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  1. Must Hear/see Music

    Glad you like them! Here's another from their first album (along with Pasadena and Soprano)
  2. Must Hear/see Music

    Ok, so I never post on here, but I was browsing and saw this. This is my favorite band/my friend's band, Modern Skirts. They are local to me and are really popular here in Athens. REM's Mike Mills claimed them as his favorite Athens band and they got to open for REM in Europe a few times. It's about time they make it big. They are out on tour now, so check out their tour schedule Some favorite songs of theirs: (sorry for the random people on that one, it was that or a poor quality live video) (this one was filmed where I work!) So yeah, they are seriously awesome. Listen and go see them live if you can. You won't regret it. I'm going to see Patterson Hood of Drive By Truckers again tonight. He played last Wednesday and now this Wednesday, and then next Wednesday at a small venue. Intimate shows are always the best! Some other favorites:
  3. It's Been A Long Time...

    Thanks guys! I was rather proud of him! Sadly I don't have any recent dressage photos of him. My friend took these. I'll try to get some soon. I'm not planning on eventing him, but I'm definitely not opposed to schooling him for it! PS, sorry i didn't respond sooner. Boys are stupid.
  4. It's Been A Long Time...

    It's been a long time since I've logged on here. I took a break from riding when gas prices got so high and I couldn't get to the barn. With school added in I didn't have time. I moved to a new barn that's 5 minutes from the house a few months ago and I've been riding consistently since. I love the new barn and so does Kota. He's really relaxed and is finally trail riding calmly and not scared of cows anymore! In fact we had to chase the cows out of our path on the trail the other day. I jumped for the first time in 2 years today in a lesson. Kota acted like a pro, even though he never jumps either! I don't think my friends and trainer are going to let me not jump now! Hope everything is well with everyone here!
  5. Fugly Consequences

    I've pretty much stopped coming to this board and now spend most of my time of the FHOTD board. The people on that board are very willing to get involved in similar cases. We actually had a poster post photos of her horses, one of which was a very underweight yearling. Other posters got involved and contacted the breeder and animal control. I believe the owner has stepped up and gotten help with the colt. I think Fugly does a lot more good than harm and anyone that ends up on her blog probably deserves it.
  6. Took Spinnaker To Showjumping Rally This Weekend..

    I never get on here anymore, but just happened to tonight. So glad to see you two! Your rounds were not bad, not perfect, but not bad. I had my fair share of horrid rides on Spin. He's not any easy horse! Are you going to be doing more shows?
  7. Losing Any Desire Or Will To Ride.

    I'm going through it right now. Last semester I could barely survive the work. I was beyond stressed and hated school. While ideally, riding would be nice, Kota had been a pasture puff for too long and I couldn't just go out and ride; the process was too long and I would get frustrated. I want to ride, but I don't have the energy to get him back in work. So I'mm moving him to a farm with a trainer to help me get him back in shape and other girls who ride a lot to motivate me. If that doesn't work I don't know what I'll do. Maybe send him to Holly for a while if she wants to take him on!
  8. Well A New Record Was Set

    Shut the board down for a while if you need. It won't matter to me. I have lost all respect for most of the members this community. I will not be coming back here.
  9. Today Is Your Chance...

    I am so incredibly happy. I got to spend the night with my best friends and watched Obama's speech on the big screen at the 40 Watt Club. I am so glad there is someone who can be trusted with the planet and human rights as our new president. And I want to see the new puppy :) Both America and the world have spoken.
  10. Political Free Zone- Toilet Paper Debate

    It doesn't matter to me, but the ferret always unrolls the entire thing and then poops on it!
  11. Old Pictures!

    These are the oldest ones I have uploaded, I'm guessing they are from 2003-2004:
  12. Palin

    Consider that even though the census population may be very high, the effective population is much lower. Wolf packs have alpha pairs that generally are the only breeding individuals. I can't find specific stats and don't have enough info to calculate it, but with this type of mating system, the effective population will be much much lower than the census population. So removing even a small percentage of the population can have devastating effects for the future of the species.
  13. Palin

    I will be doing a research project on wolf populations this semester. I should probably get started on it. Generally, hunting a top predator can not be sustainable. Most of these populations are not adjusted to such high mortality and will suffer in the end. It will cause a loss of genetic diversity which can cause the population to become weaker. I don't feel able to make a statement on the population ecology of wolves, but I will be happy to post my research paper once I have completed it.
  14. And Just Who Do You Think This Environmentalist Will Be Voting For?

    hehe. i saw that on FAIL blog a while ago. some people don't deserve life.