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  1. Snow Days...

    Its very pretty, and you can keep it! LOL Not looking forward to snow.
  2. My New Horse

    Congrats! She is very pretty! I hope you have a lot of fun with her :)
  3. I have never been to the Congress, but I have heard it is a lot of fun.
  4. I Gotz A Meezer-kitty! Woot!

    Oh he is sooo beautiul! Congrats on the new meezer!
  5. More Of My Boy

    Very beautiful boy!!
  6. Just In Time For Christmas

    [ROTFL] Thanks I needed something to get my day going!
  7. Dog Food

    I was feeding my dogs the Solid Gold Wolf King brand, but it was getting too expensive. I now have them on Purina One Selects, and I have been told by a few people it is a good dog food.
  8. Yellow Jackets.... Ouch

    I wish I had read this post earlier! About 2 weeks ago my horse and I were going down the road and he reached out to grab some leaves off a branch and guess what? Huge bee hive and bees come streaming out of it! I freaked didn't know what to do. Horse spun around and I jumped off the horse worried he would start bucking and going nuts. I scraped up my arm pretty good by jumping off. So I take it by what others have said I should have just kept the horse moving forward and trot away. I will keep this in mind next time. Just wish I had known this 2 weeks ago lol.
  9. Knj Had Her Boy, He's Here! Pic!

    Aww he is a cutie!! Congratulations KNJ on you new bundle of boy!
  10. Moon Lite Riding?

    I have been out riding a few times at night. Only problem is my horse spooks himself, and starts to believe the bushes are reaching out to grab him! Hope you have a great time out riding!
  11. Pics Of My New Dog

    With some good groceries in her tummy she will be a beautiful dog!
  12. Trail Cam Pics

    Very nice looking deer. I laughed at the eye flash too! Thanks for posting the pictures.
  13. Draftie-step-mama Takes Pics Of Hasts Beasties

    Wow Breyer is gorgeous! Hope you have a continued safe trip home Hast.
  14. Which Cruise Line Do You Prefer?

    We went on a Carnival Cruise this past spring. It was great. Of course any cruise is awesome. Good luck!
  15. What a pain in the butt neighbors and neighbor kids can be!! I would have flipped out if I saw someone throwing rocks at my horse! I hope this is the end of the rock chucking.