab I end up riding.
  6. Kota goes to pony club rally- pics! RESULTS UPDATE!

    You guys look awesome! Hooray for fabulous appaloosa dressage horses!!!
  7. Barn Rules

    Oh my gosh! Right now I'm at a small barn and we don't really have a problem with people so much as touching other people's stuff. You guys keep bringing up people taking stuff w/out asking- THAT would P*** me off!! I'm moving to a big barn at the end of the month..... I can't believe people would just grab other people's stuff.
  8. My top colleges list, anyone go to....

    You know what, the stuff about VIC adds up, I heard a couple rumors that it really wasn't that great. Now, what about the academics at Centenary? The horsey stuff sounds good. Anyone do any art at Centenary???
  9. So does anyone go to : Savannah College of art and Design? Centenary College? Virginia Intermont? Cazenovia College? They're all supposed to have good Intercollegiate riding teams, and hopefully they all have good art programs. So does anyone here do the Horsey stuff at any of these places? How are the people, facilities, coaches????
  10. New Riding pics!

    I just gotta say you have SUCH a gorgeous horse!!!!
  11. It's been soo long - Riding pics

    Ooooohhh, congrats on staying on through the bucking, but you definately need to work on fixing that. Personally I think she bucks because she's on her forehand and is either unbalanced or doesn't feel right doing what you're asking. You should definitely play around with some collection and getting her hind end underneath her middle. In the fifth picture you can see JUST how incredibly spread out she is- box her up! and make her lift her back and come through. Now, she may have a sore back or an ill-fitting saddle if she doesn't want to lift up and come through. Perhaps the saddle isn't wide enough? And it looks like it may be too far forward. If she's under herself by lifting her back and stepping through, it will be MUCH MUCH harder to buck. Next is you. Raise your hands and try to get rid of the piano fingers. You're also pinching with your knee, but I don't blame you at all for that. I would pinch too if my horse bucked that often! You also need to work on not leaning forward, it's just making her on-the-forehand-ness worse, if you rock back, maybe she will! Other than that KUDOS for riding those bucks!
  12. Fly Predators?

    Hmm, QuarterHorseHunta, you live in Texas, does that mean the fly predators need a more wet climate??? And I'm guessing the company fits the shipments to the climate of the area? This stuff DOES sound interesting. Anyone else who's used it? I have a majority who it's worked for so far....
  13. Fly Predators?

    I got a flier in the mail yesterday for Fly Predators, the fly management system. I was reading through the little pamphlet and it looked really interesting. Has anyone ever used Fly Predators? I'm curious if you end up with mites all over the place or something. If you have used the stuff, what did you think of it?
  14. What makes you happy?

    Driving to the barn on a gorgeous day, with the windows down, listening to music with the volume cranked up. That and sitting on my horse watching the sun set.
  15. So, I fell off a pony today. **Video! =]**

    LOL! I fell off yesterday! Only I'm landed with a sprained ankle- at least you're ok! I'm going to blame it on Spring Fever