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  1. What would you do?

    heyy. i have/had that prob with my horse. he bucks when i take him places and its annoying...and you just dont want to have him around anymore? prob about 2-3 months ago, i didnt want to ride or anything, it was a CHORE, as you said. i'm still not a roll with my horse..but im getting some help with him, so hopefully it wont be as annoying!! Dont give up on your horse, keep at it.
  2. Text Pictures - Horsepower

    that is.....AWESOME!! I love it!!
  3. Text Pictures - Horsepower

    that is.....AWESOME!! I love it!!
  4. thanks for replying everyone!!
  5. Barrel racing bridles??

    ok thanks everyone! i will get a browband leather bridle!
  6. Hi guyss, I love your pally in all of those colours!! Hopefully ill get a few colours happening!! Myabe ill go with a traditional theme, then some different colour ones!
  7. thanks guys! I think ill stic kwith just one colour..then later on imight get another colour! Yeah, i am from Australia And my dad is FINALLY going to take me to some small jackpots...and hopefully we'll get some professional help there!
  8. Barrel racing bridles??

    great story RUN N RATE!! I think i will keep going with my one-ear, teh nfor my birthday (may) i will get a really nice throatlatch/browband bridle!!
  9. Warm weatherr!!!!(not really haha) pics!

    awww! great pics!!! loving your brestplate!
  10. Barrel racing bridles??

    WOW!! i LOVE that bridle!! So detailed...and pretty!! I have never seen a bridle break either..but i will go on E-Bay right now and have a look at western bridles!! So i should never get a nylon bridle over a leather?
  11. Barrel racing bridles??

    ok guys thanks a lot!! So i should get a browband..with throatlatch bridle then?? Do throatlatches help with control in barrel racing..or do they just help to keep the bridle on?? i love my ear bridle too ++S.O
  12. Breaking in the leather

    well i had stirrup leathers like that with my Australian Stock Saddle...the only advice i can give you is to keep cleaning/oiling it, and maybe sit it in the sun whilst cleaning etc. just move the leather around a bit? Good Luck with it!!
  13. Help me with choices!! : ) PLZ

    I think maybe go with a bright colour - as you have the black and white horse - anything would really go well..but i personally think a bright sharp colour would be great!! Good luck!
  14. Barrel racing bridles??

    I love that two ear bridle!! So i should get another leather bridle..and are two ears safer..or is it simply more important to have a throatlatch?? thanks for the advice
  15. Tree-Less saddles

    my friend has a treeless saddle - but she's an english rider..but from what i can gather, she loves it!!