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  1. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Connie, I hear you on the rough stride. Sometimes I think when they get keyed up and we try to slow them down they bunch up and short stride or pace making for a choppy ride. It seems like when they are relaxed and reaching under themselves real well that we have the kill for smooth ride. Been riding every weekend for 3-5 hrs. Love it. Not ready for the cooler weather yet. Ramsey trails were open last weekend and the sign now reads open soil conditions permitting so I think I may just haul to Ramsey Park Sat or Sunday. Met a lady from Greenville with a fox trotter so may try to get together with her. And since I have found a ride I got offered an 18 yr old Kentucky pleasure horse last week. Thinking maybe??????? Would give me a back up. Hubby wonders how "dead" broke he might be and if he might take care of him for an occasional ride. If we do something Banjo will go to Vicky. Just wish it was earlier in the year. Kinda hate to get things stirred up now.
  2. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    glad to hear Lucas is improving., Been a wet day. Hoping to ride at Sand Creek tomorrow. The new horse, Junior, is working out well. Debating on leting Banjo go to another little boy for a trail horse. Banjo just seems lost without Flash around. Thinking it might do him good to have a job.
  3. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Glad Lady is doing well. How is Lucas? My new horse is working out well. Looks like I will be free Friday the 27th for a day ride unless I decide to take the dogs to the vet that day. But even with that an afternoon ride should work out. Have a few vacation days I need to burn up. I keep thinking I will make it to Wrangler for a couple of days but hasn't happened yet. Maybe we just need to plan a girls weekend. Wranglers is about a 3 to 4 hr drive for me. Never pulled a trailer their so I figure closer to 4.
  4. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Glad you had a good ride. Planning on riding this weekend. Not sure where. Just glad to have a horse I can ride with others or by myself that has some sense. Working on getting to know each other. Was a pill last night and found out why. When we got back to the barn I noticed Sugar is in heat. The boys are following her every move. But at least I know he will still pay attention even if a mare is in heat. Not as smooth as Flash but we are getting better with holding gait. I have to remember he takes a tighter rein and more leg contact, but he is responding better each ride to lighter leg so I am happy. Let me know if you plan to ride someplace.
  5. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Have a good weekend. We are just starting to really work on our last fenced pasture. Its always just been the sacrifice pasture that we use in the winter or when its muddy and sloppy to give them some turn out time. But with the other two in good shape and lots of nice grass coming in on it, it was time to get serious about cleaning it up. Hubby sprayed the bad weedy spots and then pulled anything that needed to be removed. Gathered everything into piles but haven't gotten them burned yet. Planning to work up and reseed those spots this fall. Then over seed all three pastures with the first snow fall. Got in a short ride last night on Buddy. Hubby found a small snip on his upper lip so he wants to rename him J.R. or junior. With the small snip, small star and two rear socks he has all of midnights markings just smaller. Hoping for another ride tonight around home. Will need to work on trails this winter trimming limbs and clearing some downed or dangerous limbs from other trees.
  6. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Wow! That would have been a surprise. Glad she is not preggers. Its a lot of work to get fences and stalls ready on short notice. Had a nice ride at sand creek Sunday. All of the crossings are dry. Cool and no bugs when we started but heated up quickly after 11 and then got buggy so we called it a day and came home. Buddy is doing quite well and I'm glad to have him as he keeps me going. Turned all the horses into the back pasture the other day forgetting that hubby had not cleaned up the cocklebur plants that had been pulled out. So last night I spent quite a bit of time removing burrs from three long full tails. What a job. Hoping for cooler weather so I can ride after work later this week. Going to MO Sat to watch my niece's horse show, then hubby has a car show Sunday so doubt there will be much ride time this weekend.
  7. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Sounds like Indigo is missing his ride time. Will be a week tonight that I had to put Flash down. Still get teary at times. Was out playing in the pasture all day and doing good. Came in to eat and I noticed him stumble. Ask him to move back and he swayed like a drunken sailor. So we separated him into the big stall, checked for dehydration and blood flow then decided to go ahead and hose him off and put the fan on him. He was eating and drinking and all indications were he was ok. But we treated it as heat exhaustion anyway. Got better so about 8:30- 8:45 we went up to the house to shower and clean up. Grabbed a quick sandwich and went to check on him about 10. Standing up against the fence front legs splayed out breathing hard. Made an emergency call to our vet and they came right out. Put a cath in the neck vain without any problem, so not dehydrated but didn't have any blood pressure. Gave him a very weak mild sedative to get him on the ground. He collapsed and we decided it was best to let him go. Vet thinks it was more heart than heat. Probably the combination was just to much for him. He went easy without a fight after the injection. Hard to do but a lot easier to watch than Midnight fighting against it in 2012. Stayed busy and gone with non horsey things over the long holiday weekend. Finally rode Buddy on Monday. Planning to ride again tonight. Toughest walk of my life was going to do chores Friday morning.
  8. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Hope Lucas does ok for you Connie. The new horse Buddy is long in toe but I don't know what type of schedule they were on. I try to do a 7 week schedule with my farrier. Thankfully she is also a friend and good about fitting me in if needed. Timing should work about perfect as she is setting him Sat and our next regular visit is set for October 19th. Have fun at Hayes. I will hope for a bit cooler weather for your weekend.
  9. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    I did get ride time in around home. Buddy did fine. He can be a bit lazy so should not be a problem riding with qtr horses. Spooked at the sons dog running out of the woods but listened well. Few little quirks, not sure if mine or his, to work on. He has been rode with spurs so he is a bit dull on leg only cues. Have a couple of days of vacation time to burn. Not sure when I will take them. When its cooler and I can ride all day probably. Farrier coming early Sat to reset Buddy as he is due. Can't wait to ride with everyone again. Flash is definitely second fiddle and not liking it. But thankfully accept the change without a big ruckus. No major squabbles in the barn thank goodness.
  10. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Flash is being regulated to second fiddle. I think Buddy is going to be herd boss. At his point Flash herds Banjo, Buddy herds Sugar and he also half a** herds Flash. Scary looking at our pasture when they are all out as Buddy with his markings looks like Midnight from a distance. Rear legs and star just no snip which you can't see when he has his head down grazing. All on the same pasture so no major problems anyway. I do plan to ride this weekend as my cinch is here. Don't know where yet.
  11. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    So far so good with the new horse. They have already settled and are all together in the pasture. Ay this point with the mare we still had charging at the fence, screaming and lunging over the fence to bite. Sugar may be the worse pain as I had to get after her last night when I went to get "Buddy" She was real pushy and invaded my space big time. Pissed me off. Got after her hiney and she didn't try to pull anything this morning. Sorry no pictures. I can't seem to find what I have done with my camera.
  12. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Yup. Unless he really acts up he will stay put. Rode him with a heavy saddle pad and had the cinch clear up next to the dee ring as small as I could go. Hubby is going to punch another hole in my off billet to get me by until the new cinch arrives. Spurged and order a new gripper saddle pad to. Sugar doesn't know t but a 1/2 price grazing muzzle is on the way too. She was looking pretty good early but getting chunky again now. Personnal preference is to put a bit more weight on this guy. Just a bit thinner than I like. Seems like he could be a very in your pocket type.
  13. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Brought home a 14 yr TW Saturday. Have him to try the rest of the riding season. Hubby noticed last night that he is a close replica to our 36 yr Walker we put down last year. Both with a star and 2 white rear socks. The new horse does lack Midnights snip and is about a hand shorter so easier to mount from the ground. Had to order a pony cinch for him as he is not as rotund as my guys. (no one around carried a neoprene 26") Hopefully it will be here by the weekend so I can go for a Sunday ride. In the mean time plan to just work in the pasture and maybe do some lite flat field edge riding. I can get my saddle fairly snug but use a mounting block since I cannot get a good fit to hold saddle in place with any pressure in the stirrup. Using a breast collar with saddle to help keep it in place.
  14. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    arrangements are made. She goes back this evening
  15. Central Il Trail Riders Chat

    Connie, I hear you on that. She is going back. I have spoke with a couple of other friends and the opinion seems to be that she has just sat to long. So as soon as arrangements are made she will leave before I talk myself into keeping a horse that is not really suitable for what I expect/want.